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Don't Let go "Bryan Adams" Spirit
My favorite all time movie Spirit. 2nd httyd how to train your dragon 3rd Racing Stripes 4th war Horse 5th Rise of the Guardians 6th the hobbit series
Spirit & Spirit Riding free  *Riding free song*
Video footage i didn't make same with the music all i did was put the music over certain scenes.
Hand Clap- Httyd
I decided to finally use this song...... This was a song my dad recommended before he passed away......I thought I should finally do as he asked..... So I hope you all enjoy... and have a nice day. luv u all
Httyd- I'm Still standing
I'm still standing. I used the song from sing but idk who was the artist who made it xD
Httyd Im Blue
LOLZ I got bored :P
Spirit- Undefeated Daughtry
Hope you all enjoy. School has slowed down my video making sorry about that. Love you all so much.
Httyd-Radioactive/In the dark
Idk what to do for a special so plz give me some special comments ;) (your ideas)
I will not die Httyd
The other i will not die glitched so i redid it :3
Httyd- Otherwise Soldiers
I'm feeling a bit better but still a bit down but I made this video to get my mind of things I hope you guys like.... Love you all sooo much...
Httyd Run Wild Run Free!
Pokemon-Stronger Than you!
Song is not the original this rock parody is by natewantstobattle but the original was in Steven universe.
Nullified-Gladion and TypeNull
Animation--https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqPZAz4p68Q Song--https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFVV2yQ8eh4 The rest of the scenes are owned by the creators of pokemon and all of that. ENJOY!
Spirit/Httyd Undefeated Skillet
I do alot of skillet songs lolz But i got to say this was my fav.
Httyd-ImagineDragons-It's Time!
Its been a while sense i have done a video I have been in pain thats why i haven't been recording so... anyway how was ur alls summer? and how r u all doin? :3 And plz enjoy.
Hey guys! Been a while sense I had uploaded a video. So I took a few hours to make this one. ENJOY! Don't forget to comment as well! I just love comments!
Spectre - Httyd
This was just here to be here got bored so made this as quick as I could enjoy it. I didn't make the music just the video and clips are httyd from dreamworks.
SPOILER! Something Unexpected! Race to the Edge! SPOILER!
Spoiler! This shocked me. Maybe it'll shock you?
Wolf Quest 2.7 free trial
The full wolfquest game is 10$ but its not ready for people to get but the free trial you can get free and I think you all will enjoy this game when the full version is released. http://eduweb.itch.io/wolfquest And the free trial is on that website. I HOPE YOU ENJOY OUR JOURNEY x3
HTTYD RTTE Netflix music video I will not die
Sorry if it glitches sometimes it happends...
I loved the Jurassic Movies so I made did JW because it was my favorite of the 4 Jurassic films. But I still loved the others.
On my own ~Httyd~
Song was by Ashes Remain Movie by Dreamworks X3 But it think everyone knows who made httyd :P No one is alone, And no one will face this world alone.
Httyd Rp Roblox? Plz support the game!
Rip-Alec Time of our lives-A boy who lost to cancer but never gave up hope...
Rest in peace Alec now your in a place of no pain....... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOCNFykQlqVqsxpWLJWiQSg We are trying to get his subscription rlly high..... plz help make this happen for Alec....
music AWOLNATION/Run movie Spirit stallion of cimarron -Dreamworks Enjoy! ;3
Spirit "Free"
Free" (feat. Svrcina) // Produced by Tommee Profitt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyxr9qcQHqM "Free" written by Molly Svrcina and Tommee Profitt Produced by Tommee Profitt Movie Ssotc Spirit Stallion Of The Cimarron by Dreamworks Hope you all enjoy!
New series Dragons Wild Skies!! Ep1??
go to cartoon network web site and look for dragons wild skies all u need is unity :3 has some glitches though lolz and its free and u all better like this i did this with a migraine lol....
SilverWeedSan- Dont let me down
All the clips are from SilverWeedSan An amazing person who makes youtube vids She is a dragon fan like me. She is funny cool and fabulous You all should check her out. Here is her link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuxTG36WkQ1FrxkfMIpSs_w
Mr Grinch Httyd
More soon to come. Maybe not Christmas songs but more will come. I hope you all have a great holiday! Look out for Mr. Grinch.
Httyd and Ssotc Pompeii Thx for 40 Subs Guys :D
Thxx guys for 40 subs I'm not the best at this stuff but thx for supporting me by either commenting liking or subscribing
Shooting Star Httyd
Music is OwlCity! MovieClips is of course Dreamworks! So I hope you all enjoy the amazing video! ;) love ya'll so much!