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International Visitors Program with Pastor Alph LUKAU at Alleluia Ministries International
IVP is a program where International and local visitors come to meet with the MAN OF GOD Pastor Alph LUKAU and have an opportunity to meet with him ONE ON ONE
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Young orphan  forced to sleep with a 74 year old Man for survival
This young girl was forced to sleep with a 74 year old man everyday so she have accommodation and food for her and child, but she was located by the man of God Pastor Alph LUKAU, she got her deliverance and the church helped her to get a new accommodation and funded her to start her own business of travelling selling goods
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LESBIAN WOMANISER gets Delivered in CHURCH - Accurate Prophecy by Alph LUKAU
The lady was heartbroken by her EX-HUSBAND and she decided to become a lesbian, but not just a lesbian she had multiply women she was dating at the same time. God delivered her from the spirit of lesbianism and restored her life
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Wicked Friend SABOTAGES Blessing through WITCHCRAFT - Accurate Prophecy Alph LUKAU
Lillian was unfortunate to have such a friend. Pastor Alph Lukau prophesied that he could hear a buzzing sound and that she had suffered an attack by the enemy. The person she called "friend" turned out to be the cause of her strife.
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AMAZING: This Pastor thought that PROPHETS ARE FAKE until he met Ps Alph Lukau
This man did not believe in the prophetic, he believed everything done by Prophets was staged. But we serve an Awesome GOD that cures even spiritual blindness. Watch and be blessed
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Woman carries bottles as a baby - Accurate Prophecy with Alph LUKAU
She went to every place she could think of trying to get a baby because she not conceive, she ended up going to a sangoma and she was given three 2liter bottles filled with water and stones to carry around as a baby. Then she came to Alleluia Ministries and met the GOD of Alph LUKAU
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A Suicidal Woman is Rescued Through The Power Of The Prophetic with Pastor Alph Lukau
A woman came to Alleluia Ministries with the intention to kill herself after the service... But GOD had other plans for her
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