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Lobster in Animal Jam
Lobster Lobster Lobster :D Please Sub,Rate and Comment!
Views: 998 JumpyyJosie
Jellyfish in Animal Jam!
Seee??????????? This is where the Jellyfish is its blue so its kinda hard to see. :D
Views: 7815 JumpyyJosie
Animal Jam- Twister
This is a old game called Twister! Enjoy watching me play this fantastic game! Rate, Comment, and Subscribe!
Views: 86 JumpyyJosie
Animal Jam- How to get alot of Courage Points
Showing you how to get alot of levels on Return of the Phantoms Adventure! You need a Arctic Wolf to unlock the cave! Rate, Comment, and Subscribe!
Views: 506 JumpyyJosie
Wild Ones Bird Ability
Here's a little look at the bird's ability!
Views: 2213 JumpyyJosie
Fangtooth the Monster of the Deep!- Animal Jam
Whoa what a big fishie! Heres the Fangtooth! Please Sub,Rate,and Comment
Views: 366 JumpyyJosie
Animal Jam- Pest Control (Easy)
All you need is 5 Fly Traps, 4 Frogs, and 5 Lizards. Rate, Comment, and Subscribe!
Views: 176 JumpyyJosie
Lost Temple of Zios Journey Book- Animal Jam
Heres some of the animals and I'm going to make more videos.
Views: 17014 JumpyyJosie
Animal Jam- Gem Breaker
I'm breaking the gems in Medium mode! I'll be playing other games too! Rate, Comment, and Subscribe!
Views: 20 JumpyyJosie
Viperfish and this mean dude- Animal Jam
Viperfish oh viperfish! why are you soo ugly!?
Views: 152 JumpyyJosie
Ocean Pets are in Jamaa!- Animal Jam
Angler fish and a little Seahorse, hmm I would usually go for both of them.
Views: 89 JumpyyJosie
Moray Eel in Animal Jam!
Eeeellllllllll, one of my favorite words. Please Sub,Rate, and Comment!
Views: 1628 JumpyyJosie
Exploding Cake in Animal Jam!?
Doesn't this cake look yummy to eat and get blown up? :D Please Sub,Rate,and Comment
Views: 497 JumpyyJosie
Exploring Kani Cove- Animal Jam
Heres where the fish is i didn't get time to get the shrimp in shot though.
Views: 399 JumpyyJosie
Trading Pets in the Future?- Animal Jam
I dunno how you do this but its pretty exciting to me that you will prolly get to trade pets in the future.
Views: 850 JumpyyJosie
Journal Book Prizes!
Whooo Hoo I was so happy that I was done with the journal book and I hope you get these prizes as well like me!
Views: 502 JumpyyJosie
Happy Day of the Phantoms!
This is my first video and i hope you like it. Please Sub,Com,and Rate
Views: 86 JumpyyJosie
Rare Bat Pets!- Animal Jam
This person has 8 rare bats and I was like "holy crap!" Please Sub, Rate, and Comment.
Views: 197 JumpyyJosie
Animal Jam- Pet Raccoons!
Another update full of excitment! Rate, Comment, and Subscribe!
Views: 1032 JumpyyJosie
Coelacanth the Prehistoric Fishie- Animal Jam
Heres the Coelacanth they said it was extinct but its not. :D Please Sub,Rate,and Comment!
Views: 453 JumpyyJosie
Oarfish the Ribbon fishie!- Animal Jam
Heres the Oarfish, if you need it here it is.
Views: 446 JumpyyJosie
Crazy Epic Party With Pangaea
Views: 30 JumpyyJosie
SPIRIT ARMOR!?- Animal Jam
A video about an exciting update on National Geographic Animal Jam! :3 ~ kittins3
Views: 835 JumpyyJosie
Mt. Shiveer Journey Book- Animal Jam
I thought of making a video on Mt.Shiveer Journey Book to help Jammers who don't know where the animals are!
Views: 140 JumpyyJosie
Candy Bowls of Animal Jam
This is to show what kinds of candy the bowls give
Views: 608 JumpyyJosie
How do I get a glowstick in Animal Jam?
Click the neon green phantom in the Play Wild Party! Rate, Comment, and Subscribe!
Views: 167 JumpyyJosie
When Evil Dr. Maybe Strikes! - Animal Jam
This is my first movie with my friend (Snowflake Rainypaw is my friend). We had alot of fun making this! Enjoy xD Rate, Comment, and Subscribe please!
Views: 78 JumpyyJosie
My kitty im gonna pick for Animal Jam
This is the kitty im gonna pick when i get my membership. :D
Views: 72 JumpyyJosie
Haunted House in Animal Jam!
just want to show you the inside of a Haunted House.
Views: 1592 JumpyyJosie
How to print screen and make a picture!
I had lots of fun doing this lol I might have messed up a few times but you get the picture.
Views: 132 JumpyyJosie
New Glitch in the Ocean!
I found a new glitch so this is my first new glitch video!
Views: 342 JumpyyJosie
Animal Jam Discovery Book Search
I couldn't find all the fish but i hope you find some in Deep Blue!
Views: 11188 JumpyyJosie
Rainbow Potion!
you do 3 red 3 green 3 blue and 3 flame and then click on the round pot thingy. Please Sub,Rate,and Comment
Views: 57 JumpyyJosie
Animal Jam- Overflow
Overflow is a fun game that is located in Crystal Sands! Rate, Comment, and Subscribe!
Views: 110 JumpyyJosie
Dragons: Wild Skies/Wikia
Dragons: Wild Skies: Smothering Smokebreath, Changewing, and Whispering Death. P.S sorry for the lag and other stuff, they were really annoying. P.P.S I just did this for fun and I also wanted to show some pictures of awesome dragons! This game/wikia doesn't belong to me it belongs to the rightful owner.
Views: 37401 JumpyyJosie
Animal Jam- Scammer Awareness Video
I worked hard to make this video I might have screwed up in some parts, but just ignore it! Keep our game safe by reporting scammers! And I recorded real scammer activity in the making of this video. Rate, Comment, and Subscribe!
Views: 47 JumpyyJosie
How To Do The Zios Glitch- Animal Jam
:3 and look at the bar when I'm at that point when you can't see my chat bubble.
Views: 99 JumpyyJosie
Animal Jam Tour for New Players Part 1
I DCed at the end of the video and I couldn't do much.
Views: 90 JumpyyJosie
Codes of 2011(7,600 total gems)
Heres some codes of 2011 scroll down to see the codes and how much they give! explore2012- 1,000 gems treasure- 1,000 gems festival- 1,000 gems spooky- 1,000 gems croc- 1,000 gems coralreef- 1,000 gems deepsea- 500 gems phantoms- 500 gems feast- 500 gems treat- 100 gems gecko- Lime Green Gecko Plushie
Views: 82 JumpyyJosie
Dinosaur in the ice
dinosaur.And did ya know that dinosaur means, ugly lizard?
Views: 70 JumpyyJosie
Animal Jam- Overflow Part 2
Part 2 of me playing Overflow on Animal Jam! Rate, Comment, and Subscribe!
Views: 70 JumpyyJosie
Jumping Jack Record Day!- Animal Jam
Today is the day of the jumping jack record! Please Sub, Rate, and Comment
Views: 158 JumpyyJosie
Next New Animal for Jamaa- Animal Jam
you see a turtle, a shark, a dolphin, and a OCTOPUS! The next new ocean animal is going to be a OCTOPUS
Views: 61 JumpyyJosie
Fishgurrl's Den!
this is a video to show you Fishgurrl's awesome den!
Views: 105 JumpyyJosie
yay :3
Views: 56 JumpyyJosie
Bows are Coming Out in DECEMBER- Animal Jam
I'm so excited!!! Bows are coming but I have no idea if it is true or not but we will find out!!
Views: 54 JumpyyJosie
New Code: Jamaalidays
Opps I actually missspelled it...its actually Jamaalidays I didn't like say it right.
Views: 38 JumpyyJosie
Party in the ocean den!
Im having a blast at scooter7722's den :D
Views: 20 JumpyyJosie
Prize of Kani Cove
I have a special preview of the prize of Kani Cove!
Views: 53 JumpyyJosie

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