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DreamWorks Dragons: Wild Skies [Promo 1]

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From http://berksgrapevine.com/ Cartoon Network is releasing a new 3D dragon-flying game based on How to Train Your Dragon. Here's their description: Think you've got what it takes to be a rider of Berk? Put your skills to the test! Blaze your own path as a dragon trainer. Explore the island, train wild dragons, and take flight in awesome aerial challenges! Ride the dragons you love from the movies: Gronckle, Deadly Nadder, Monstrous Nightmare, Hideous Zippleback, and Night Fury! Plus, watch for new dragon species from the series. Every time a new dragon appears in the show, you'll be able to train it in the game! Earn your wings in DreamWorks' Dragons Wild Skies! Coming soon to CartoonNetwork.com
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Text Comments (99)
Ryan gamer 234 (9 months ago)
Night fury love
Jurassic Jack (2 years ago)
where do i get this game
CynthiaMaria Marica (4 years ago)
also when i go into a new area, it takes 5 seconds to load just 1 % !!
CynthiaMaria Marica (4 years ago)
i have all the dragons apart from the ones with the question marks.... how do you get them??
Auctavia Johnson (5 years ago)
i cant save mine
Dulhan Yugath (5 years ago)
Very cool
Hudson Pereira (5 years ago)
ai galera beleza fica dica para o pessoal que não consegue entra no jogo eu abaixei no baxaki falo galera
soranes serpentor (5 years ago)
mine has a problem when i type the number 6 the dragon will be a thunderdrum instead of the dragon i tamed
Kynesiss Vids (5 years ago)
LOVE IT!!!!!! TOOTHLESSSSSSSSS <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hudson Pereira (5 years ago)
ai gente tenho uma duvida porque nao podemos chamar os nosos dragoes quando estiver domando outro
James Lorinczi (5 years ago)
James Lorinczi (5 years ago)
To Eetu, you tame the Whispering Death where you tame the Gronkel, but you need to tame the Gronkel first and then the Whispering Death, to open the book of dragons you press Enter ;)
Eetu Huttunen (5 years ago)
How did i open the book of dragons in this game someone answer. Oh and where do i get whispering death i want him.
Abigael Joy Salvador (5 years ago)
this Game was Awsome but ... Too slow to Load =.= i wait 1 hours o 30 mins ...
paul kemp (5 years ago)
i know its so annoying i left my laptop on all night to wait for it to load then clicked something by axident and now it has started all over again!!!!!!!
Ashish Bhave (5 years ago)
register by creating a cartoon network account
RedCupOranda (5 years ago)
click on the window... then click back to game...
RedCupOranda (5 years ago)
i wonder of that too, i so desperately want to register but i dont knopw how.. :/
Syphiria (6 years ago)
How do I register in the game? If I do not register, every time I play I lose all progress!
Angemfire (6 years ago)
Can we just have a HTTYD Mmorpg kinda thing? Or a Rpg I'm not picky....
XboxTheHedgehog (6 years ago)
This game takes me like half an hour to load each level. I wish there was a way for it to be faster...Does anyone know of an Offline version that can be downloaded to play without the internet? Just wondering.
Hrumó Csaba (6 years ago)
i found the way to solve the blue texture bug!!!! you must download and install a new "unity player"( if you type in google :unity player update the first find should be the good) and that should do the trick :D hope this helps :)
Hrumó Csaba (6 years ago)
same here... :S
Hanna Lundqvist (6 years ago)
alright guys just help me the game is like.... blue, it doesnt have colors at all, everything is just blue, the dragons, the viking, well everything WTF AM I SUPPOSED TO DO ):
M (6 years ago)
All the textures on characters and objects are just purple when I play this game, no matter what browser I use. I really wanna play it. It looks like a full MMO. I'd expect it to be downloadable rather than just a flash game.
saria howard (6 years ago)
i love this game. sadly i LOOSE gold. one time i have 3 coins. another i get 0
latched097 (6 years ago)
This looks decent but I hope that they make a really good game for how to train your dragon 2. Something like follow the movie´s story from a vikings perspective starting from you finding an egg and training your dragon to then tie the game´s story to the film story. Too bad it´s probabilly not going to be so...
bravedragon85 (6 years ago)
Starlight Witch (6 years ago)
Laggy game; it's decent, but most challenges require a precision that the controls aren't capable of giving. This creates artificial difficulty, where the challenge isn't so much the game as it is praying it doesn't mistake a brief tap for "turn the freaking dragon 180 degrees."
bravedragon85 (6 years ago)
I Agree.
bravedragon85 (6 years ago)
This guy doesnt know what hes talking about and how is the game gay?? (Yeah people these days are stupid -.-)
bravedragon85 (6 years ago)
The Scauldron is in The Great West Ocean and the typhoomerang is in the Wild Dragon Cliff,and the thunderdrum is in Wreckers Reef.
Tunes1455 (6 years ago)
damn game takes too long to load
Bruce (6 years ago)
Well, I went to that place. I can see the marks on the ground from the dragon. BUT I SEE NO DRAGON!
Bruce (6 years ago)
Bruce (6 years ago)
Bruce (6 years ago)
Bruce (6 years ago)
You trained the two new dragons?! Typhoomerang and Scrauldon!?
Bruce (6 years ago)
I was playing earlier and now there are 12 badges, and if you scroll down you can see the two new dragons.
Giovanni Arcos (6 years ago)
it does work
Bruce (6 years ago)
Put the quality on low.
Bruce (6 years ago)
Put the quality on low. That's what I do. It looks almost just as good. The only thing that really looks different is the water in the oceans and lakes. Plus, it makes it not lag.
Bruce (6 years ago)
Same, I'm trying to figure out how to get the other dragons. I like go to the Lava Island and it says there is a Montrous Nightmare, and then there is a ? sign. I don't know if those dragons are out yet, or what.
sara maria (6 years ago)
why does it take so long to load!!!!!!?!?!
Robinson Rodriguez (6 years ago)
I just played it today and trained the deadly natter
Brandon C. (6 years ago)
Every time an episode airs and if it has a new dragon it should be available on wild skies. I hope that the next five episodes will have the rest of the dragons and the next dragon will be Timber Jack.
Brandon C. (6 years ago)
Try logging out of your account and signing back in. I had the same problem too.
XboxTheHedgehog (6 years ago)
It worked 8D
Brandon C. (6 years ago)
I think the dragon in wreckers reef is the thunderdrum dragon because in the show Book of Dragons the thunderdrum dragon eggs hacthed in a snowy cliff. If I'm right on October 3,2012 Hiccup tries to get his dad to start flying a dragon but it gets bad when he lets his dad ride Toothless. Hiccup tells his dad he needs to get another dragon to practice with. So Stoick gets the Thunderdrum dragon as his own dragon. After the episode airs the thunderdrum should be available on Wild Skies.
morric964 (6 years ago)
it shows up after a while 4 the 1st couple times
PhantomSpark (6 years ago)
but i havent found any dragons at the wrekers reef
PhantomSpark (6 years ago)
i found the entrence and went to wrekers leaf , it was awsome and snowy though
XboxTheHedgehog (6 years ago)
After mine loads it turns white. Does the game show up after a while or is my computer the problem :(
gusta (6 years ago)
amigo mi juego cuando se termina de cargar aparece hipo y una chica que no se quien es porfavor que tengo que hacer de verdad quiero jugar no puedo hacer nada creo q hay que elegir personaje pero elijo y no pasa nada
chaos299h (6 years ago)
loads slow but worth to wait
penjen1337 (6 years ago)
mine is laggy also. but idc its worth the wait
bravedragon85 (6 years ago)
HEK YEAH!:D Mostly the Whispering Death....
Matthew (6 years ago)
stop hating get rid of your 1990 mac
XxReaperxKittyxX (6 years ago)
Mine's not lagging, it must be your computer.
gomi (6 years ago)
mines not laggy
Grammar Nazi40 (6 years ago)
also in the first challenge i complete it in five seconds and get one star
Grammar Nazi40 (6 years ago)
in the tutorial it says to feed him but theres no food
Frungi (6 years ago)
Did you get past the intro video? THAT was laggy. The game itself was fine.
bushDid9/11 (6 years ago)
Grammar Nazi40 (6 years ago)
How do you get the Heads Up badge
Frungi (6 years ago)
Nope. Apparently they’ll be added when they’re shown on the show.
Frungi (6 years ago)
Buy what? The game? It’s browser-based.
Frungi (6 years ago)
Check the map, mouse over each location.
Garrett Case (6 years ago)
how do you get the entrance to wreckers reef open??
piebodyhaha (6 years ago)
i found the entrance to wreckers reef in the great west ocean, but i cant get there there are rocks in the way
Frantz Magloire (6 years ago)
XxReaperxKittyxX (6 years ago)
The same thing happened to me, just refresh the page and it will load more quickly and will work. Hope this helps. ^^
rexman92 (6 years ago)
yes tho its not fully finsh in my opinion but you can goahead and get the dragons there just to head start but other then the ones appead they arnt no more till futher notice its sorta fun but i think i like it as a good time passer becase when you get all the dragons thats basicly what it is a time passer by ither going throo hoops and shooting targers to ultimetly improve preformance tho b 4 you get going on dragon collecting get the tools first so then you can get the stuff youneedtotame
TIZ-678 (6 years ago)
like the whispering death and thunder drum and timber jack and the new ones?
TIZ-678 (6 years ago)
I played the game :D
Alfa Bravo (6 years ago)
I have 5 dragons, is it possile to have more, currently?
Jake chen (6 years ago)
yes but how do you buy
PhantomSpark (6 years ago)
also heard there is going to be BONEKNAPPER !!!!!!! one of my best ones
PhantomSpark (6 years ago)
i heard there is going to be a new dragons at the great ocean and the wrekers reef , water dragon , timmberjack , thundertrunk ,skull drin...............
Risa Mae (6 years ago)
If anyone replies with an answer please let me know. I've found he entrance in Unlandable Cove but I cannot get in no matter which dragon I'm on.
ShinyHunter177 (6 years ago)
Megan Serena Hall (6 years ago)
ikr... I keep trying to find Wrecker's Reef...
bravedragon85 (6 years ago)
Its because they still haven't added the new dragons.
Arddernog (6 years ago)
The 2 headed dragon is called a Hideous Zippleback
PhantomSpark (6 years ago)
toothless is easy to unlock if u have monstrous nightmare and a fishing rod to catch fish
PhantomSpark (6 years ago)
toothless is the easy to unlock if u have a monstrous nightmare and a fishing rod
PhantomSpark (6 years ago)
i like to ride monstrous nightmare better than nightfury
PhantomSpark (6 years ago)
hmmm, well u cant go in wreckers reef ,i think its unlockable , they say its going to unlocked soon + a new dragon
Jad Playz This (6 years ago)
Postess AJ (6 years ago)
its not letting me choose food for the gronkle HELP!!!
theres spost to be mystery dragons???????????
PhantomSpark (6 years ago)
i dont no about u guys , but it seems pretty easy to unlock all 5 dragons .
PhantomSpark (6 years ago)
already got nightfury , deadly nadder, monstruse nightmare, the two headed dragon ( forgot name ) , gronkle . waiting for the other dragons
MarioMarioBW (6 years ago)
I wish the camera wasn't so messed up when you're ridin' a dragon. It's almost impossible to do challenges 'cause of the glitchin' camera. Besides that,I like it so far.
masterbuilder71 (6 years ago)
its in unlandable cove, it eats mutton. It was my tutorial dragon.
RaveanTheWolf (6 years ago)
anyone else have lag problems with this game? it makes me sad :(
Mordecai (6 years ago)
Do U have Deadly nadder If so Where?
masterbuilder71 (6 years ago)
its free at cartoon network website
neiasilva (6 years ago)
The game is availabe in Portugal,on Cartoon Network?

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