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KOMAL - A film on Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) - Hindi

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Komal is like any other bright, sensitive and happy 7 year old. Her new neighbour- Mr. Bakshi, who moved in with his wife, is her father's old friend. Komal bonds with the affable Mr.Bakshi with whom she has a whale of a time. Until, Komal discovers Mr.Bakshi's bitter reality. Our CHILDLINE Didi explains to children the concept of safe and unsafe touch, so that they can be better equipped to protect themselves and take help from trusted adults if ever caught in a similar situation.
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Text Comments (3001)
Rahim Samnani (2 days ago)
This video should reach to every child in India...every one should spread this video.
Shaila Dixit (2 days ago)
Seriously , agar kisi ne mere sath essa kiya toh ,main usse brutally marungi
Laxmi Codat (9 days ago)
I very angry 😡😡😡😡on that peoples with scold's small girl 👩👩👩and do bad touch . If whenever anyone do like that to you whether it is are family member or not please tell parents . Save girls save their life
ankita Uprety (10 days ago)
that type of people are shameless
SULTAN AHMED (10 days ago)
Handsome Dog (12 days ago)
Anyone from bloom and remember watching this
Rahul Pariyar (12 days ago)
Very bad 😈😈
WIZARD 8.9 (14 days ago)
Yeh movie mene ajj school ke smart board me dekhi
Nandini Luthra (15 days ago)
Slap those boys
Nandini Luthra (15 days ago)
Thanks very very much
Munhtsetseg Buyndalai (16 days ago)
dear people if i ever see a person abusing a child i would find u with a gun and a chainsaw in the middle of the night under tour bed or in your room and if u dont stop abusing a child u would live in pieces of ur body in a garbage bag dont call tue police its for the good of the children
My name is komal too
Ameen Shindoli (22 days ago)
Is the channel owner from karnataka?
Lamzahen Hangshing (23 days ago)
Komal ki video koi simple video nahi hai, galat semi kaa sikaar hai. Abe jab kisiko pata chalega ki tune Komal ke saath kya kya hai to tujhe bacheche se hamesa ke liye door Karen denge, jail me chakki pis waiga.
Atul Info (24 days ago)
I will beat uncle 🤬😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Kaushar Jahan (25 days ago)
so nice and great explanation
Sadiq Thaja (25 days ago)
Thank you are the best
Rashmi mishra (26 days ago)
Dear sir/madam i am working in NCERT , new delhi can we use chunks of your video komal for our video films for educational purpuses. please reply soon
MENA KUMARI (30 days ago)
SarNYa RaJput***** (1 month ago)
In saalo ko maaro gandi tareeke se....
purvi Rai (1 month ago)
Dislikers are those people who had done these types of shamefull things.. This video is very nice..it will save those sweet innocent small kids from the vicious circle of hell's animals....
purvi Rai (1 month ago)
But here it seems that you all disliking the video and not vakshi..
bi jo (1 month ago)
We all disliked to vakshi
Ranjana Aakansha (1 month ago)
Aakash Mishra (1 month ago)
Chutiya raper
Shaurya Pal (1 month ago)
Very nice video
Neha Kumari (1 month ago)
I liked this video every girl should see this video. It is very important for us.
MA RAZI Razi (1 month ago)
Superb , amazing Be brave girls Be proud to be a girl Be proud to be an INDIAN
Huriya Shah (1 month ago)
One time a stranger do bad things with me just l tell to my mom he was under arist girls don't be shy just tell to your mom dad don't be shy
That's story is very nice
lizzy plays (1 month ago)
I am glad I can fight
shivaykumarrajag Gupta (1 month ago)
Naisa logo ko to mar daina chiya😓😓😓😓
Scou1y (1 month ago)
This makes me wanna cry so badly
Jogendraprasad Jaiswar (1 month ago)
Kisko good touch acha lagta hai like kare 👍👇👇👇
KaNika Kumar (1 month ago)
Girl and boy not save in the place
Tina K (1 month ago)
I trust no one other than my family.
Anu Sharma (30 days ago)
I trust no one at all
Bibek Thakur (1 month ago)
Ye loke ko gale do mane bar ka
Ramila Lama (1 month ago)
I fell bad
Ratna SAHA (2 months ago)
#nise video
Mapro Gaming (2 months ago)
Very good video
Nancy Nahan (2 months ago)
save child
That time need to awareness of child abuse even in school also I'm a teacher and as a responsible teacher and citizen I teach about good touch and bad touch .
Siddesh Gaonkar (2 months ago)
Hamaare school mhe ye video dikhaya ta...
Shubha Tripathi (2 months ago)
He said screct game
Rajesh Kanwar (2 months ago)
Komal ki comide so siwet
Priyanka Saikia (2 months ago)
I want to work for this Nobel cause... I completed Master of social work and did many field work in collaboration with different NGO and also organize awareness programme in schools about child sexual abuse by performing street play 😊 If any one from this organisation can see my comment and consider me as appropriate for any such post, please contact me via mail. Email id - [email protected]
Nafisha Shaikh (2 months ago)
Awesome story
Jyotsna Ghosh (2 months ago)
Very very very much nice
nanhere di jatti drishti (2 months ago)
Full video is nice I understand good touch and bad touch
Rekha Sondhi (2 months ago)
I can also understand how to like bad touch one man touch me I feel very bad I am only 9 years old that time I feel very very bad 😭😭😭
Saad Kasgar (2 months ago)
Sharam aati hai yaa nahi
Saad Kasgar (2 months ago)
I hate this type of people
فوزي جورفي (2 months ago)
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Besst story
Anushka Rana (2 months ago)
guys plz share kro ...plz kunki har kisi ko asi motivational video dekhni chahiye ..nd guys thanks for this video ...🙏🙏🙏🙏💚💚
CallaizGacha (3 months ago)
J K Behera Sindhu (3 months ago)
Vishnu Pasi (3 months ago)
very bad
blah blah blah (3 months ago)
Agar teacher
Amir Khansari (3 months ago)
wrong the father muss call police first them her can childline next
Angel Aruhi (3 months ago)
sharam ahni chaiye aise logo kou😤😤
Judy Nguyen (3 months ago)
Wait what happened to the abusive POS?
karen collyer (3 months ago)
I met this little boy when he was 6 years old, he keep touching my daughter who was 29 years old at the time... We told him off many times and told his father too, who was my daughter’s boyfriend at the time...He wouldn’t stop touching my daughter, my daughter would get mad, the boy only laugh... I baby sat him once.he tried it on me, we told the ex wife she didn’t believe us....I reported him to child protection because he sexually abusive his cousin who was only 4 years old at the time.....It has stop now for a couple of years....But as I was having Christmas dinner he got two kids toys in front of me at the table and got his cousin to look at him while he put this toy in and out of this other toys bum...... The cousin quickly looked away... This boy is now 11 years old, almost 12 years old soon...The father doesn’t like telling his son off, because the son will go back and tell his mother... Then she stops the father seeing the boy......My daughter is now married to the father, and is now having her first baby who is going to be a girl... I am so scared that this boy will do something to the baby...... The father never likes it when I say something about his son..... The son doesn’t have any boundaries at all...
Princess Stigma (3 months ago)
Someone please tanslate
bharat patel (3 months ago)
We should only let people touch us without permission
bharat patel (3 months ago)
A guy at school touches some of the areas you mentioned, I don't take it to seriously
Masud Rahman (3 months ago)
2.9K Comenent
gamer's EYE (3 months ago)
Bhosdika batichode Sala Laura Kat dunga
Prince Rey (4 months ago)
Ye unlike krne wale whi log h jo khud aisa krte h..
for fan . Alisha panwar (4 months ago)
Amitkumar Tembhare (4 months ago)
Raj sharma (4 months ago)
What Is Child Abuse? बाल दुर्व्यवहार क्या है? https://goo.gl/Y9PMa6
Manit Singh (4 months ago)
Great affort Keep going
Tafi Memon (4 months ago)
Kasha ya Pakistan man bhi ho help line
FURIOUS COMEDY (4 months ago)
Very nice video have to share it on huge level
FURIOUS COMEDY (4 months ago)
Jis jis ne dislike Kiya hai wo bewakoof hain pagal hai idiot
30 mintues Status (4 months ago)
my name is also komal
fight with me (4 months ago)
😬😬😬😬💔💔💔💔💔. Pata nhi aisa kyo krte hain ladki aur bachche ke saath Mera bas chale to hm sare harami Ka niche ka saman hi kat le ,, na rhega bas na bjegi basuri,,,,very sad ,, very bad
Shanaya Sain (4 months ago)
Sofia Updates (4 months ago)
2.3k dislikers !!! For this valuable video !!! Shame of those people who have disliked !!!
Sofia Updates (4 months ago)
Ladkiyan in logon ko kheech ke do thappad lagaiyenge yaa phir joothe marenge na toh akal thikane aa jayegi in logon ki !!!
[email protected] (4 months ago)
2.3k dislikes bhai koi mujhe ye bata do ki is video me aisa kya hai
alvina tanvir (4 months ago)
Rape kardia
Gagan kaur (4 months ago)
Khushi Lalwani (4 months ago)
Merese sab derte he kyuki mere leg strong he iss liye koy asa kerega to wo to chute ga nahi I am strong and active then other 10 year olds 😎💪
Reet Makhija (4 months ago)
I hate this type of man life rules is give respect and take respect 😤😤😤😤
chukki deshapande (4 months ago)
Srinivas Ch (4 months ago)
We should kill like bakshi uncle
Munni Devi (4 months ago)
Very good message I like too much
Salman Khan (4 months ago)
I hate those people 😡😡😡
єsє. ʟoɢѧ. ҡo. mѧя. Ԁєňѧ. chia
Shane Flierl (4 months ago)
He was using her
Manoj Gupta (4 months ago)
😫😖sheeee aise log ko to dunia me hona hi nahi chahiye !aise log par mujhe bahut gussa ata h !!Ooo sheeee 😑😔😔😤😤
ZAHAR music (4 months ago)
Good message
garuav agegeh (4 months ago)
Share your every problem to your parents
Manisha Kanta (4 months ago)
I hate this people
Chan Chee Weng (4 months ago)
I used to go through this😞
That girl Who only plays (5 months ago)
But cheak uncle
Ponraj M (5 months ago)
Please. Try, goodtouch
Premaram Bhil (5 months ago)
very nice video
Mundi Odium (5 months ago)
just understood "secret game"
devendra gurjar (5 months ago)
Very nice video

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