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Asking Girls To Sleep With Me For $10,000!

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Thanks so much for your support Villains- Lets get this video to 50k likes and I will go up to boyfriends and see if I can buy their girlfriends for 10k :) Talk to me on IG- https://www.instagram.com/vitalyzdtv/?hl=en Filmed by- https://www.youtube.com/user/kevinbrueck/videos
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Text Comments (6119)
erin scot (1 hour ago)
omg bro !!!!!! lol
Myshiitylife (5 hours ago)
Hell yeah!! I'll do it his cute ass fuck but I won't do it for the money tho!!
jorge Guzman (10 hours ago)
Can you do the same thing in Mexico? I am folling you and i am so intrigated how the mexican girls cand reaact about this joke?
Nathi Mbera (18 hours ago)
Bro im from south africa i like your videos lol
kumar raja (1 day ago)
In which country you did this video?
Scooter Willie (1 day ago)
Money talks!!!
Shades of Sway (2 days ago)
Funny how he exposed those racist ass girls at 3:34 🤭🤭
acodike (2 days ago)
This ain't funny, mate
Oh my God!!! The thot at 1:10 though!
Andreas Björk (2 days ago)
LOVE YOU BRATE!!!! You are the BEST!!!! VITALY!!!!!
Tanya B Kriswel (3 days ago)
Супер ребята!🤣
Gabriel Ganesa Mohan (3 days ago)
love this video...HE DOESN'T WAN PLAY ANY GAMES
Tomo Polic (4 days ago)
If you asked me to sleep with you for 10000 dollars I would sell you my dog.
Blue Man (4 days ago)
4:00 Türk kızlar :))
Rita Mcdonald (5 days ago)
i sleep with u for 10.0000 loli got love for u baby lol
gerardbarnes13738 (5 days ago)
Evil Keali’i (6 days ago)
LA women suck
Abshir jamal (6 days ago)
that first girl Matako though
chad Hatcher (6 days ago)
She can't fuck half of you dick it's to small. Not Reilly it just a joke
black news (6 days ago)
Well I bet if u ask without the money they would do it
Bob Bobby (6 days ago)
3:45 they sound like two russian pimps 😂😂😂
Dj Konfidon (8 days ago)
Sluts. 😎
Manab Roy (8 days ago)
Guys never try this in india or girls will fuck you instead😂😂
Slow Down Im Retarded (9 days ago)
I’m jealous of your russian accent.
Abhishek Sharma (9 days ago)
No feminist over here !!!😂😂😂...
William Lacombe (9 days ago)
What? no survivor's.?
Vic morgan (10 days ago)
I think with all your muscles you can be more useful somewhere far in farm and that’s for sure. O, by the way don’t forget to take your friends there also.
apulo chishi (11 days ago)
4:48 give that shirtless man some bucks please. :D
Nicholas Johnson (11 days ago)
Bitches is thirsty nigga. Fuck hoes, real g's got pussy comin to them
Ana Lie (12 days ago)
what type is a camera?
william kjaer (12 days ago)
i would suck your dick all night for 5 k
milford fowler (13 days ago)
What you are doing could be considered sexual harassment, I'd be careful.
Katrina Jackson (13 days ago)
Hey I think that all of those women would have but they were to scared someone may think there a hoe,but you Are a cutie pie 🥰 one 💕Katrina Jackson
anthony (13 days ago)
feel like if he was more cool about it they could have pulled it off
Marc Roldan (15 days ago)
I hope one day this guy will get shot in the head for his mean prank. Specially in the hood...
Trevor Byron (15 days ago)
Make it for $5. They would think 10k is too unrealistic
Sonny Cropper (16 days ago)
Vitaly is such a douche bag
DJWTF75 (16 days ago)
what a fucking asshole
Lance Blanco (17 days ago)
The guy with a microphone in the last part is a youtuber i also watch at his video Like if you agree and if u know him
Jezzlar! HD (17 days ago)
I think we should poke! Fucking dying Hahahaha
Sayantan Ghosh (18 days ago)
First girl's ass😍
3:52 Bravo girl! Thats real human reaction!!
Roman Kolarik (18 days ago)
Go to Liverpool 4 pounds
The Helpless (19 days ago)
your subscribers dont increase..i guess
nazar malik (19 days ago)
send me sponsor
Henrik Mästricht (19 days ago)
Vitaly is a beast haha.
XXX TENTACION (19 days ago)
Hell yeah get back to Miami
Ekam Brar (20 days ago)
Black beauty tho👁👁
What's up Villains
Why you ask ugly GRILS lol
Cait (20 days ago)
Legend has it that sometimes late at night, these girls lay in bed, mulling in their regret for not having had given this guy some booty for that 10k
DanielJones Jones (20 days ago)
Absolute rubbish make a crazy video film yourself
João Xavier (21 days ago)
Its amazing how a country with long ideologic history produces such disregard for everything besides money. Shallow and empty idiots these 2 are. Money talks bla bla bla... that absence of integrity will be our doom, no doubts about that.
Master of Puppets (21 days ago)
Holy moly the ASS on that chick at 1:25 !!!
StreetDj TV (21 days ago)
Kentu for 130 juta
Damin Mance (21 days ago)
3:52 I like her cause idiots like this think shit is funny to them!
dope Kid (22 days ago)
dude try KENYA
Bikram Shyawa (22 days ago)
David Zupec (22 days ago)
I bet your mama's proud of you!
Yadvinder Saini (23 days ago)
Wanna make Oreo cookie WTF 5:45
R.K Tube (23 days ago)
Women who gets laid for money, theyre bitches i dont give respect to them.
Stephen Freeman (24 days ago)
"Chocolate Boyfriend AYYYY " Can I sleep with you ? It will be fun.. Girl: NO THATS RUBE BOI " xD
Filip Kranjac (24 days ago)
The black girls on bikes were cute :)
M.A.C (24 days ago)
At minute 0:59 I ran out of nacho dip for these doritos..dammit
johny appleseed (24 days ago)
they would all do it
Jose Hernandez (24 days ago)
get some doc paper to you're clean then let see
Tommie Robinson (25 days ago)
Jaya Sunar (25 days ago)
Code4 error Server (26 days ago)
Russian brother 😍 RUS SRB
Alan Deloya (27 days ago)
Funny bro
norbu dhonyoe (27 days ago)
love it bro
TheBoyZW (27 days ago)
First girl gat a phat booty
Zangetzu33 (28 days ago)
Next Video : "i am gonna ask myself if i want to sleep with myself for 40K"
Humberto Roldan (28 days ago)
Am I late so you could reply me!!?? Good vid
Johnkennedy47 (28 days ago)
Show your money bro haha
Ian Lancaster (29 days ago)
Isn’t that prostitution?
Ote Dondon (30 days ago)
The First Lady gotta nice ole ass 💯😂🤤👌🏾👌🏾
Othieno Burton (30 days ago)
This video proves the love of money gets you anywhere
fatboy 6 (1 month ago)
This guy is funny I like his style cheezz
Fuck me for free!😹
Leonard Leonard (1 month ago)
ну-ка вот и хача проявили))))
subaro hikaro (1 month ago)
Oreo cookie hahahaha
maximiliano rojas (1 month ago)
20g?! I'll sleep with you!!
al al (1 month ago)
godis go (1 month ago)
Everyone has a price
Zack Romez (1 month ago)
8:24 his face xD
Dmari Hanson (1 month ago)
bro the first fucking ass!!!!!
98quet (1 month ago)
Guys who Are commenting here how those girls who accept it Are easy and gold diggers, yet Im sure 90 % of guys would accept that even for free, even if they have a gf, Let alone if a woman offered him 10,000£ 🤗
RAYVAZ (1 month ago)
Хач все попортил
Crypted Head (1 month ago)
Girls suck cock for money XD
Лёша Худ (1 month ago)
Я охуел, когда увидел Амирана в этом видосе
Maria Nozdracheva (1 month ago)
Как внезапно было узреть Хача )))
Eduard Veb Bart (1 month ago)
Виталий, делай изволь российские субтитры, для тебя и российская аудитория глядит, благодарю)
Raja Rizwan (1 month ago)
Im russia for 5 to sleep
Просто Егор (1 month ago)
Виталяя Ты же российский! Хоть живой блять?
Rich Khalil (1 month ago)
First bitch she gotta big O ASS!!!!
Erik (1 month ago)
what shoes is he wearing?????????
Sean Adonis (1 month ago)
Get this piece of shit out of the US!! Come on Trump let's gets this deportation program in high speed!
peter haitch (1 month ago)
ill give u 10,000 to off yourself on this blog , u disgusting pervert, u cant buy real dignity
Rick M (1 month ago)
Haha!! Peter is an offended bitch
Nickito Eugent (1 month ago)
do the kissing prank bro

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