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Asking Girls To Sleep With Me For $10,000!

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Thanks so much for your support Villains- Lets get this video to 50k likes and I will go up to boyfriends and see if I can buy their girlfriends for 10k :) Talk to me on IG- https://www.instagram.com/vitalyzdtv/?hl=en Filmed by- https://www.youtube.com/user/kevinbrueck/videos
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Text Comments (6362)
Julius Caldwell (1 hour ago)
The first girl got ass
Monster King (2 hours ago)
This man is a legend
Ranjit Odedra (23 hours ago)
07:21 FEEL THIS LOL 😂😂😂
Ranjit Odedra (23 hours ago)
Kevin Gates (1 day ago)
Can u feel it ? U can feel this dick lol
ArnobMD (1 day ago)
There's something wrong with you. Black from the waist down.
Anil Kunwar (2 days ago)
Dasvidania, paka paka,ochin kharaso,lyublu vitaly from Nepal top of the world Nepal
zzeronerzz (2 days ago)
you've gotten alot bigger bro. I haven't seen your videos in years.
NoAH'ArK (2 days ago)
fuck man .u mess up the bitch market ..dont raise up the price man
Carl Stevens (2 days ago)
Most of them didn't want it "Girl Poker". This one was lame.
DiabeticPhysique (3 days ago)
Scuum gang
Hazem Nasri (4 days ago)
Хорошо клип
Asian Baddriver (4 days ago)
Hes black from the waist down 🤣🤣
Yethu Raj (5 days ago)
Man their aren't many nice girls here in this world now. If you get a nice girl as your partner then you are lucky. Many mens are virgin in this world than girls.
Dre Sloan (5 days ago)
I'm glad they have a higher value to themselves
The girl that stood up to them at 4.10 is Indian, if you do the same shit in India people gonna slap your face off you
Irshad Muhammed (5 days ago)
U ruin their day.. Karma acts bro
Sidhu No. 1 (7 days ago)
shame on you if someone ask your sister to sleep with me for 100$ or ask with you sleep with me for 2$ shame on you really
lorenzo montini (7 days ago)
4:05 i love the girl👏🎉🥂
Nitesh (8 days ago)
Salman Khan (8 days ago)
What's app +919983678666
FB 1ali1996 (8 days ago)
7:04 😂 oh 🔥😭 the girl with little kid ...fk im on fair 😂
Killer Peanut (9 days ago)
I think 10000 is too much, that make them feel like their virginity is important, if u offer 1000 dolars most of them will easily accept.
MUKESH KUMAR (9 days ago)
In India 3 dollar.
Fierysaint1 (9 days ago)
When you ask girls who are around other people they will definitely say no dumbass. Catch em alone and it's a different story!
Nikki McCrite (9 days ago)
Who will sleep with someone for some money what the hell
JBOM9000 (9 days ago)
Buddy got a nose on him
Scott Oiab (10 days ago)
Russian dirt bag.
Scott Oiab (10 days ago)
By the way my girl lived in the Keys for 30years.
Scott Oiab (10 days ago)
Dude your gonna get killed!
Kurt Knispel (10 days ago)
7:07 ... phone number ?
Jonas C. (10 days ago)
hahaha they wanted it!!!!
mbonigaba diderot (11 days ago)
It's not gonna be a joke when I enter you !!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tom zoofman (11 days ago)
You are a moron
funny world (11 days ago)
4:17 that girl was indian thats why misbheavouing
whau (11 days ago)
Charles robert (12 days ago)
Wat I think is ur an idiot
Aagam Gopani (13 days ago)
I Don't Believe That Russian Girls Are Crazy For Money😕😕
Melisa Vanegas Almanza (14 days ago)
make part 2 of this video
Melisa Vanegas Almanza (14 days ago)
go back to live in miami
Gabriel Noriega (14 days ago)
California bitches ain’t worth 10. Thousand more like 500 or $129.99.9 Mexico money
KSHITIJ TV (14 days ago)
Am worried that you dnt get punched on face by some irritated guy 🤣🤣for stealing girlfriend??
KSHITIJ TV (14 days ago)
2.20 talks truth
MERO Mero (15 days ago)
Come back home bro...
Nasser Al-Ghamdi (16 days ago)
just want now who's your camera man?
R. Maxwell Sabato (16 days ago)
My opinion, Vitaly, you're a good entertainer. In fact I am a fan. And I honestly don't ever follow stuff like this, so your my first kinda. But anyway, thats my compliment, and now i'll say this idea/video was worth a really good 5 min because it had good parts, but 3 long segments I say use your talent on something else. Maybe go old school or revisit an old hit like a top prank. Seems like hood videos are always a hit. hell bring that 10k to the hood. Do a crazy bait car where you dress up as a tranny and are the car owner and then solicit the guys who try to steal it wuith 10k see if theyll let you poke em
Perno Mardene (16 days ago)
Looks like los santos
Perno Mardene (7 days ago)
Carlos Meneses i guess I need to go outside of my house sometimes
Carlos Meneses (7 days ago)
Perno Mardene Los Santos is supposed to look like LA where vitally is.
Htop Skills (16 days ago)
One told you if it's real money
Rocaia Mahmoud (17 days ago)
2:28 he said “ Yes, i will help you. Come on continue talking.” 😊😊
Exploring With Devin (17 days ago)
3:57 what a bitch and what she said about Girl— you think we asked you to come here Guys—No that’s why were asking you idiot
fonso torres (17 days ago)
That bitch got mad cause they didn't ask her stupid ass .!
Aman Verma (19 days ago)
What happened to them whi said *YES* 😋😋😋
Mark Shao (19 days ago)
Next please ask guys to sleep with you for1000dollars in Russian.🌹🌹
Mark Shao (19 days ago)
Please use vodka to douche your ass. 😏😏🍆🍆
fabrice assoumatine (19 days ago)
you shoold have goon here with a good car, she will open here legs , instant
Got Bunnies (19 days ago)
If you dressed nice I think most would have said yes.
andrew furnell (20 days ago)
What steroids have you been taking?
Sky Marshall (21 days ago)
In Russia they would sleep with you for $10 dollars, but afterwards, they would jump in front of your car and ask for $1,000 to keep quiet about it.
nuke4sen (12 days ago)
you mean in soviet russia ? 🤔
The Gym addict (21 days ago)
Damn that first chick gotta nice ass though!!!
MD MOHTASIB (22 days ago)
U r muslim that not judge u but ur is able for appreciate i don't wanna suggest u for keep it regular but can in a different way by the way i m from bharat
MD MOHTASIB (18 days ago)
+Sanjay Talwar what u mean by this reply i m not understood but u wanna say something isn't it
Sanjay Talwar (18 days ago)
Kowalski, analysis
James Marshall (22 days ago)
Just saying I would fuck him for 10k
Facist Incel (22 days ago)
All women are whores
hayishat Mimi (22 days ago)
Wow i love u,u smart if come to Nigeria alot of girls will fall for the trick 😀
Michael Angelo (24 days ago)
Them hoes at 3:45 act like they’re worth more than 10k
Dabshid Dawlo Tv (24 days ago)
If u are somali subscribe me plz
Gufran Shaikh Vlogs (24 days ago)
Bro love from India
Hans Kjellsson (24 days ago)
Im black from The waist down😂😂😂😂😂 love it
Edi Sanjaya (24 days ago)
I challenge you to come to indonesia and make some pranks in indonesia . . . 😁
FirstPerson Viewer (24 days ago)
yeah go back to south beach and downtown miami to film california seems like one huge stuck up Boca Raton Florida
mcGregor conor (24 days ago)
mcGregor conor (24 days ago)
In russia u can sleep with only 10$
butter_man 64 (17 days ago)
Copy pasted comment
Mark Shao (19 days ago)
In comments you can copy someone else
Anneka G (25 days ago)
I absolutely hate his nose, it takes up half of his face
pepperking209 (25 days ago)
You the best that some funny shit
मानना पडेगा भाई!!!!!!
Mohan Raj (26 days ago)
I would pay vitally’s mom the same 10000$ . Vitaly Bastard ask her whether she is okay
Majed Alotaibi (26 days ago)
Road to 10mil
Humble Diligent (26 days ago)
I'd sit on his face for 10k td is wrong with you girls
Anthony Wright (26 days ago)
I'm black from the waist down!!! 😂😂😭😭
Cameron Goliath (27 days ago)
Ugliest ones have the most attitude 😂😂
BRENDAN THEXD (27 days ago)
I love Los Angeles! Stay there!
el pitolonx7 (27 days ago)
3.05 dude on black suite haiting hard af smh
Vreth pulvinar (27 days ago)
yes i likes
Ted Meighony (27 days ago)
Bro....you would succeed with two girls ... No money ... Just killer charm my man !!!! Its how us lions Roll ;))
dakidjahsiah (27 days ago)
girls fuck guys for chicken mcnuggets. $10,000 you can get some men to sleep with you too.
mike taylor (27 days ago)
this is whats really going on tons of very rich paying the hotest women.thats why its almost impossible to get one with out being rich
In LA theres Such Hot girls
Roberto Vargas (28 days ago)
Money talks!
Aditya Raghuwanshi (28 days ago)
take your girlfrnd bro
PinkABlink (28 days ago)
I’d have a sleepover with you for $10k we could watch movies and eat popcorn
Prestge (28 days ago)
I’d sleep with you for the 10K I mean wut...
Reshma Dhondkar (29 days ago)
I can't comment guy's coz it's my mom's mobile.
milad elali (29 days ago)
this guy is the best in the game
Jay Francis (29 days ago)
Set a real target Vitaly.. it a genius.. take shit to infinity and beyond with these hoes
Amit Singh (29 days ago)
What was that chocolate boyfriend lol😂
The most rudest and entitled girls be the one who built more like us than a actual female..
September 19 (1 month ago)
10k in hundreds is not that thick
Hazel Mish (1 month ago)
I would give you 10000 dollars to kick you and slap you for asking that questions
Samuel Mideksa (1 month ago)
lfo OMG vitaly you are killing me
Muatasem Abuawadeh (1 month ago)

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