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#ThatsHarassment | The Doctor ft. Cynthia Nixon & Michael Kelly

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A patient (Cynthia Nixon) visits a doctor (Michael Kelly) complaining of sinusitis, but ends up getting her breasts checked for cancer. #ThatsHarassment One in four women face harassment in the workplace. These PSAs— written and directed by Israeli-American director Sigal Avin and executive produced by David Schwimmer, Mazdack Rassi of MILK Studios and Sigal Avin—are based on real events and depict scenarios of sexual harassment in workplaces. Visit https://www.RAINN.org/ThatsHarassment or call 800-656-HOPE for support or information. Subscribe to the ThatsHarassment YouTube channel: https://goo.gl/TG7yYz
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madder66mortem (3 days ago)
Growing up in Portugal as a teen I could never step out of the house without being honked at by passing cars, have things of a sexual nature, or about my body being yelled out to me by males in passing cars, on the streets or from construction sites. From the moment I stepped out of the house until I stepped in back home it was every single time I was out. Then when I came to Australia at age of 19, it was males just aproaching me on the streets or even while I was waiting for the train to go to work, just dodgy looking, older guys, a couple of them even propositioned me in a way by saying "my house is there and pointing towards it". I have been grabbed on more than one occasion, one particular time I remember was back in Portugal at school where my breast was grabbed by a male student, here in OZ one time I was in the shopping mall when this older guy just grabbed hold of me and I had to break away free ( no one around outside the shops ), I had another one that I had just met just pick me up off the ground in a so called "bear-hug" and then later poke me. At work in my early 20's there was this older guy coming in regularly who was a total creep and would just stand there and stare at females, I was one of them and one of my co-workers who also was in her early 20's when she finished her shift at night, this guy followed her on the train, she managed to outsmart him and get off the train without him following her. Management were told about this guy and they got security in one day and got him in one of the offices and confiscated his back pack and he had many dvds in them and when they played it it was all porn ( this is what I was told ). These are just some of the things I can remember from the top of my memory. I have actually never shared this before. So here it is.... Everyone suffers but half the world population suffers even more so automatically because they were born female. There are NO advantages to being female as opposed to being a male.
Nour Al (10 days ago)
Shadya Brown-Hall (11 days ago)
And this is why I don't have a Male doctor.
Ummay salma Lamia (11 days ago)
One day i was in that same situation.
Paul Schab (15 days ago)
Was it harassment when Joe Biden used to touch all the senators children?
peachie05 (13 days ago)
It definitely was rape when trump sexually assaulted a 13 year old girl. And his ex wife. And others.
Alex Mendez (19 days ago)
So checking patients for breast cancer is now sexual assault, well feminist congratulations for depopulating the earth.
suburbenyobbo (20 days ago)
Stop vilifying men
Deepika Shriyan (22 days ago)
Toruk Makto (26 days ago)
This doesn't happen often.
Toruk Makto (13 days ago)
+peachie05 Doctors deal with human bodies day by day. Except for a very few perverted ones like the one in the video they don't have any particular feeling towards a patient's body.
peachie05 (13 days ago)
How do you know?
XkathrynX Xo (27 days ago)
Sigan Lyn (28 days ago)
Woman should also not wear inappropriately if they are so afraid of harassment
Sheetal Praveen (11 days ago)
U are nobody to tell what woman should wear.... They wear clothes for their satisfaction and not for the others
Get Spooked bich (28 days ago)
This dude is creepy. The way he speaks. His voice. How he touches her. Its disgusting.
chardonnay (1 month ago)
a male doctor never does a breast examination without a chaperone... that's what we are taught in medical school...
AllAbout Friendship (4 days ago)
+Iridium well it should apply to all doctors, not only for male ones but also female doctors to avoid malpractice
Iridium (14 days ago)
Not all men are scums tho.
Byuriii (1 month ago)
as a health professional student we are always reminded about informed consent. that is explaining the procedure , your role as the health professional , the patient's role (any feedback such as pain or symptoms during the test) and the purpose of the tests or procedures performed. Way before the "breast cancer" examination there was a serious red flag about this doctor not explaining any of the tests he was executing and that is a serious issue. Its very unfortunate that these things happen but perhaps there should be educations around the patient's role and precautions they need to have in mind in these situations should be also promoted.
King 1983 (2 months ago)
Lucky Doctor
Gareeb engineer (2 months ago)
It is not good
Li G. Ma (2 months ago)
damn this was down right creepy...
teddygramz2008 (2 months ago)
No man would ever touch Cynthia Nixon
George Washington (2 months ago)
J Gunn (2 months ago)
Some women actually think ALL men are that way
Iridium (14 days ago)
+sedlyf guru what a sexist. Also all women are bitches, does that sound right to you? It should because it is a sexist statement.
suburbenyobbo (20 days ago)
sedlyf guru <<< classist scum
sedlyf guru (25 days ago)
Just fuck off with your stupid little "not all men are the same"
ZombieQueen 6161 (1 month ago)
Not all of us. We know that for every 1 douche, there's 3 men who would tackle a guy if they thought a woman was being harassed in this manner, or to this extent.
Iqra Khan (2 months ago)
trcsonic (2 months ago)
Hey, that's CJ from Dawn of the Dead.
Allison Scherer (2 months ago)
Her face is my entire mood about the issue of harassment
Sophie Louise (2 months ago)
Just disgusting and vile that people we are supposed to trust are doing things like this. It’s wrong and he shouldn’t of been touching her like that at all.
HeyitsCindyPlay (2 months ago)
*This is why I want to be Donald Trump.....*
Tahmid playz (2 months ago)
This is the norm in the uk so it isn’t a bad thing
230990401 (1 month ago)
That’s awful. I feel bad for women in UK who have to deal with these pigs.
Jessie Jones (2 months ago)
Umm no it's not..
MacGregor88 (2 months ago)
I bet Nixon was 100% behind this. Hardcore lesbian feminist types like her fantasize about being sexually harassed like this so they can be part of the #MeToo club and spill their heart about it for likes on social media.
peachie05 (13 days ago)
...said an obvious rapist.
Charitha Kalupahana (2 months ago)
Wow Dr.Doug Stamper , Might have been funnier if Kevin Spacey played the doctor .
Mc Poopypants (2 months ago)
hes got his own thing going on right now
Mira Green (2 months ago)
Oh God. I am shocked like that woman did
Aishwarya wali (3 months ago)
I really felt so bad
this is uncomfortable because it is such a fine line especially in this specific situation
Rajul Saxena (3 months ago)
If males are there then it's sexual harassment , and if female doctor is there then he is a lucky patient , Feminism at its best .... Our family run hospital turns away many female patients , if the female doctor is not there .
Rajul Saxena (12 days ago)
+peachie05 every mental patient consider others as sick , go and visit a psychiatrist .
peachie05 (13 days ago)
+Rajul Saxena You're pretty sick.
Rajul Saxena (1 month ago)
+230990401 Every staged feminist video is like this , A reputed doctor treats at least 10 to 100 patients , depending on his speciality , and won't give a damn to the looks of the female patients , if he is looking for male and female patients both , untill it's staged video by feminists to extort money. Besides , in many European clinics the female patient has to be accompanied by male attendants .
Rajul Saxena (1 month ago)
+Ikook Yourhope go to some Dance club espevially in Moscow and have a perfect physique , you will know the truth . In India of course females are so less in number that they only ask for the guy with highest money , really pathetic ugly gold diggers , having no looks and no culture but want the rich man for their stupid family politics .
Rajul Saxena (1 month ago)
+Avantika Roy I feel bad for your father and brother , if you have any , females are gold diggers , and even if a male see there terrible ugly faces , then he is guilty starting from starerape to every other type of allegations .
Sayanti Mazumdar (3 months ago)
In India atleast a male doctor CANNOT examine a female patient without a female attendent present and most importantly he did not even ask for CONSENT. UNBELIEVABLE.
Najima Cool (5 days ago)
super girl I love u
Sonia Das (9 days ago)
+FORTNITE 4 LIFE oooooh that's terrible
FORTNITE 4 LIFE (9 days ago)
Sayanti Mazumdar I heard in india a doctor raped 4 years old girl
Deeqa. A (15 days ago)
Idian is rape country for women duh
Sonia Das (17 days ago)
+Syed Sadaqat Shah most of the rape cases are done by men and sometimes educated men so i think men should change their mindset
Pulkit Dandebaj (3 months ago)
This is not harrassment😠
230990401 (1 month ago)
If this is not harassment, then I’m Brad Pitt.
AnanasNotPineapple (3 months ago)
Something similar happened to me on my vacation in West Germany.... I became sick so I went to the doctor. The doctor very young and seemed nice. After he diagnosed tonsillitis he began touching my chest.... I was wearing a T-shirt and nothing else underneath (because it was a very hot summer) and that’s when I noticed that he was looking at my breasts... there was another guy ( an intern) behind him.. I was focusing on him for split second because I found him very attractive.... That was the moment when the doctor touched my leg and lifted my Shirt without my permission... I quickly pulled my shirt back... He started apologising in German (Verzeihung, es war ein Versehen).... He told me that he was sorry and it was not on purpose but the smirk on his face said something different! I ran out in tears and never spoke to someone about it...
yasmin yasmin (6 days ago)
You should talk to someone, because that is not ok. it's not ok.
S. C. (13 days ago)
+AnanasNotPineapple Only one who is abused can truly understand the pain of the other... Stay strong and ignore the trolls! (whom I highly doubt are sexual abusers as well, cause they are already demonstrating verbal abuse online)
Ana Carolina Bernardes (20 days ago)
+AnanasNotPineapple Dont worry about them. What this doctor did to you it was a crime. You dont have to explain why you were wearing some kind of clothes or not wearing. You did nothing wrong, he did. Wish for you that God completely heal your heart about it. ❤
AnanasNotPineapple (21 days ago)
Ok, for all people who think this is a “made up story”... No, it happened when I was *16 years old* at that time (2 years and 8 months ago) I never spoke about this because I knew that people would judge me based on my age and how I dress but I finally came forward after watching this video. (The interns were fired a year ago after being reported by six different women... it was in the newspaper) My strict parents are from west Africa and very religious, so I thought they’ll blame *me* for this but it actually was the other way around... *Your comments were one of the main reasons why I kept quiet because people always like to judge the victim*
SHUBENDU SHOME (3 months ago)
Someone should slapped the doctor
Shubham Mittal (3 months ago)
??? Fake concept
Laxmi Kanta Pal (3 months ago)
This is not sexual harassment....
Jessie Jones (2 months ago)
It's harassment not assault. Sexual Harassment: Harassment in a workplace, or other professional or social situation, involving the making of unwanted sexual advances or obscene remarks. (which is exactly what happened in the video).
Laxmi Kanta Pal (3 months ago)
Breyanna Gobind Some Bastard will Agree
Breyanna Gobind (3 months ago)
Abria Clark Oh yes... Just some idiots disagree
Abria Clark (3 months ago)
Laxmi Kanta Pal exactly it's SEXUAL ASSAULT
Breyanna Gobind (3 months ago)
Laxmi Kanta Pal Then what is it??
ira narain (3 months ago)
This exact same thing happened to me. So wanna kill myself.
Doc. Face like criminal
Annah HAZEEQ (3 months ago)
Never happened to me.yet
paridhi Sharma (12 days ago)
Koi pucha kya tere se?????
Be Fikre (1 month ago)
Seems like want it to be happen
Kaylin A (2 months ago)
Sameer Rider no we can't be friends beyond YouTube, have a nice day tho :)
Kaylin A (2 months ago)
Sameer Rider lol do I know you?
Kaylin A (2 months ago)
Sameer Rider hi :)
SilverIris (3 months ago)
it wasn't considered harrassment to me until he said "you have a lovely chest" over the line and absolutely unproffesional.
Caitlin S (6 days ago)
Male doctors never do breast exams without a chaperone in the room and patients consent
Byuriii (1 month ago)
no signs of informed consent from the very beginning. harassment is not just physical but it can also be done when you neglect your duties as a professional
Lauren (1 month ago)
He touched her breast they can't do that
ally s (3 months ago)
i couldn’t even get through watching this
marwa hayat (3 months ago)
Better let it checked by female doctor
Faheem Ahmed (13 days ago)
+Mikasa As much as I know about liberals, they care more about women than men. So, I think, western liberals and conservatives, both agree to prioritise women's and children's security.
Faheem Ahmed (13 days ago)
+Mikasa Rape is a crime. Whether or not someone gets pregnant or not, if they say "No", it means "No". I don't think even western people will try to secure themselves first before securing their mother, sister(s), wife, female family members, and children in reality if a war actually breaks out. Off course there are countries which require mandatory enlisting of men and women in their army. But in case of security, women and children are secured first and men are supposed and trained to protect as much as they can.
Faheem Ahmed (13 days ago)
+Mikasa Abortion is difficult and painful for women. No sane woman wants to get pregnant by random men. Nowadays women and some men are more conscious about consent. The society has not changed fully. It's still mostly men, who have had to get enlisted in military for protection of the country and war. Suppose a war breaks out. The enemy is attacking citizens. Will you try to save yourself first or your mom, sister(s), wife, and other female members and children first?
Faheem Ahmed (13 days ago)
+Mikasa I think that only the society is not responsible for the mindsets of men and women regarding sex and touch. Men and women are biologically different. Women have the risk of getting pregnant. Also women have to take care of themselves and children during and after pregnancy. That may be one of many reasons why women don't get threatened easily by women. Also men are biologically built as semen supplier for breeding. Men don't get pregnant by women and are usually physically stronger so that they can engage in battles and protect their offsprings. Women, related to particular men, have had to take care of them. For example, mother, sister, wife, and even female slaves have been physically taking care of men since history of mankind known to us. Therefore most men don't usually get threatened by women.
Faheem Ahmed (1 month ago)
+Foxy Boop Even if the female doctor is a lesbian, I don't think any female patient will mind. I, personally, have never known about any sexual assault by any female doctor.
Salmi Ghazali (3 months ago)
Sinusitis? Seriously.. You checked on her breast! Bad doctors..
Chloe Isabelle (3 months ago)
Umm I don’t see anything wrong with this, got checked like this be a female doctor there’s nothing wrong here, people are just all tight about it because it was a male. Not harassment
Denise. (10 days ago)
Why was he squeezing and rubbing her breast at that very last touch?
Karen Pham (27 days ago)
Are you telling me that you’re okay with having your doctor telling you to bend forward towards his crouch, rest his hands on your inner thighs, telling you that you have a nice chest, and resting his hands on your breast for a very long time? That’s extremely inappropriate. Maybe you should watch the video again and reevaluate what you just said.
Kaylin A (2 months ago)
Chloe Isabelle lol wut I'm losing brain cells, don't compute
Jessie Jones (2 months ago)
It is harassment. Sexual Harassment: Harassment in a workplace, or other professional or social situation, involving the making of unwanted sexual advances or obscene remarks. (which is exactly what happened in the video). She didn't really want it and wasn't asked for consent as well, and you're supposed to have a female nurse/doctor in the room.
Leeuwin Glosz (3 months ago)
In addition to my comments below, I've watched this and re-watched it multiple times. I've break it down and analyse the language used during the conversation, the physical gestures and From a legal perspective, there was no violation of legality. From a medical perspective, there was no malpractice, violation of AMA medical ethics, hippocratic oath or code of conduct for physicians. From a moral perspective, he could have used different adjectives to convey an intent across to the client but instead he used a more personal approach which actually exemplifies the current hippocratic oath in the following clauses (2) and (10) in the portrayed situation. With the displaying circumstances, if the patient declined to be examined further, she could have said "it's okay, i would not like to be physically examined" and the doctor in consultation would have to accept the wishes of the patient, as per legal context.
Leeuwin Glosz (3 months ago)
Actually no, he is not required to have a nurse present as this is a out-patient consultation. Federal laws require a nurse or another adult of the same gender (i.e friend, etc) or parent if under-aged as identified by state law to be present in a ER, Burns Centre or Child consultation. If you're seeing a doctor in a family clinic, outpatient clinic, nurse treatment clinic or even a private home-based treatment facility, the attending doctor isn't required to have another nurse present, unless its medically necessary.
black sparrow (3 months ago)
Leeuwin Glosz Are you freaking serious?? He's definitely supposed to have a nurse present while doing any physical exams which he didn't so it is f-king inappropriate..
Fila Kri (3 months ago)
Theman (4 months ago)
Sexual assault not harassment
Ana Carolina Bernardes (20 days ago)
+Jessie Jones Its assault because he touched her at her private parts(chest). If it were just the leg or shoulder and the words he said it would be harassment.
Theman (2 months ago)
+Jessie Jones no it's assault not harassment
Jessie Jones (2 months ago)
Either way, it's harassment not assault.
Theman (2 months ago)
+Jessie Jones u need to finish it "Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute sexual harassment when this conduct explicitly or implicitly affects an individual's employment, unreasonably interferes with an individual's work performance, or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment."
Jessie Jones (2 months ago)
It's harassment not assault. Sexual Harassment: Harassment in a workplace, or other professional or social situation, involving the making of unwanted sexual advances or obscene remarks. (which is exactly what happened in the video).
JML 481 (4 months ago)
Why didn't she stop him? Why didn't she get up and leave?
peachie05 (13 days ago)
Why are you blaming the victim? She was at a doctor in horrible pain and trying to get a diagnosis.
Mc Poopypants (2 months ago)
people really need a dictionary for words now n days
precious pearl (3 months ago)
JML 481 she is confused
Malik Waris (3 months ago)
JML 481 ..becoz she is modern
Kelly& Selena (6 months ago)
Um why does he need to look inside her mouth? And this is extremely uncomfortable 😣
Leeuwin Glosz (4 months ago)
The patient symptoms are features of rhinosinusitis, due to the described pain below the eyes and near the nasal cavity. Often, the patients would be accompanied with thick nasal mucus and sore throat, secondary to cough. - That explains the examination of the cavity of the mouth and the throat.
Infinity Jacobs (7 months ago)
Dang this is hard to watch.
Danny dragon (7 days ago)
It’s boring as shit watching two old ass person hahaha
edocamoro (1 month ago)
ikr, so boring
ZombieQueen 6161 (2 months ago)
Yeah, it was difficult...
daustin8888 (2 months ago)
I loved it
Baalaaxa (8 months ago)
There is a fine line which some people would consider as harassment and other's wouldn't, and certain sensitivity is required when dealing with a patient. The patient should be able to trust the doctor, which is somewhat authoritative figure. But the important thing here is consent; the doctor should ask patient's permission for any 'invasive' procedures, instead of imposing themselves on the patient. Remember that you can always say 'No' or tell them to stop if you feel violated or uncomfortable. You can ask for another appointment or for another doctor if you prefer.
Betsy Hartman (8 months ago)
I got an unexpected breast exam when I went to get a vaccination for yellow fever once. If a doctor wants to go beyond the scope of the visit, he should suggest another appointment.
Buffy love tyinus (3 months ago)
【Tsundere Toastie/BokuNoArtist】BakaCanDraw it's a trap
Daniel Chishi why would you put your email on the internet?
Leeuwin Glosz (4 months ago)
Who were you referring too? Me or Betsy?
Leeuwin Glosz (4 months ago)
Another appointment could mean life and death, what if you have stage 2 breast cancer and during the visit to the doctors for vasomotor rhinitis with secondary costochondritis, the doctor suspects that you have breast cancer and requested to do a breast examination. As a patient, you decline and request for another appointment, however there isn't another appointment available with your selected doctor till 2 months later. You could die. Betsy, by declining to an examination, you're being extremely irresponsible to not only to yourself but your love ones.
Christina Grisewood (8 months ago)
This happened to me during an insurance check-up. After it was all done and the papers signed, the doctors suddenly said he had to do a breast check. I took him at his word. It was only later that I had doubts about the necessity of the procedure.
230990401 (1 month ago)
General Care Physicians are not allowed to do Mamograms actually, he was supposed to give you a referral to a Mamogram specialist in truth. Only the specialist is supposed to palpate and do a scan of you. Your doctor took advantage. Always ask for a referral, and deny if he wants to “check on his own”, he’s not likely even trained like the Mamogram doctor would be...
The Patriarch (3 months ago)
Rene do you think Obamacare can help?
Rene (3 months ago)
Christina Grisewood you should report him
Shanna McBride (9 months ago)
Poor doctor would have to see another doctor because I would break his shit off so hard. He wouldn’t know what hit him!👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼
Music Is A Rainbow (9 months ago)
Marcos Sousa (9 months ago)
I can see deaths by breast cancer going up after this.
Ana Carolina Bernardes (20 days ago)
+The Patriarch Clean?! Fun?! 😨
Ana Carolina Bernardes (20 days ago)
+Leeuwin Glosz It does matter! What are the laws for ? Just to define stupid rules or to provide safety and a good envirolment for all? I was harrassed by a college colleague, doesnt matter what the laws says, just because it wasnt a teacher doesnt mean I was safe or happy or well. Would you help and deffend people when something is wrong? Because we arent at the court right now, we are here to discuss things that are wrong in the society so that things can be change for better.
Mc Poopypants (2 months ago)
thats not what harassment means
The Patriarch (3 months ago)
Marcos Sousa Sexual Harassment is a form of good, clean fun that causes increased workplace productivity and in some cases rape.
Leeuwin Glosz (3 months ago)
Yes, to see a obgyn, you have to do a preliminary examination by a general practitioner or general medicine doctor.
Chasing Arches (9 months ago)
Ugh the hands on her legs - totally unnecessary.
Gerecht igkeit (27 days ago)
That's very normal, Doctor do that to male and female patients, that they can relax
Christina K (1 month ago)
Chasing Arches I was thinking that the entire time
Wejpasadena (9 months ago)
It seems like all the videos show white men harassing white rumen. Glad to see the entertainment cimmunity’s Commitment to diversity is continuing along as usual.
Mc Poopypants (2 months ago)
Mr I'm Alright (5 months ago)
There's one where the victim isn't white, the one with David Schwimmer
griselda fezullau (8 months ago)
Wejpasadena theres another video with a black politian I think... Check that out... Sexual harrasment doesn' t have to do with skin colour but with the powerful position they're in
Baalaaxa (8 months ago)
@Wejpasadena - Tell me friend, what does the skin color have to do with sexual harassment? If you feel you belong to a group which is not correctly presented here, why don't you make a video where a non-white doctor harasses [insert color here] patient? I guess you can never get it right, because there's always someone who feels like they are being left out.
globalcitizenn (8 months ago)
Well, White men are the most entitled and seem to get away with everything. Even harassing the most powerful group of women.. white.
Heather Daniels (9 months ago)
Oh my, watching Doug Stamper do it makes it more chilling.
Shadow Walker (3 months ago)
Heather Daniels House of cards or 'hospital of cards' 😉

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