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Travel, Trip and Journey: Learn English with Simple English videos - ESL

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The words travel, trip and journey have similar meanings, which can be confusing. In this ESL / EFL video you'll learn their different meanings along with the English grammar information you need to get these English words right. You can see this video with a clickable transcript at our video website: http://www.SimpleEnglishVideos.com Follow us on twitter as @VickiVideos so you don't miss out on future videos and don't forget to subscribe to this YouTube channel.
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Text Comments (75)
Thanks a lot for the video! It’s awesome!
Simple English Videos (1 month ago)
So glad you liked it Yulia.
Uyen Hoang (2 months ago)
thanks a lot
Simple English Videos (2 months ago)
You're very welcome Uyen. :-)
Türkü Ekin (3 months ago)
This channel is amazing! Thanks for this beautiful video <3
Simple English Videos (3 months ago)
Turku Ekin, we're so glad you like our channel. Thank you so much for the kind words and thanks for watching.
Claudio Toffoli (4 months ago)
I have a question for you: Graham Greene wrote a successful novel, ‘Travels with my Aunt’. What if he’d written ‘Trips with my Aunt’ or even ‘Journeys with my Aunt’ instead? Would there be any difference?
Simple English Videos (4 months ago)
Hi Claudio. If he'd written 'trips with my aunt' it would have implied they were shorter and journeys would have implied they were longer. That use of 'travels' in his title is pretty infrequent, but it works well for a book title.
Cau Silvestrini (5 months ago)
Great video! I never knew which word to use when -now I know! 😘
Simple English Videos (5 months ago)
That's great to hear Cau. :-)
Theyoutuberpolyglot (5 months ago)
Vicky does the word trip means slip when this word works as a verb? Stumble or fall over
Simple English Videos (5 months ago)
Yes, it does Jose. Eg. She tripped and fell down the steps.
Dom Dom (6 months ago)
Simple English Videos (6 months ago)
Thanks Dom Dom!
Marco Antonio (7 months ago)
Thank you both one more time,I Learned a little more about that three words: Travel,Trip and Journey, Awesone! Interesting! in Portuguese we have this difference too: " Viajar" " Viagem" and "Jornada". Examples: "Eu viajo todos os dias de ônibus" "Foi uma Viagem cansativa" "Será uma longa Jornada" 😁
Simple English Videos (7 months ago)
So glad this was useful for you Marco. Thanks so much for sharing.
Steffi S (7 months ago)
Oh wow! I knew a few things you've mentioned in your video, but your clear defintions really make the differences between those word much clearer! ♥ Especially the difference between "trip" and "journey" in conversations. Up until now I often seem to have muddled those two up and used them like synonyms!!!! o///o I looove travelling! My next trip will lead me to London and surroundings again for the fifth time already. This city is in my heart. ♥ And even it will be a long journey - someday I'll travel around Japan! *_____*
Simple English Videos (7 months ago)
So glad you liked it Steffi. I think this video had to be a good one for you, because you clearly love travelling.
Melissa Situmorang (8 months ago)
Thank you for this wonderful video. It's helpful. I love the way you teach,make me easy to understand. Thank you.
Simple English Videos (8 months ago)
So glad you like it Melissa. Thanks for writing.
Mohamed Yasin (8 months ago)
Thank you good methods
Simple English Videos (8 months ago)
Mohamed. Thank you for the kind words. We hope our videos help you.
Denis Oliveira (11 months ago)
it was very enlightening, thank you
Simple English Videos (11 months ago)
Thanks Denis!
Chau Randy (1 year ago)
.Thank you so much
Simple English Videos (1 year ago)
You're very welcome Chau. Thanks for watching!
sabra rzz (1 year ago)
That's clear now! Thanks
Simple English Videos (1 year ago)
That's great to hear. Thanks for writing Sabra.
evan boncolmo (1 year ago)
Such a very informative video. Travel. Trip. Journey.
Simple English Videos (1 year ago)
So glad it was useful Evan. Thank you for writing.
Shing H (1 year ago)
Very helpuful and vivid! Thanks!
Simple English Videos (1 year ago)
Delighted you like it Xing
Demir Çelebi (1 year ago)
Well, we can't use travel in singular form because it has a general meaning as a noun, and we can use it in plural although it's an uncountable noun? How is that possible? Can we say "How were your travels? or "Where did you go on your travels" or "How was your business travel?
Simple English Videos (1 year ago)
Hi Demir. Lots of things are possible in English, but not probable. So we could say 'How were you travels?' or 'Where did you go on your travels?' but more common questions would be 'How was your trip?" Or 'What places did you visit?'. 'How was your business travel? wouldn't be grammatical.
Garden Beauty (2 years ago)
I learn some new words from your video clips
Simple English Videos (2 years ago)
That's great to hear Garden Beauty. Thanks for writing.
DIP CAE (2 years ago)
I think the best way to learn english, is spending my time with you. Thank you so much.
Simple English Videos (2 years ago)
I'm so glad they are proving useful Dip Cae. Thank you.
TheVmaya (2 years ago)
Thank you for this great video! I only have a question about the word "travel" as a noun. You say it's normally uncountable. But I have sometimes heard it used in plural. The dictionary I've just looked it up says it's uncountable, too, but gives the case with "somebody's travels" below with the example "I meet all kinds of interesting people on my travels". Can we say that we can use it as countable or in plural only in this case, like in "Gulliver's travels"? And can one say "on my travel" ?
Simple English Videos (2 years ago)
You're very welcome, Glad it was useful.
TheVmaya (2 years ago)
Thanks a lot for your immediate response! It had always been a little bit confusing for me before watching the video and getting your explanation.
Simple English Videos (2 years ago)
Oh great question. Yes there is another use of travel [n] where it is countable that I didn't go into in the video.It refers to time spent travelling, especially in foreign countries. eg. The movie is based on his travels in Asia. 'Where's Mary?' 'She's off on her travels'. Travels is always used in the plural with this meaning so you couldn't say 'his travel in Asia' or 'on her travel'. It must be plural (travels). This countable use of travel as a noun is not as frequent as the uncountable use.
Nguyễn Nguyên Bảo (2 years ago)
I'm really interested in your all videos. Great job! Keep moving!
Simple English Videos (2 years ago)
Thank you so much Nguyen.
Marsie (2 years ago)
Humm..., I think it's still tricky for me with journey and trip —sniffles. So, if I understood it well, journey is about the pleasant/unpleasant of the trip for whatever reason while you were on the train/plane/boat/car, and trip is about "ok, you went there, stayed for a while and came back, so how was that?, what happened, what did you learn/do/achieve/etc?". And, then there's a "journey across the Sahara", for instance —but not a "trip across the Sahara? Could we say "I went on a trip to Sahara"?
Simple English Videos (2 years ago)
Ah so that's why your English is so good! When I worked in Algeria I found some of my best Frencch teachers were a couple of eight year old kids. They had no qualms about correcting me, while adults were often too polite. It's great that you've been a teacher yourself and that you're keeping your English brushed up. (My French is all rusted up.)
Marsie (2 years ago)
Oh, thanks! Yep, I lived for a year in London working as a live-in au pair. Guess what? I learnt a lot from an extraordinary 3yo girl. Yep, amazing. Theoretically, I've got a CAE level, but you know, you forget things and your videos help me a lot to refresh them. Sometimes you're lucky with the exams and things like journey/trip aren't asked. ;-) I taught English in Barcelona, kids level (6-12yo). But now I'm not working as a teacher anymore. Despite that, I always try to refresh my English and learn something new. I don't want to lose what I gained.
Simple English Videos (2 years ago)
Oh Sylvia! Well done reading in English - no wonder your English is so good.
Marsie (2 years ago)
Thanks for your quick response, you're very kind! I think I'll understand it in the end, hahaha! I've just started reading "Strangers on a train" by P. Highsmith. She might use these words. Sometimes you get things some time later, something "clicks" your brain and you understand the trick. Thanks again! Best wishes! Marsie (my real name is Silvia :) Marsie is kind of artistic)
Simple English Videos (2 years ago)
It is tricky with journey and trip, Marsie, because sometimes you can use either. e.g. 'We're driving up to Boston next week end'. 'Really? How long is the trip/journey?' - you could use either there. But you have noted a key of difference here. The trip is the journey to a place and back and all the things that happened when you got there too. We'd be more likely to say 'journey across the Sahara' than 'trip across the Sahara because the distance is so large. And yes, you could say a trip to the Sahara. Rather than crossing it there you'd be starting in another place, visiting it and coming back. Hope that helps! Very warm wishes, Vicki
Hanh Buivan (3 years ago)
sorry, can you give more detail with examples to explain " trip" ," journey" and " travel" please? , i don't understand yet.
Ibrahim Elgayar (3 years ago)
I liked your way of teaching very much, I went through your channel from Rachel English`s channel, but I wish if you could attached English subtitle to your explanation in case of downloading your amazing videos. Great thanks from Egypt.
Simple English Videos (3 years ago)
+Ibrahim Elgayar Hi @Ibrahim. So glad you like the videos. We have been adding closed captions to them all, so I'm not sure what you mean. But do you also know about our website, Ibrahim? It has clickable transcripts.
Igor Navy (3 years ago)
i loved this chanel, im from beazil, thank you people!
Simple English Videos (3 years ago)
+iMACHADO (iSANTOS) So glad you like it. There's lots more to see! Thanks for writing
TALK English Schools (3 years ago)
Well explained - the different meanings of these three similar words.
Simple English Videos (3 years ago)
+TALK School of Languages So glad you like it. Thanks for writing.
João Rodrigues (3 years ago)
I loved this video. Thanks again.
Simple English Videos (3 years ago)
+João Rodrigues Thant's great. Thanks for writing.
katarzyna p (3 years ago)
Your videos are really helpful ! I hope my English will be getting better. :) Have a wonderful day ! :)
peace& love (3 years ago)
you are awesome 💝, thank you so much
Marco A. Belloube Jr. (3 years ago)
As always, you are awesome! Very nice tips!
Simple English Videos (3 years ago)
+Marco A. Belloube Jr. Thanks Marco
Man Nguyen Ngoc (3 years ago)
Thank for your chanel. It makes me happy and satisfying.
Simple English Videos (3 years ago)
+Man Nguyen Ngoc So glad you like it. Thanks for writing.
Saad Altuilaai (3 years ago)
There is another word that I wish you'd covered which is tour.
Simple English Videos (3 years ago)
+Saad Altuilaai 'Tour' can be a verb or a noun. A tour (noun) can be a journey for pleasure in which you visit several different places, or it can be a short trip to a place in order to see it - so you might take customers on a tour of your factory. The verb tour means to visit several places or to be shown round a place. Also musicians might go on tour to play their music in different cities.
Saad Altuilaai (3 years ago)
Perfect! so is a flight one type of travel?
Simple English Videos (3 years ago)
+Saad Altuilaai A flight is a trip or journey by air - so on plane. If we're talking about travelling by plane in a general way, we'd talk about air travel, (e.g. the rising cost of air travel) but if we're talking about a specific trip or journey, we'd say flight (e.g. How was your flight?)
Mollie Tai (3 years ago)
1) I am going to travel to the US next month . 2) That will be my first trip abroad . 3) It is a long journey . 4) Bon Voyage !
Made in Acre (3 years ago)
I got a bit confused because in Portuguese we have just one world (viagem= travel, journey and trip) but I will repeat the video carefully for understand.
Made in Acre (3 years ago)
Teacher let me know if I understood so, journey means the itinerary that you travelled and trip means everything that happened in your course.
Simple English Videos (3 years ago)
+Made in Acre Hi! An itinerary is a plan for a jouney, so it's like a list of all the places you will visit. And yes, a trip is the journey and everything that happened en route - so all the meetings and events that took place as well as the travelling.
Hallison (3 years ago)
I think you should rent a private jet! That mountain is in Rio de Janeiro and it's named Pão de açúcar (Bread of Sugar).
Simple English Videos (3 years ago)
+Hallison Francisco da Silva Oh, well spotted! Yes, it's Sugar Loaf mountain and the beach was Ipanema. Alas we didn't shoot the video there though. We had to use a green screen and shoot in our living room. But one day we'd love to return to Rio.

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