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Why does sleep paralysis feel like a demon molested me? - Epic Science #115

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Have you ever felt the crushing, malevolent presence of a demon in your bed? Good news: It's only sleep paralysis. Bad news: Yes, it can still be terrifying. Subscribe | http://bit.ly/1AWgeM7 Homepage | http://bit.ly/stbym-hsw-home Listen to us | http://bit.ly/stbym-itunes Like us | http://bit.ly/stbym-fb Follow us | http://bit.ly/stbym-twitter Google+ | http://bit.ly/stbym-gplus VIDEOS REFERENCED: Alien Encounters - REAL UFO ABDUCTION Documentary (HD) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lN3A-WxoMrs Awake (Sleep Paralysis Documentary) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axeoTQtawt8 The Connection between Memory and Sleep - Science Nation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObuaXhtKbVY Sleep Paralysis _ Demon KEEP IN MIND THIS IS EXACTLY 100% WHAT I FELT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoJ7M_mV-Zk 12 Terrifying Facts About Sleep Paralysis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvQY3gTxQN4 Sleep Paralysis Documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLp6FGPgCqI
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Text Comments (694)
Adam Meade (17 hours ago)
The assertion that “science” either understands or explains “sleep paralysis” is, at best, misinformed and, at worst, dishonest.
LuisDAS · (3 days ago)
Is there a way to reduce my chances of getting sleep paralysis? Im now getting them daily and im tired of it.
Shilra Viuxuz (14 days ago)
Human science can't explain everything. Sleep paralysis is strange, but I've learned how to deal with it. (I haven't woken up to it in a while, but I've felt it settling in as I try to sleep.. and when I have, I use willpower to make a jolt, and so my body wakes up again). It still feels scary, ominous, but I'm too angry to be scared with a mere paralysis. Paralysis is just being unable to move, not scary at all when I'm lying in my bed.
Daniel Garcia (21 days ago)
Maybe it is demons raping you maybe the creators of this is the end tried telling us something when a demon raped Jonah Hill in his sleep
jayvhon calma (1 month ago)
I have a succubus named Annabelle living with me, but she stopped doing it because I'm her brother now, so I blame her little sister Sasha because I caught her doing it to me
I constantly have sleep paralysis... Even though (I believe in the paranormal , opinions..opinions.) you say a demon didin't MOLEST me... I STILL FEEL LIKE I'VE BEEN RAPED MAN. *Waves 'send help' flag*
cynthia odigha (1 month ago)
It happens to me especially when I'm at work... I say the Blood of Jesus and the pressure becomes more but in few seconds I wake up.
Mrs. Chancellor (1 month ago)
Sleep paralysis my ass... Sex Demons are real!
aSaiyanNamedTomoa (2 months ago)
This guy is dumb dude. I challenge anyone who feels sleep paralysis to call on the name of jesus and see what happens after a few times you do
aSaiyanNamedTomoa (1 month ago)
If so maybe under a different username
aSaiyanNamedTomoa (1 month ago)
I don't believe so dude
r/ woosh (1 month ago)
Didn't you already comment this 3 years ago?
Creeper9013 Good (2 months ago)
Want to avoid getting sleep paralysis? Your information was correct, an actual entity does hold you whilst you're in this state. So what I've discovered. If you sleep whilst facing your right hand side (body and face facing to the right hand side), you won't face sleep paralysis if you do this..
Adamina Veenstra (2 months ago)
The beginning makes me fucking die 😂
Kitty x (2 months ago)
Dude duno what u talking bout 🧛🏻‍♀️ cuz no human or ghost wana hit u
Forry g 5 (3 months ago)
I had a scary experience in my sleep many years ago. I prayed in my head like a little boy & was a able to wake up.
It’s spiritual challenge I been going on for years you got keep sleep in order to think straight
Angela Velasquez (3 months ago)
I swear I be in a deep sleep dreaming of demons then I wake up in can't move
Hangaya (4 months ago)
Keep ur science i will keep my Jesus
Adriana Burns (4 months ago)
It is horrible, it is an insult for anyone to suggest that this dreams are based on fantasy or pleasurable . They are oppressive forced spiritual rapes accompanied by sleep paralysis. I wake up shivering regardless of the weather and I am sure there is a sinister spiritual element to it. I am a very healthy person, I don’t drink, I don’t use any drugs or medicine and the only thing that sometimes helps when I have this nightmare, is to hug my bible, as childlike as it may seems. The memory is very vivid and terrifying the next day .
LaShawna Blanton (4 days ago)
Having my bible in my hand in my bed helps me also.
John Rodney (4 months ago)
savage Rossy (4 months ago)
Why does it sleep with us.?
Myles Lee (5 months ago)
“Why is it that sleep paralysis makes it feel like your molested by a demon” *ali a intro plays*
heaven land garments (5 months ago)
Your an idiot. See you loud and clear
Eseosa Osagiede (5 months ago)
To be carnally minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life and peace, which why you need Jesus Christ
Elizabeth Marks-Graham (5 months ago)
I get messed with and it’s NOT fun and sometimes hurts but I never can see anything doing it though
Elizabeth Marks-Graham (5 months ago)
I don’t usually feel like I’m held down I can ALWAYS control my breathing but I did feel even pressure over my body one time it was like a giant hug and actually was comforting it didn’t affect my breathing I’ve had other “things” happen to during my SP I’ve found that I’m able to whisper even if my voice is paralyzed but it will be EXTREMELY difficult to actually form words
shy kitten (5 months ago)
i always feel the demon touching me down there
Michele Howington (5 months ago)
Science only goes so far then come God. People are being attacked by demons need to seek God.
alvaro alas (5 months ago)
FUCKING YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!
ashes (6 months ago)
Just say JESUS in your heart and it will stop.
Toni Kotinurmi (6 months ago)
I will copy remedy here: add light. Yes, there is some evidence that hearing from sleep paralysis (however you describe it) makes one more suspectible to it. This is why I don't tell friends about sleep paralysis. There is a normal way for me to wake up: I brighten environment. Whether lucid dreaming or sleep paralysis, I go out and make it bright day I tend to wake up. Or I can create (lucid dreaming) and use light switch. I've luckily had sleep paralysis only twice, first time when I finally woke really up (it was repeated; I even went to neighbour's and tried to use his lights since mine did not work-every time I clicked light switch, made a torch etc I found out I was back in bed just "waking up" again and again...) - finally woke up I was so tired and scared worst ever I couldn't sleep for more than thirty hours afterwards. Yes, shadow was keeping me in bed and I had trouble breathing before I again remembered it was sleep and changed it to lucid dreaming, only to wake up again... OUCH.
Alex Mm (6 months ago)
I have a bit of a weird sensation of sleep paralysis. I started trying to be the master of my own dreams a while back and it worked quiet good. I noticed that every time I invaded my subconciusness, everything around me made no sense at all. Distorted imagery and strange events. I only had very limited control over my body and the things I could manipulate. It felt like I had to releaen walking moving my arms an head I felt like a toddler. After a short while everything around me started to vibrate and shatter and my conciusness felt like I was about to die, I can't even describe what horror I felt. No movie could even come up with this and I don't exactly remember except that it was horrifying. I woke up after my consciousness got ripped to pieces, but I wasn't awake. I lay in my bed(I like it really dark when I sleep), I couldn't see one thing but I knew where I was, it felt like I was watching myself from above laying in the bed while some kind of vile creature slowly moved towards me bending over me and staring at me for a minute. I tried to get my eyes moving, my legs to move to no avail and then screemed in a voice that penetrated the very depths of me, "keep OUT!!!!!" and then everything started shaking again, I felt like being pulled back into my body and then I woke up for real. I was sweating like crazy and my heart pumped double as fast. The next night's I couldn't really sleep because I remembered every detail of the most horrofic dream I ever had. But after a while I got curious and found out that my subconciusness tried to get me out of its domain. I figured out how I could induce sleep paralysis and the only way for it to work was when I was determined to get my consciousness into play when I was dreaming. And the second condition was that it only works on short afternoon naps when I try to induce it(it works without any real prerequisites when I go to bed for real but I can't control when it happens) So I started to control always more, like a toddler learning to walk. At first I could walk, at second I could run and at last I could remove the black creature and drastically speed up the time it takes for me to wake up after paralysis. I can make sense of my surroundings now, I just had one of those dreams where I was on a plane with thousands of blocks, each with a set of numbers. There also was a Showmaster who told me that I need to figure those out in order to get my price. At first I was really shocked, who could even remember all those numbers and then it came to me that this is my subconciusness doing. After a while I got thrown out from this dream, it felt like always when I just wake up after a time but I managed to reenter before I woke up, just to see that everything was starting to break apart and at that point I got a real headache and I knew I had to wake up. So i managed to induce a "wake up sequence" but this time it got scarier. While there was no creature around, I was stuck in a wake up loop, I opened my eyes, felt like I have fallen asleep and woke up again and again and again. I wanted to sleep for one hour, I had a clock ringing but I slept 13 mins longer even tho the clock was ringing all the time. I woke up after I managed to move in the paralysis. This was a whole new level of sensation and I remember those numbers I saw perfectly.
autistic tech girl 1990 (6 months ago)
I never get the crushing sensation or feeling that someone is in the room. What I do get is a terrifyingly loud sound that increases in volume and can last up to a few minutes. The way to describe it is sometimes like a hammer banging in an echoey room, and other times like a roaring sound. It can be quite terrifying. But I astral travel a lot and sometimes i lucid dream, so I have to go through this to be able to achieve astral projection or enter a lucid dream. Does anybody else get these terrifying sounds and is it possible to induce sleep paralysis without having to wait through this sound?
Jayla Seymour (6 months ago)
This happened to me once. I've been getting s.p since i was a toddler but this time i know it was a spirit. There was some negative thing in my house that lingered after a negative person moved out. I let him stay at first cuz he wasn't really doing anything but then things got creepy. When I'd trying to sleep at night, the bed would dip next to me as if someone was getting in or things would move on my dresser. So i decided to banish this motherfucker. So i did that and the same night, i got s.p but it felt like someone was fuckin caressing my lady bits! At first i thought it was a sex dream and i was like "cool" but then it started to burn. So i got up when it was over and slept in my living room. Luckily he hasn't bothered me since; im guessing it was a last throw at retaliation.
Gary Simmons (6 months ago)
I believe this is likely a very good scientific analysis of hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations. I had one as I awoke one morning: I felt immobilized, the dream imagery persisted into wakefulness, and I felt like I was vibrating very quickly; however, I did not have the experience of a presence or terror or of being violated sexually. I think this video conflates these hallucinations with sleep paralysis, which is an emotionally traumatizing phenomena--especially the recurring type. The video inferred that a rational mind set insulates the person from the trauma of these experiences. I wish that were true, but I know of no evidence for this assertion. For people with the recurring type there is some psychotherapy that might be helpful. Many cultures employ shaman or faith healers. For one woman in the documentary film "The Nightmare" saying the name "Jesus Christ" ended her recurrent sleep paralysis. She was the only person in the film who found relief. The film is interesting and disturbing. Dr. G
Rob Saw (6 months ago)
This is why you don't watch scary movies
Evenst3vn (6 months ago)
Had my first instance of sleep paralysis recently, didn't see a "demon" but I did see a non-existent big black bruise on my arm while feeling like I was being dragged out of my bed. Pretty sure it happened because I've been short on sleep lately and was trying to nap during the day (which I never do). It was kinda freaky but not traumatizing or w/e.
Koi Fisshh (7 months ago)
Also, ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO HAVE SUCCUBUS/INCUBUS PROBLEMS, holy things don't usually work against the incubus, so don't expect it to go away the first time, now I feel like I'm being drugged ;-; imma sleep now-
Koi Fisshh (7 months ago)
I wasn't even in sleep paralysis, and my body felt really static in my dream, but I can't tell if I was being pleasured or something was just there. I'm scared of my room at night now, especially at 3:00.
I'm constantly touched in my sleep by an entity. It did it this morning to me again. It was female.
Sky Maitreya (7 months ago)
I got raped and tortured by incubus in sleep paralysis for over a year regularly. Most terrifying thing ever. I must be the son of Satan!
KALEIDO jess (8 months ago)
I love science but this is going to be a load of bullshit.
I still can’t figure out whether a succubus comes to me at night or not.
Dazza W (10 months ago)
It is a demon sitting on your chest, call out on the name of Jesus Christ in your mind and it will go away. Men people are so spiritually blind it makes me sad, they just think that only what they can see and hear is real, there is so much out there, humans are so stupid thinking they know it all, you don't, "science" won't save you when you die, only Jesus can save you, he is the Way, the Truth and the Life. People wake up! Search for the TRUTH!
ROHIT sakpal (10 months ago)
Can anyone tell me it's always happens with me so why I hear scary voice , few days ago someone said my name 3 time and someone punch me n grab my legs very tightly n it hurts whenever I wakeup. n I can feel someone​ is sitting on my chest n I always feel like someone is always with me. every time I close my eyes I just see myself hanging in short I always see I'm killing my self
Joaquin Lopez (11 months ago)
Yea I knew I was asleep but in the sleep paralysis episode the following happened; I was sitting on my bed and I went to lay down when suddenly I felt a malevolent force constrict me (like in the Star Wars Last Jedi movie between Snowk and Rey) and I tried to speak and could only hear a malevolent voice. I couldn’t move and I tried to yell out for help and I started praying because I didn’t know what else to do and eventually I woke up and everything was back to normal... it was very scary at the moment. It felt it last for about 5 minutes I would say
Jannie Bush (11 months ago)
Am I weriod I like it
Rain Lithium (11 months ago)
I suffer from sleep paralysis. It’s more off and on, but recently I had a “dream” about sleep paralysis. I wasn’t having R.E.M. sleep because I jerked up out of a dream. I can’t find any helpful information about it.
Love life (1 year ago)
lies lies they are covering up the truth
Dionne Daniels (1 year ago)
I feel physical pain, not just being raped but intense stomach contractions. Feels like I'm being severed in half! I've been stabbed between the ribs, it's horrible. The worst experience was when I felt something probing my intimate area, and it's hard to explain, but as I tried to move, my spirit self sat up. But I couldn't go any further than that, so I had to lie back down into my physical presence. I went into a lucid dream then, but I was aware the whole time that my body was still being molested. I can't believe how weird this sounds, but it's the truth. I believe in God, but I wasn't brought up to believe in demons/entities. I'm reconsidering now.
Eddie Trincas (6 days ago)
Akways happened to me but only when im goin thru pain n depression. Also it has never touched me. Sexually until two weeks ago it hadnt happened in a long time and this time somethin woke me. Up late 4,30am i Normally dont sleep til 5 or later but that night i was sick. And i was sleeping.
Shilra Viuxuz (14 days ago)
Dionne Daniels, I tried inviting it out of free will once. I don't know much, but I felt ecstatic.. until I resisted, then I got to feel pain. Hard to explain how physical it really is.. bit it feels real.
Back in 2007 when I was asleep I felt a presence in my bedroom walking and looking over me even pulling my blankets over me. I was muttering something in my sleep distressed but it seemed the spirit was soothing me. The next day my cat died all of a sudden. To this day I don't know what happened that night. Her name was Cleopatra :'(
Bear-cin-getorix (1 year ago)
I'm not super religious, but I've had this a few times, you drop Jesus in, even if it's all you can do just to whisper his name and *boom* it stops. I'm still agnostic as it could be a remnant of being raised catholic and being taught that making the sign of the cross scatters demons. My grandmother drilled that into me on numerous occasions. Either way, it's a tool in the belt. I think our subconscious construct stitches our past experiences into an archetypal narrative from which it tries to make sense of a physical phenomena. Imagine being a monkey in a tree and waking up to find you are being constricted by a snake. Some reactions are simply nature, reinforced by millennia of genetic experience.
ok, this is epic (1 month ago)
Bear-cin-getorix This is why faith is needed. Even with evidence lack of faith can cause people not believe or to attribute the evidence to something else. You can make an explanation for anything given an imagination.
Zergoth Thrash (1 year ago)
This is an analytical view, but ultimately at the end he says that it's still unknown as to why they occur, or as to why the experience is overwhelmingly negative in presence. You can claim belief systems all you wish..But as a five year old I didn't really have any which is contradictory to his conjecture.
Val Gal (1 year ago)
I was 11 years old when i first had this experience,I called out to Jesus in my mind because i thought if i talked it would shut my mouth so i said it in my mind and it went away.The thing is that sleep paralysis is only scary if you want it to be it is one stage to astral projection.demons come because they take advantage of your ignorance of how to control your self they travel through the door to the physical realm while your mind /subconscious thoughts are dominant.Call out to Jesus in your mind when this happens it will work. the 2 different forces .
nicho las (1 year ago)
my first sleep paralysis was when i was 14 i had had no sexual experience yet a ghost had sex with me ahhaahah explain that, now ive had sex it felt the same!
Occult Priestess (1 year ago)
U are an A-hole for Misinforming People who can Seek help. Science has NO answers, in this domain. Sweet Dreams! #TheNightmareGRL
Trapper The Money (1 year ago)
Never had this in my life how does it happen?
Deepak Ramana (7 months ago)
This happened to me a couple of times. Believe me, this is very creepy stuff.
Deepak Ramana (7 months ago)
Trapper The Money u r lucky
JChills (1 year ago)
Sorry, but this is complete bullshit. I'm a guy and i can assure i don't have any fantasies about being molested or anally raped, but something has repeatedly tried to penetrate me in my recent episodes of sleep paralysis. The more i try to relax and the less i struggle, the worse i get attacked. I have a very analytical mind, and there is absolutely no explanation for my mind creating any of these things i experience.
HowStuffWorks (1 year ago)
Robert went through that line quickly, but he says "fantasies, personal beliefs, and pop culture" -- and we'd add to that list fears, paranoias, and stories you've heard even in passing. So it's not just your fantasies, it's a whole lot of things your brain could be drawing from.
Video Kitten (1 year ago)
It's definitely demonic!
mosquitor !! (1 year ago)
you dont know shiit dude
Ashley Muirhead (1 year ago)
I had today 2 time I woke up at 7am I feel tired so I watch to for half hour then sleep I woke up I can't wake and move and talk or even beather I hate it I had so many times I feel like in heaven and dead but then I screaming I woke up my brother was there ? 😵😵
Zaylan Seals (1 year ago)
I have had sleep paralysis before and I was laying on the bed and since I sleep on my side and my mom has a these weird mirrors around the house and she has on in her room that I was sleeping in and I woke up and looked at the mirror and seen this BIG BLACK SMOKE COVERING YHE ENTIRE ROOM
Melinda Pelham (1 year ago)
So this explains why thousands, maybe even millions of people see the "Old Hag"? I don't think so, your explanation doesn't wash. The scientific community needs to realize there is a spiritual realm and there are actually forces of good and evil. This is why all this happens, not because of some scientific reason. It's really simple actually.
Jacob Willett (1 year ago)
Most of this is BULLSHIT
Morti Vitae (1 year ago)
I had this happen AGAIN last night. This one however, didn't make me feel afraid. I FELT and SAW my blanket being pulled off of me and felt a figure with gentle lips with soft skin harness itself on top of my back (I was sleeping on my stomach). Here is the crazy part of it all, I was on my stomach therefore I couldn't see the figure but that didn't matter. As i closes my eyes and it began to kiss me from my neck to my shoulders (Which tickled a lot!) the being made itself visible through a vision. I could see a large blue/black woman with a white Aura and long..really long flowing hair. I've read stories of people feeling dark and afraid of the creature but for me it was different...i felt 0% fear and while I couldn't speak I did hear slight moaning before finally waking up and rolling over. Once i did that, it was gone. All of this happened within a span of about 7 minutes. It felt like the entire night but when i woke up I checked my phone to find that I had only been asleep for about 10 minutes at the most..crazy but really really cool!!!!
Mary Ann (1 year ago)
why would the brain then hallucination such negative things? Why so people see very similar things? mmmmm
"Science" lol. Sleep paralysis is demon(s) attacking u. Understand that these demons want your bodily fluids to keep u trapped in a cycle of lust. Mainstream science is fake bullshit disgusting propaganda lies. Anything to deny Jesus Christ the truth way and light.
Tilly Molokwane (1 year ago)
Jesus is the way the truth and the light , the fact that this goes away when we call unto his name should give you something to think about , he is the only God no other on his level
RolceM (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/USkQ7oe1pDk I've had sleep paralysis for 15 years and am now completely free from it. Watch my video and you too will be set free.
Redblade (1 year ago)
You say science has the "answer"! What total arrogance, science knows next to nothing in general and at its best it can only make a guess at something and when it realises eventually that guess was wrong - it makes another guess.
Science proves I shit and wipe my ass
Flap flap (1 year ago)
I'm just here imaging my dirty minded friend say that don't sound that bad when I tell her about this
Joshnumba1 (1 year ago)
I always get sleep paralysis but I never see any demons or anything I just lay their and cant move but I feel some force pushing down on me but I just close my eyes and move my toes and I wake up :D try it , it really works also try to tell yourself you know this isn't real
Imm0rtal (1 year ago)
Dang I just hate those night when I wake up and the is a demon molesting me and I can't tell the police because the demon doesn't have a name
Doulla Bill (1 year ago)
did you ever try to run in your dream and you couldn't you were slow it's because your body goes to relax mode so you don't act out your dreams
Doulla Bill (1 year ago)
demon my ass
Museishen (1 year ago)
If you have sleep paralysis just deal with it and know shits about to go down.
Marady Mon (1 year ago)
Cambodians say it's the ghost that pushes or shoves you down.
Skynet T (2 years ago)
I had this sleep prylasis When i was 13 years old , I have same nightmare with sleep prylasis every night dream , I was in the corridor going up the stairs when the automatic light switch goes off pitch black dark, then demons coming from the cellar and they grab me then pull me in to the cellar then i freez sleepprylasis then I wake up in fear , the most frightening is when I wake up , going up or down stairs I feel something is watching and fellowing me à strange frightning feeling , this is really hapend to me
Summer Rain (2 years ago)
I was always told this was poor blood circulation
Atmo5phere (2 years ago)
ummm question what would I do if it happens
Atmo5phere (2 years ago)
ummm ummmmmmm k
Abba Elohi (2 years ago)
pranav pr95 (2 years ago)
I had it yesterday for the first time. It was like some creature is biting all over my body and can't do anything. I've studied about this before, still I freaked out. sometimes I control my dreams horror, erotic whatever it may be. but this is time it's really weird. Fucked up!!
Wong Tong (2 years ago)
This is how I feel when I have sleep paralysis but I can't think or do anything when it's happening like I want to say or think I rebuke you in the name of Jesus but I can't think or say anything all I can do is see things and it's always the same long scary demon thing and usually I can only see its face or its hands I can never see the rest of it
Ryshlova Noodo (2 years ago)
It's demons molesting you. If your fine with that and want it to be just your mind that's your choice. But your still getting violated by demons.
Big Bob (3 months ago)
if you keep finding jizz on your ass, try locking the doors.
Free Speech (6 months ago)
If that's what is happening how do you stop it
Bill Gates (8 months ago)
The demon leaves when you scrunch your face lol cuz I mean who wouldn’t
maybe you were not blaming the victim my bad
you blaming the victim?
riz1738 (2 years ago)
i suffer from this every now and then but its not as often as it once was but can someone answer this for me ok my bed is pushed against the wall and every time i get ready to go to bed and face the wall with my back facing the tv i always feel as if something is getting in the bed with me under the covers and i turn around so fast its really scary i can even feel the bed being sat on behind me and as soon as i turn around fast to see whats going on the feeling is gone and it only happens at night i wanna use my phone to record it but im scared i might see something im not ready for
riz1738 (2 years ago)
PRO satanist thank you my friend.
riz1738 (2 years ago)
PRO satanist but what about the feeling i get when i turn over to sleep and it feel like something sat on my bed right when i feel myself going to sleep but i also suffer from mild anxiety and depression so maybe thats my mind playing tricks on me idk but thanks for the advice ☺
Ricky Chand (2 years ago)
I've been having sleep paralysis now for the last 5 years but I have found a way of controlling it...i can going in and out of sleep paralysis as I wish.
Ricky Chand (2 years ago)
I've been having sleep paralysis now for the last 5 years but I have found a way of controlling it...i can going in and out of sleep paralysis as I wish.
vimy 15 (2 years ago)
lies, lies .. sleep paralysis is a real experience. This guy is trying to rationalize what he can't understand or believe. It is his lack of understanding that keeps him safe from this same experience. Demons exist and those who profess jesus christ can cast these demons away at the mere mention of His name.
Dibya Magar (5 months ago)
vimy 15 You brainwashed fuck
j jones (7 months ago)
He didn't say sleep paralysis wasn't a real. NEXT!!!
Wowka Tarakanow (10 months ago)
vimy 15 thats right. This is why so many people see the same. I have everday the Sleep Paralys and this is not my mind this is real. I can talking with strangers People Demons with realy deep Voices. The say to my. " give me your Soul, why you heat my etc.. " not joke . I have sex with one of this demons. 2 Times one Male Demon rapes me. A feel this.
Jordi L (2 years ago)
I suffer from sleep paralysis myself, the usual EHS, enteties etc... It seems to only happen when I feel lonely. I'm unsure if this has anything to do with it.
Gabe Powers (2 years ago)
Science can't answer this one.
SuperKillerCarter (1 year ago)
It is caused by a dissociation between the thalamus and the cortex. One regulates motor functions and the other regulates consciousness and they should activate together on awakening, but if one activates before the other, it can result in a complete consciousness and awareness of surroundings but an inability to move or speak. http://blogs.plos.org/neuroanthropology/2011/01/27/cortico-thalamic-dissociation-in-sleep-paralysis/
GingeBeatbox (2 years ago)
best way to break free from sleep paralysis is to wiggle your fingers and toes, this will wake your body up faster, whoever is getting it, i hope for the best :)
Zergoth Thrash (1 year ago)
Very true
Riyad Saif (2 years ago)
It is OBVIOUS that this guy have never been through it before! Eaay for u to talk.. But guess what.. Not EVERYTHING can be explained by science. Period. And STFU
Jennifer Davidson (1 year ago)
Shane Leone ...mabey so,but we wouldnt here iif someone we loved wasnt suffering.
Darth Cersei (1 year ago)
Riyad Saif thats exactly what im saying....how do they explain the entity talking to me and trying to put me at ease with it? it wasn't molesting me or sitting on me or anything it just wanted to take take me somewhere.
Shane Leone (2 years ago)
for real... and neither have half the people in this comment section
Fxbian (2 years ago)
I had this weird buzzing thing going through my body and it was this creepy clown screaming in my face 😂
Sand R (2 years ago)
my experience with sleep paralysis , I lucid I hear loud constant beeping noise and shortly afterward sensation of sexual penetration. very scary. I feel fully aware, I can move my fingers, toes, even fighting to open my eyes.
Ryshlova Noodo (2 years ago)
Don't let a demon penetrate you pray to Jesus. They know Jesus is Lord..
Edrummer 13 (2 years ago)
Mine was barny the whole entire time 😂
BlueMoon (2 years ago)
Is this not scary movie related? I ask this because when I was little I use to watch a bunch of scary movies and one night I had an experience kind of like what was explained, but when I stopped watching scary movies nothing like this happened ever again.... so can it be scary movie related in a way?.. Like letting evil stuff into your psyche? ... Just wondering..
caz1128 (2 years ago)
Yeah that's got some to do with it, at least the nightmares part, if you give something the power of scaring you, you can take that power away by facing it
Twinny Ate (2 years ago)
To answer that question of demon molestation, I'd say it's because , that's what happened, boom. We are the smartest living creatures on Earth, yet we listen to people that make Panten Provine and Suave , and although the formulas of both have "improved" over the years, they both still provide the same results, not the promises of the latest advertisements. But because they're "scientifically proven", we ignore the years old commercials, and belive the 2 minute comparison we see in the ad, vs realizing that for the last 30 years, our hair products still provide the same under achieving results! My gut and intellect has got me further than most with diplomas degrees and bachelors and masters, so I tend to lean that direction. Therefore when m y gut is telling me..." I just woke up, and tho I can'T move, or close my eyes to not see this thing that'S in the kitchen, ruffn through my bag of chips, is now on the way to me in my bed, sat doiwn next to me, and suddenly touched my balls with it's ice-cold electric feeling hands, I know it's not an illusion, but exactly what it is... Hard for people that don'T believe in Jesus tho... One day u'll all see, and realized, the world tricked u, ands will continue to do so until Jesus comes back and claims his bride....
Follower Of Christ (2 years ago)
"Why does sleep paralysis feel like a demon molested me?" Because that is exactly what happened. Demons are real. Rebuke them in the name of Yeshua(Jesus), and the experience will stop immediately.
Andrew Randall (2 years ago)
I want to make shit like this for the hood. Is there anyone on here that feels the same way as me please hit me up because unlike Trump thinks the undereducated is not the shit!
kilderok (2 years ago)
Pro tip: Next time you have an episode, DON'T open your eyes even if you can. You'll see shit, and when you see shit, it makes it harder to regain control because you're focusing on the threat in your room rather than working to regain control. I had it almost every night for a while and after a bit, I'd go to sleep expecting another attack, when that attack came, it was easier to realize what it was, and what to do. Keep the eyes closed or the nightmares enter reality. Next, focus on your breathing. You may notice that it feels like you're suffocating: that's because your lungs are on autopilot. Usually when I focused there first, I regained control faster. Wait a minute or two after regaining control before you open your eyes as well...I've had the nightmares follow me into the waking world even after regaining---the amplified emotional state experienced in dreams takes a moment to stop following too. And believe me, it's NO fun to be back in reality...AND THE FIVE FOOT WIDE HUMAN SKULL FLOATING IN YOUR DOORWAY IS STILL THERE FOR SOME REASON.
Clorox bleach 1288 (11 months ago)
V. A. I hope I'm not next cause I didn't get sleep paralysis
Abba Elohi (2 years ago)
Yes! do not open your eyes if you are in sleep paralysis or lucid dreaming. paralysis you will see the floating black image by your bed or you will see yourself sleeping and have this fear come over you. its so hard to wake up or even scream. or if you open your eyes you could see very vivid images (very detailed) and close to your face. a few times i opened my eyes and saw this spider/cockroach looking thing that was a bright color brown (the color even frightened me it was so weird) was crawling on my chest and i could see every detail of it, it was making crackling noises when the legs moved and it had the lumps that roaches have on their stomachs and it was deformed like out of proportion and wet. another time i saw myself sleeping but again i was not proportioned right and my face was all messed up. you will scare yourself really bad. but after saying in my head (because you cant talk your mouth is like locked tight) 'Jesus is Lord' it all passed and i slowly woke up from it. His name is the only thing that helps with the paralysis and sleep hallucinations
GeneraL_LOL (2 years ago)
Christ that is scary
kilderok (2 years ago)
+PRO satanist And your "magical thinking" is stinking up what was SUPPOSED to be a helpful science-based thread until your mumbo-jumbo brigade shat all over it, kiddo. Save that regressive caveman crap for the bong circle. As for your childhood: It is the cement of you now. Psychology 101. Analyze some and figure out where you NOW first began. I guarantee it goes WAY back.
kilderok (2 years ago)
+Shane Leone But...how do you KNOW for SURE that God and Jesus aren't actually just demons in disguise...? :O A smart demon would know that if it presented itself as good and holy, it would garner more followers. (jazz fingers) WhhooOOOooooOOooooOOOooo!
Salem الوحش (2 years ago)
People who fly walk on the water use them but They will be slaved to them and you have to give sacrifice ......
Salem الوحش (2 years ago)
They are tripes they have kings there good normal and bat also with different religion like us also they can share your money your wife your kids also the reason they attack human for three reason 1-love for both gender 2-hate because some times you kill them by mistake like you wash your bathroom with hot water or you or any kind of accident they eat bad food and trash and blood and bones so whenever your are in theses places you mention The the name of gad before you clean or pass by theses places also some times you feel when they pass by you your buddy hair will stand like I don't know how to explain it 3-magic where they used religious books but by Symposium and writing these holy word of the religion in bakoward that way most of people who used magic knows some sentence if you hear bakoward you find out
Salem الوحش (2 years ago)
This is jinni called in Arabic language yathoom it comes to you if you sleep after six without talking shower he try to catch your breath but he is a week he can't kill you sorat alkursi in Quran If this comes to you you have to read it even if you sleep you will wake up and if you read before sleep you will be protected
hunterxbox11 (2 years ago)
why when you call Jesus to help. this goes away, I think it's a spiritual thing
sachin singh (1 month ago)
You can't even scream Jesus out,as your voice is also paralysed,u only moan!
Big Bob (3 months ago)
if you keep finding semen in your ass, try locking the doors.
Matt Chaney (2 years ago)
+hunterxbox11 Its because there are demons in that realm. If it feels demonic or evil, it is. All demons must flee in the name of Jesus Christ. So when you command a demon to leave, which is a God given power, it goes away. Not everytime that I have had sleep paralysis did I feel an evil presence however.

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