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NEW,EPIC 1 HOUR Just for Laughs Gags Epic Collection !! 1 HOUR PART 55

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Funniest Pranks Ever,ENJOY
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tuul jargal (1 day ago)
6: 10
Vicente Rodriguez (10 days ago)
Melody Dennise Allegra (1 month ago)
The last one omg😂😂
Synbad77 Lemarin (1 month ago)
Bonne vidéo. Bravo très. Agréable .thanks 👍😆
Pierre Solema (1 month ago)
17.30 ouah!
Agent007202 (1 month ago)
shiv bharati (1 month ago)
DUYÊN K (1 month ago)
relax everyday, thank you! from vietnames
wagner silva (1 month ago)
Aquela do peido eu ri demais hahaha
Ramon Hipolito (1 month ago)
emila kamoth (2 months ago)
Dog prank is another level 😂 😂
sam zoom (2 months ago)
5:30 49:08 lol
VICENTE Rodriguez (2 months ago)
MAU P (2 months ago)
hello nose hablar ingles :V
yahye abdirashid (2 months ago)
these guys are psychology experts life is short keep laughing and make others lough
كل دى اعلانات ليه الرخامه دى
كل دى اعلانات ليه الرخامه دى
عينى دمعت من الضحك ايه السكر ده ههههههههههههههههههه
rhino power (3 months ago)
The dog prank is so funny
Вика Швиндт (3 months ago)
repus noc (4 months ago)
So funny, the Canadian people is so cool !!! I am in love to the blond woman !!! (Scuse my english, I'm French)
Masud Bd (5 months ago)
Onek sundor bt khub baybohul...thnx
Paul Rushing (5 months ago)
6:10 Absolutely Funny! I laughed so hard I started to hurt!
Guimess Yao (6 months ago)
Good good
marcos beraha (6 months ago)
How many chapters
D C (2 years ago)
only nofake pranks in youtube
rekis lama (2 years ago)
it's really funny
Ross Nahinu (2 years ago)
funny today just are happy
rekis lama (2 years ago)
it's really funny
Dahir Hussein (3 years ago)
very funny
luisa hincapie (3 years ago)
lol is so funny and
Aero Blue (3 years ago)
Trevor Corum (4 years ago)
RAJESH SONU (4 years ago)
SuburbAllied (4 years ago)
17:07 - animalistic fun!
Karla Rodas (4 years ago)
You are so funny AND! I'M IMPRESSED hoy honest, generous and kind people is in Canada. Congrats! :D Keep people laughing. @Just For Laughs Gags 
Dewi Aryani (4 years ago)
my fav funny is in minute 46.00-47.00 HAHAHAHAHAAAHAHA
Jonathan Sandi (4 years ago)
F***ing stupid tags grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Lizette Svensson (4 years ago)
That rabbit part ad the carrots was hilariou! XD  
변리 엘슨 (4 years ago)
act cool lol
George Kochikonas (4 years ago)
of course laghs comes from another mans pain.
chee fattboon (4 years ago)
the.funniest movie I've ever seen
Waldemir Pacheco (4 months ago)
42e56rw 517xj2uk
Karen Trujillo (4 years ago)
Is sooooo funny
Brittany Myers (4 years ago)
Love these look at them everyday
communistjesus (4 years ago)
2:30   I love the JFL GAGS.. However, I hate to see food being wasted.. There are some countries in the world where Cow's heart is eaten,,, Keep the pranks coming.. Just please DO NOT WASTE food... 3:08 Little baby is HECKA OF A PRANKSTER XO)
Nicole D (1 month ago)
@clray123OK we have gone to cow to cannibal.. We are talking about cows not cannibal. Anyway as we are now talking about cannibal to some animals cannibal is their food. Part of their diet, it's just with some cases (like lions, tigers&etc...) they are not surrounded by humans like they are surrounded with the hunts they do hunt to eat. In these situations they don't borther to hunt for human flesh, BUT will eat if they want. Look at it this way we may not be food to us BUT to the animals we are food Wild Polar bears are more likely to eat, or even hunt for human flesh. those that have had lots of contact with humans, will not eat human flesh. If human flesh is not part of any animals diet at all.. they would kill or attack BUT they wouldn't eat at all. Like sharks normally do.... They don't like or eat human flesh, they wouldn't eat it. Only attack... So we are not food to a shark but we are to a wild aggressive polar bear. So cow is a food source to some humans, also to certain other animals.
clray123 (1 month ago)
@N Nicky Just because a cannibal might eat you doesn't mean that you are food.
Nicole D (1 month ago)
@clray123 I don't know what your trying to say but some people eat beef.. Beef is made up of a cow or a bull. Meat is food It's a food source Not being rude in any way so don't be offended but I don't know what your trying to say... Just because you may not eat beef doesn't mean other people don't
clray123 (2 years ago)
cows are not food
Linh Nguyen (4 years ago)
Munish Bembi (4 years ago)
It is discustinnnggggg
Ak Htar (4 years ago)
17:05 was too awesome!
Nam Phương Tẩu (4 years ago)
sình xàm ngồi sọt sây dần son dần pung chao 
Soul0Stealer (4 years ago)
I'm in love with the blonde pranker. Don't know what it is.....her smile maybe.
May Sanchez (4 years ago)
Pranks that actually take creativity and don't try to illicit a violent response from individuals!!! Yes!
Patrick syr (2 months ago)
tamater khan (6 months ago)
thanks a putting a smail on face
Sally Chan (4 years ago)
Doggies <3
Human angel (4 years ago)
Thank you for putting a smile on my face and faces of others.
Maria Diaz (4 years ago)
The girl with black hair is so beautiful...
Davivinc (4 years ago)
I LOVE these videos. I just really wish they used voices instead of music every time :(. 
Mairiahyasha Adolacion (4 years ago)
This for the happy moments to smile:D
Fifa 2014 officiial (4 years ago)
aicha terani (4 years ago)
i love so much it is funny i like the men that was Waring a bra 
Ndeye Pouye (4 years ago)
Trop Dar
ABDULLAHI ALI (4 years ago)
i like Canadian people ,,,, i wish one day i wanna be there  
Adira Kpopers (4 years ago)
NITIN SHARMA (4 years ago)
Haha haha so funy
Heroes Never Die (4 years ago)
dam ppl in canada r so nice even stopping to help a stranger on the side of the road. never saw that in america only in the movies  
K. Mayer Matt (4 years ago)
0:41 it's 100Huf, (Hungarian Forint)
malkalma (1 month ago)
Why they use forints? :D
MrVishnuak1989 (4 years ago)
its cool
pcross84 (4 years ago)
7:36 Some majorly hot dudes in Canada. Whew!
Mohammed okok (4 years ago)
N Sh (4 years ago)
awesome one keep it up.
Aelah enguito (4 years ago)
Yeah funny lol :-P
Philipides (4 years ago)
Ali Kariid (4 years ago)
i love canadian people
Prishay Ash (4 years ago)
Little Boy (2 months ago)
moze sub za sub
Hola soy German (4 years ago)
Mara Producciones (4 years ago)
simplemente un video divertido me alegro el dia xD
Andrew Snyder (4 years ago)
NEW,EPIC 1 HOUR Just for Laughs Gags 2014 Epic Collection !! 1 HOUR PART 55
M J (4 years ago)
Still better than vitalyzdtv or romanatwood for me
Grace Jorolan (4 years ago)
hahaha! so funny... I like the portion with a gun and balloon, their facial expression so so so funny as well 👏
rashid ahmed (4 years ago)
@Grace Jorolan hi
Grace Jorolan (4 years ago)
Orgil Lkha (4 years ago)
Reaz Mohammad (4 years ago)
@Grace Jorolan ok as u wish I just want to be ur frnd
Lock Fire (4 years ago)
14:17 is that Makiplier or just lookalike????!!!!
mijael zamora (4 years ago)
esta buena 
Klaeebe's (4 years ago)
pranktser gets punched doing car crash prank on my channel
AJayAnswersYou (1 month ago)
False. Just checked.
john chonny (4 years ago)
nice twist
Eddy Htamoyesu (4 years ago)
Hahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's really funny!!!!
نبيل شكرى (4 years ago)
iCoteg (4 years ago)
Капец! И сколько-ж этой шняги я сейчас пересмотрел, держась за животик от хохота!  lol советую всем!
Steven Pimentel Vega (4 years ago)
What do yoy say?

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