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The Domestic Abuse In Public! (Social Experiment)

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➤Another NEW Epic Prank: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0EaqGkoL2c&list=UUBNXhAZwxoO02J4kSFxbvjA ➤ Subscribe to me:https://www.youtube.com/TheOckShow ➤ Big Thanks To DennisceeTV Subscribe to them: https://www.youtube.com/TvDennisCee As featured on http://damn.com & http://pranksters.com This video was removed at 6,000,000 Views, so we re-uploaded it. Please Re-share the video or do what ever you guys can too get it out there. We need to spread awareness and the only way to do it is if we all work together. love you all. Huge thanks to Yoying, Check her out below! Follow: https://instagram.com/yyoying/ Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxBdwG5B9L8 Like: http://facebook.com/yoyingy Credits to Ross Bugden for background beat: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQKGLOK2FqmVgVwYferltKQ Instagram: http://instagram.com/moebradberry http://instagram.com/Ethanbradberry Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ethanbradberry https://twitter.com/MoeBradberry Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ethanbradberry For permission to use this video or other Media / Business inquiries/interview request, Email us here: [email protected]
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Text Comments (13945)
Fatima Krubally (4 minutes ago)
I feel sorty for the boys aftee watching this video
Kyle (2 hours ago)
Todays society is way to sexest
Dill Bhandari (3 hours ago)
humanity still exist..😍😍
PenguinGirl (5 hours ago)
I just abused my pizza
Julian Banuelos (16 hours ago)
Fuck females
Karla Hernandez (16 hours ago)
Obviously people would react to a man abusing a woman but wtf?! AT LEAST DO SOMETHING WHEN A WOMAN IS ABUSING A MAN!!! Heck! A fucking ex girlfriend abused and cut her boyfriend's balls off!!!
BUM FUZZLE (17 hours ago)
Why did no one stand up for a male like we have fellings to you don’t have to touch the girl just tell her to stop or something!!!!!!
YouTubeGaming MEEM (17 hours ago)
It’s easy that a lot of people react to male abusing female but the opposite it’s different when female abuse male which is double standard bullshit that society needs to get rid of right away.
Do ge (18 hours ago)
Just because a female hits a male, thats still abuse. People think that males can just defend themselves but they know its not good to hit a female and these people are laughing like its so funny
AMU (18 hours ago)
Over 50% of non-reciprocated domestic violence cases were done by women.
Adrian Rossetti (21 hours ago)
That’s fuck up
WohooLara (1 day ago)
for me the sickest people are the ones who start filming. I don't have any words for this... so sad
Railey Gamer221 (1 day ago)
Equality ..😪
Catastrophic Phycho (1 day ago)
Thats not fair bruh this is not
XGamingCreeperX (1 day ago)
Sexist. They are sexist Edit: I'm a man and I hate that they laugh and smile when a man get abused and when the girl get a abused EVERYONE freaks out. Fucking people these days
Lucifer 8 (1 day ago)
Unequal Treatment 😢 When a male hits a female - EVERYONE freaks out.. I understand that When a female hits a male - EVERYONE smiles and laughs 😢 Not right
Emma Giannaki (1 day ago)
When girls hit boys people think it’s funny that ain’t fair 😕😕
Gellow_06 Gea (1 day ago)
La triste realidad
Michelle Garcia (2 days ago)
I would have stopped her 😫😫😫😱😱😱😱😱
Dragon boy rai (2 days ago)
Peoples are bich
nabiha bakir (2 days ago)
That’s so sad to see what’s happening
Matthew Canning (2 days ago)
Rip men
petra voldanova (2 days ago)
Wow almost everybody where soo kind I where soo surprise ❤️😇
2:10 that guy never see a girl beat boy so he fool
If u do kid the people will be 🤯😡😡
puppy Lazaro (2 days ago)
It's not funny that people care more about girls than boys
God's Kingson (2 days ago)
Mandilon 😂
m ily (2 days ago)
okay but the first one, everyone was like “EYEY EYEYEYEEYEYWYEYWY”
Cheezy (2 days ago)
Joey Pisa (2 days ago)
Feminists are out here complaining about equal rights for women but then when a man is battered and hit nobody cares. So idk what point feminists are arguing because they are clearly uneducated of what happens to men
Trent alex Roy (3 days ago)
Let a girl abuse a man Public will beat the man
Youtube StamZisis (3 days ago)
Its just sad dude...
People have wanted women’s rights for so long and now it’s taken over and there is more women’s rights
Chistian Barkho (3 days ago)
Hoe or man doesn’t matter piece of shits they are both human if a girl abuses a boy they could also get arrested what makes the hoes think they are special and hit boys BLOODY FUCKING HOES
Justin Heredia1234 (3 days ago)
Like if society is sexist
Kaiden Southall (3 days ago)
I know females are more delicut but that's just sexist
Liki (5 days ago)
Sexism and Discrimination
Trap House Forever (5 days ago)
That’s messed up
Apollyon Rev911 (5 days ago)
Woman are the creator's best creation. They should be worshipped and treated like the goddesses that they are😊. Woman>men.
Destro 301 (5 days ago)
Man punches woman: crime Woman punches man: comedy
Hailey Steger (5 days ago)
This is not ok guys think we’re not strong or good enough so what do they do the try to protect us
Jennifer Productions (6 days ago)
When girls say they have rights🙄what about men
Babian (6 days ago)
Prem Prajapat (7 days ago)
Every time mens are not wrong but sometimes womens are also also wrong
Madara Uchiha (8 days ago)
Y not allowed we r like that man who told that man who told that man who told that man .. I ☝random thing
Waheguru kirpa (9 days ago)
If mens and womens are equal then why these people dont react .
Nevaeh J (9 days ago)
Lol the guy at 2:28
General Rex (10 days ago)
They should helph the guy too because we are equal both are same those who wouldn't help my only answer is GOD will take care of them for good
Samim Sultan (11 days ago)
It's true...
Gaming Friends (11 days ago)
So 11 men were abused during this video and one is being abused as you read this
Kick Ass (11 days ago)
This is just my opinion about a female abusing male,cu'z dude,mens can fight by their self, they can fight by themselves dude
Indra Gb (11 days ago)
One way or the other BOYS gets fucked up
john s (12 days ago)
Because men are stronger than women
Facebook Funny (13 days ago)
Boys never hit by bitches dont fuck
Manisha Acharya (14 days ago)
This is very wrong..... Society says male and female should be treated equally but does the opposite.
Vanessa Grabowski (14 days ago)
I cried when nobody helped him
1:29 thoes pepole are like DO YOU NO THE WAEEEE
E Nic (16 days ago)
jaybrenty ***** (17 days ago)
Boys be carful😂 seriously 😐
Pat My Head (18 days ago)
I understand that women are seen weaker than men and therefore are seen as helpless when hit by a man and if a woman hits a man its seen as “nothing” *But its not faire!* both deserve to be equally protected and taken seriously
Tim Partee (19 days ago)
I wanted to see how they would've reacted if the guy would've hit her back
O.G.3 (19 days ago)
This illustrates why more men don't report being abused... look at the reaction of everyone seeing the guy getting abused.. laughter and shooting videos ..
Baby Bunny (19 days ago)
what the fck! nobody cares when a man is being abuse. I hate this!
Spike Gaming (21 days ago)
Stop abusing males.
Wendy Cho (21 days ago)
와... 반응 실화냐 완전 다름...
Itz Nightmaree (22 days ago)
Da f?! Why do they not treat men the same as woman!? It's not fair
sora yi (22 days ago)
한국은 아무도 안도와주고 전부 다리꼬고 핸드폰만보던데.. 심지어 여성혐오까지함. 한녀살려 ㅠㅠ
Timo Mattila (22 days ago)
This is what is wrong with society these days. F feminism.
X7 Soldier (24 days ago)
The reason why people tend to not care to seeing a man getting abused by a woman is that because men are always seen as “tough” and “superior” compared to women
inferno fury 2007 (24 days ago)
Im boy 😤😠
Dumb people: we are made equal Smart people: we are not made equal
Humans Power (26 days ago)
Androcide.... Fuck woman!
Jumnya Kena (26 days ago)
People wants to be hero for girls or women
Vanessa Maloney (27 days ago)
the first guy for the female hitting the male was going WORLDSTARRRR and ngl that fkn sent me.
Lillian Flower feild (28 days ago)
Oh geez
Matchette Lopez (29 days ago)
It's wrong for ANYONE, male or female, to hurt the person they claim to love! If you truly love someone you don't want to cause pain.
TIM T (29 days ago)
He a pussy 🤣
051_ YM (29 days ago)
It’s ok girls to hit boys oh wow
Sheena Ray (1 month ago)
2:02 dude pulls out his phone lol
bad bitch (1 month ago)
Nylah Art Works (1 month ago)
I think it’s wrong either way… But I think more people step up when it’s the girl getting abused because I feel like they think men are more aggressive
Dereck Dintz (1 month ago)
Woulda stood up lika pimp and slapped tha hoe
collin (1 month ago)
OK guys awswer my question what the heck is the difference between a male and female like there both human beings and like is one weaker and one stronger tell you guys
Zzoytherobo (1 month ago)
Zygel Dela vega (1 month ago)
Why does no body cares about men :(
Panda 12 (1 month ago)
That’s messed up bro
Lucas plays_ Yt (1 month ago)
Fatima Majid (1 month ago)
You are right boys need atention too
dao ashtein (1 month ago)
*IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING* Okay so, if I see someone drinking water I have to say something? Like, it's *"fOrBiDdEn"*?
Do ge (17 hours ago)
Dumb asf...
Anya Black (1 month ago)
dude im a female myself and i think this is fucking disgusting. why stand up for a girl but not a guy? like seriously- what the fuck is wrong with people.
js MaSteR (1 month ago)
Vivek Sharma (1 month ago)
Everyone knows that mens are men🤣😂
anneleise Deane (1 month ago)
Chris Hendricks (1 month ago)
this was painful to watch🍊
Berto BF (1 month ago)
Brittney Benavidez (1 month ago)
It’s sad how no stood up for him
Moksha Karidhi (1 month ago)
i cried!!!
Nix Inferno (1 month ago)
Such a shame when nobody did anything for the guy
joel Ross (1 month ago)
dont do that ! dont do that !
Alpha Astronaut (1 month ago)
Human beings are hypocrites!

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