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Top 10 Best of Just For Laughs Gags Compilation 2018 - Funnny Pranks Videos 2018

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Top 10 Best of Just For Laughs Gags Compilation 2018 - Funnny Pranks Videos 2018 😍👉Buy T-Shirt & More Now! https://lifeawesome.net/ 👉 Subscribers : http://bit.ly/2i8rG5J Everyday we publish the videos that focused on delivering the best funny pranks videos of chinese, entertaining fails videos, try not to laugh and more... We hope that these funny vines videos will make your day. Don't forget like, comment and share the best funny fails compilation & best funny vines videos for your family and friends. Love all. 👍 FOLLOW US: ► Google+: https://plus.google.com/+LifeAwesometv ► Facebook: https://facebook.com/lifeawesometv ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/lifeawesometv ► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lifeawesome... ► Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/lifeawesometv/ ► Website: https://lifeawesometv.com *NOTICE: If you have an issue with me posting this song or picture please contact me through email "[email protected]" or the YouTube private messaging system . Once I have received your message and determined you are the proper owner of this content I will have it removed!
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Text Comments (152)
Abderahman Adam (2 hours ago)
Mio beacea cheiar
Naveen Sama (2 days ago)
Nice video
abiy abiy (7 days ago)
Mohamed CHRIHA (8 days ago)
Paintings cats and thoroughly enjoyed
Watcher 101 (12 days ago)
False thumbnail, unsubscribe this channel! 👎
maria claudia (20 days ago)
Hasan Khan (23 days ago)
he is my favourite
Blitz hecker (30 days ago)
Подписчик TV (1 month ago)
МММ юмор 2001 года
Rahul Pandey (1 month ago)
awesome 😎
Patel man (1 month ago)
click bait
Haha the party in toilet😂😂😂
Awesome pranks
I laugh so hard
ShahJahan Khan (1 month ago)
Thumbs down because you cheated with the thumbnail.
범학김 (1 month ago)
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Tugg Speedman (1 month ago)
lutfiah gaming (1 month ago)
So high😘
Jorge Omar Caso (1 month ago)
Lo más !!!
Oliver Raikes (1 month ago)
mishaal saidon (1 month ago)
how many chenge the glass
Myriam Mestre (1 month ago)
Myriam Mestre (1 month ago)
Nadie habla enspañol
Amol Shelke (1 month ago)
I like always this channel ...because this actress are not harm to other peoples...
Nawaz Dad (1 month ago)
No no only for me kis for u
funny xD (1 month ago)
who watching 2018?
Cami J. Green (13 days ago)
I am
Melani Cretot (1 month ago)
No'1 in Biafra land (Igbo)
Zoran Bistričić (1 month ago)
Kavitha R (2 months ago)
Martin Paulus (2 months ago)
I just...I love...😝😜😜
Crisanto Lamonte (2 months ago)
Is so hot
Narendrapotla Babu (2 months ago)
dorcas Acquah (2 months ago)
Amazing people always make me smile thanks in a world full of hard times am able to laugh
คนต่างชาติเขา....มีน้ำใจและไม่ถือ สุดยอดครับ ลงทุนไม่ใช่น้อยแค่ละเคส
Mani Jeghan (2 months ago)
i dont like rubbish
Midosh Brown (2 months ago)
Come on dude what the fuck ,you know people will click because of the sexy thumbnail ,at least show the damn clip 😂 no like for you
Debabrata patra (2 months ago)
good joke
ak sa (3 months ago)
just for lag gai nhin nhin
Mohamad Youssef (3 months ago)
Sandy Gasper (3 months ago)
Ilove this channel.
MIEL AND AUDREY (2 months ago)
share mo lang //
cuthbert ndengu (3 months ago)
luughed my lungs out
Mahkyah Meyer (3 months ago)
How the hell did all those people come out that porta potty or is this a party potty
for kids (3 months ago)
Keyvn Kisses (3 months ago)
Wow? I love to wacth gags
Oliver Raikes (1 month ago)
Muhammad Akram (3 months ago)
These both are genious
Rosalie Rossier (3 months ago)
5:04 You are so sexy Marie♡♡♡
Rosalie Rossier (3 months ago)
5:04 You are so sexy Marie♡♡♡
Dominique Villanueva (3 months ago)
Kollen Migiu (3 months ago)
im in a coffin and laugh kuat
DINESH RAI DINESH RAI (3 months ago)
So nice
K Knigin (3 months ago)
Ну для чего в конце суют эту рекламу?
Karl Weaver (3 months ago)
Daniel DeLuca (3 months ago)
Polygamy. I Sam 1:2
Ahmad Yudi (4 months ago)
sundeep kumar (4 months ago)
Love u canada
julius dogta (4 months ago)
3:11 vip restroom xD
Diego Ruiz (4 months ago)
Ldkffoxls xlsl
Diego Ruiz (4 months ago)
ja ja ja 😂
R. Mcgarritt (4 months ago)
i always love these gags :D
Hyun mi Lee (4 months ago)
Omg I really laugh so hard I like laugh and my face got so red ahahahaha😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😅😅
Din Sharifuddin (4 months ago)
Very funny
Pylan Pylanow (5 months ago)
Lahiru Madushanka (5 months ago)
Make Laughs (5 months ago)
https://youtu.be/ogQt7gzIJWE JUST FOR LAUGH GAGS JUNE 2018 TOP 5
aillanda Magana (5 months ago)
These guys are crazy funny
Mary Rose Moreno (5 months ago)
someone massage me? 😂😝
Mohammed Elashram (2 months ago)
+Ravi Raju hi
Ravi Raju (2 months ago)
livsto (2 months ago)
Mohammed Elashram (3 months ago)
Dance_Gymnastics (5 months ago)
I love it
Karuna Patil (5 months ago)
The girl at 2:28 is looking good
Edwn Isaiah (5 months ago)
and these guys are really funny,,,,LMFAO
Yumlam Minji (5 months ago)
Us men think with our penis lol
☺😚and ☺😘😃🤚👍👎👍💇‍♂️👊
Jon Cabana (5 months ago)
The thumbnail wasn’t shown in the clip... clickbait? Lol 😅
Maji Cyclop (9 days ago)
I believe that. . . Lmao
Nurkholis Ghufron (29 days ago)
The tumbnail is not played here...why
Manjeet Singh (1 month ago)
Thats brazilian.They have most erotic pranks in world😝
phiyên trịnh (6 months ago)
Ha ha
I love so much this chanel make me smile every time 😂thank you so much 😊😘
Justine Dellava (6 months ago)
Rahul S (1 month ago)
Eugine Sapunto (6 months ago)
Saravanan Reshi (6 months ago)
மிக அருமை
Thu Hương Nguyễn (6 months ago)
0:34 she is so beautiful
Cao Duy Phạm (2 months ago)
Thu Hương Nguyễn nice !
NUPS Pillow (6 months ago)
I miss this😍😍😍
sanduni perera (6 months ago)
haha xD
Rhii Khouuu (6 months ago)
If it's me who get pranked, i must be know the face of people who do prank,. The question is why the people in there didn't realize it???
Khadarbasha KB (6 months ago)
I think you guys need to work hard on creativity. It's not funny. When before I am watching your videos it's relaxing my mind but this time 😭😭😭😭
Kyla Reid (3 months ago)
Khadarbasha KB they have creativity. It just doesn't amuse you
Rosemarie Belano (6 months ago)
Its so funny
Steven Hates (7 months ago)
I love the little old fella that turns his hat round backwards to put in work with the massager and the French girl. My man.
Walton Smart tv (7 months ago)
Lhea Jainulla (7 months ago)
ignfan4life (7 months ago)
That girl at 1:20 in the black suit looks like she has skin cancer or something now.
Richat Bangrull (7 months ago)
follow my [email protected]_mandi
Bolton Research (7 months ago)
Best prank show there is on youtube, always a good place to make you smile
Funambulist rich (8 months ago)
this is my new try not to laugh
https://youtu.be/aCzr5qH0LHg Youssef-1- Please listen to the video https://youtu.be/e3OjtzjiRkA Youssef-2-
Toni Massing (9 months ago)
I laugh so hard
Make Laughs (5 months ago)
https://youtu.be/ogQt7gzIJWE JUST FOR LAUGH GAGS JUNE 2018 TOP 5
MUHAMMAD JAHANGIR (5 months ago)
Toni Massing the
INDIAN ARMY (9 months ago)
😂 😂
MaEen WaKee (9 months ago)
Arjun Padmanabhan (7 months ago)
MaEen WaKee
Godwin Ogabo (9 months ago)
The kissing though 😂
LKP LLC (9 months ago)
2:45 cool uncle 😂😂😎

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