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Fashion TV Black Sea Model Awards 2014

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Copyright Fashion TV MAMAIA - Millions tuned in to FashionTV to watch the FTV Black Sea Model Awards live from Mamaia! The fourth edition of the FashionTV Black Sea Model Awards was the most fashionable event of the summer. On FashionTV's biggest stage, in Casino Square Mamaia, 21 beautiful young models competed for first place in the most important international modeling competition in Eastern Europe. The awards presented the contestants with the chance of participating at FashionTV's most exclusive and coveted events all over the world. Thousands of fans turned up at the Square to see the show, hosted by special guest Ania J, the official FashionTV MC. Guest appearances included the Mayor of Constanta, Radu Mazare who conveyed thanks on stage to the FashionTV founder and President, Michel Adam, for his great support in promoting Romanian tourism. The grand event ended with the biggest FashionTV party of the year, with more than 20,000 people in attendance at Mamaia Casino Square. The FashionTV Black Sea Model Awards 2014 winners are: FashionTV Black Sea Model 2014 - Xenia Gavrilov FTV Tourism Model - Diana Serban FashionTV Star - Catalina Pinzaru F Catwalk Model - Andrada Bara F Photomodel - Anastasia Dumbraveanu Fashion Luxury Spring Water Model - Bianca Balla Fashion Champagne - Amalia Santa F 88 Energy Drink Model - Teodora Lazar F 18 Acai Drink Model - Cristina Gruia F Vodka Model - Doina Paraschiv FTV Actress - Marina Raneta FTV Popularity Model - Andreea Bica
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