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Teen Falls Asleep In Mom's Car And No One Can Wake Her Up

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More from Inside Edition: https://www.youtube.com/user/cbstvdinsideedition?sub_confirmation=1 A teenager was truly a sleeping beauty after nothing could rouse her as she dozed off in her mom's car. It started when Alicia Johnson and her 13-year-old daughter, Savannah, drove to Walmart. Mom left her daughter in the car with the keys so she could listen to the new Ed Sheeran album, Divide. When mom came back she found her daughter out like a light with the door locked. She tried everything from knocking on the window to getting people to blare car horns, and even called police.
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Text Comments (7255)
Liam Squire (24 minutes ago)
I think she took a drink from Cardi b 😂
Matthew Hotchkin (10 hours ago)
Out like a light
Alicia Lopez (11 hours ago)
“Out like a light”
Kamaine Gamer (13 hours ago)
*Lip smack*
ツyuk (14 hours ago)
Out like a light 😂🤣😂🤣😂
toiletpaper 73 (14 hours ago)
Lesha J. (14 hours ago)
That out like a light reference
Why would the mom post this Id be so embarrassed if this was me
Jose Landaverde (1 day ago)
Soooo fake
Top 6 (1 day ago)
If there's a planet of just women this would be daily news. Also the girl seems semi retarded.
Kaedell Middleton (2 days ago)
Did u guys know u did not blurr her license plate
Dragonslayer Music (2 days ago)
I actually thought she died...
Ashley Bennett (2 days ago)
I’m in my moms car, vroom vroom
I laughed so hard😂😂😂
Caleb Larsen (3 days ago)
This wouldn't of happened if she drove a ford/lincoln because that those cars have keypads on the outside
John N (3 days ago)
0:38 😂 Had me out like a light, like a light Like a light, like a light Like a light (yeah), like a light Like a light
Thoriso Molefe (4 days ago)
This happened to me too, its called sleep deprivation common among college students then you sleep like a rock as soon as you get comfortable🙄 not news worthy, click bait
Savi: *what happened??*
I smoke carrots (5 days ago)
Legend has it she went to sleep again later that same week and never woke up again
A profile picture (5 days ago)
I would slam my whole body against the window instead of recording tf.
Constant Anxiety (6 days ago)
Me af
VodoTheGuru (7 days ago)
Let’s waste the resources of our police with this “emergency” because you know there’s no such thing as a locksmith. She probably didn’t want to pay.
Voltronatic 345 (7 days ago)
She looked like she was hibernating
Jane Griffiths (8 days ago)
I thought she was dead
El Sancho (9 days ago)
This happend to me but I was wasted hahah
Yenthi B (9 days ago)
Omg she’s 13 she looks 16
Cee Cee B. (10 days ago)
Savannah was bushed!!!
lilhomie himself (10 days ago)
Reporter: Shes a true sleeping beauty Me: Wait thats illegal
Pki (10 days ago)
Oh she’s 13?!!!! We need to come back later
Logan Brasfield (10 days ago)
0:39, it’s not a fight 767: who knows what I’m talking about
Life as Ness (10 days ago)
Two words: Big Mood
Chau Phuong (11 days ago)
I thought she was dying
Sunflower (11 days ago)
She had to pop a bean or sum 🤣
Charles Richards (11 days ago)
She passed out 😵
At first when I read the title I thought *SHES DEAD OMG!* nobody just me.... Okay😶
DJ_Fishtail (11 days ago)
"Oh my gosh she's killing me. I'm dying." No, *she's* dying. They have a thing they call people who don't wake up you know. It's called "dead".
Evangeline Hatcher (12 days ago)
When you stay up for a long time...
Desirous Iris (12 days ago)
This is fake she woke up so fast and happy lif wtf
tHe sMoL dOrItO (12 days ago)
Maybe you should delete her wifi
Jelly & KooL Tv (13 days ago)
Me on half a xan bar😂
Colton Watts (13 days ago)
That sound like the girl that had a kid at fifteen
Wow I Grab a Loud Horn And Scream In Ear WAKE THE FLOP UP CHILD
I'm Trent (14 days ago)
why call the cops call some else that knows how to do this like a locksmith
I'm Trent (14 days ago)
0:35 with the keys but the keys in here hand ?????????????????
Happy Jake (14 days ago)
That happened to me to 😹
Leo Fernandez (14 days ago)
Savanna didn't look surprised or sleepy , FAKE
JGC JAKE (15 days ago)
and that’s why kid you don’t stay up all night watching Kim Kardashian’s
Skylar Willow (15 days ago)
This is so funny
Morteza Hoseini (16 days ago)
She did have a xan, 30 minutes till she wakes back up So fake
Fatai Vaka (16 days ago)
That's so embarrassing
Sophie Yu (16 days ago)
Dang my mom woulda killed me
THE_FAKEST_PAT_MC_ (16 days ago)
| | V
Julia :P (16 days ago)
Ok so she didn't wake up to ANYTHING but when they open up the door BOOM she's awake, I say she was trolling
Gabriela Trejo (16 days ago)
Just call her.
PINK CIRCLE (16 days ago)
Have you tried knocking the window?
Zoie Elise Nugas (17 days ago)
Shes like drunk
OhKinkyKangster 1261 (17 days ago)
Saad Babur (17 days ago)
Next topic:a child takes a breath,
Laird Polkinghorne (18 days ago)
She is so cringe at the end
Nadia Tristian (18 days ago)
0:39 so this is where drake get his inspiration
Ava berk (18 days ago)
Is she dead
Reinhart Tanubrata (19 days ago)
I did that tooooo.....
my you (20 days ago)
I think she didn't fake it.. I also had been in her shoes.. I'm so tired after school and my mom was buying some food for me.. And I fall asleep.. I made her to wait at outside for 3 hours.. It happen twice.. And my mom won't do it again with me.. But she didn't call the police..
GeLa (20 days ago)
jorge belmonte (20 days ago)
positive kaitlyn (20 days ago)
Plot twist: *this was a prank, she was faking it* 😮
Mary D. (20 days ago)
She was out like a light aye like a light aye xd
blue flame (20 days ago)
OmG SHe iS a TruE SleePIng BEAuTy
Salvador Hernandez (21 days ago)
Trash Bag570 (21 days ago)
All cuz of music guys
Estrella Autumn (21 days ago)
She was pranking her mom 😂
Ginnia Liu (22 days ago)
So she didn’t wake up from knocking and honking but she wakes up when they door opens
hihio zabimaru (22 days ago)
omg this happened to me my mum was out of the car buying something i locked the door and fell asleep my dad had to come and get like an extra key or something then after that i woke up and my mum told me everything i was in shock on how tired i was XD
Luigio 64 (22 days ago)
It called being dead
Active.james (22 days ago)
This is so real and not fake
She did half a xan 13 hours till she wake Had her out like a light yeah
What is wrong with this girl😂😂😂😂
Kevin Bulloch has (22 days ago)
QwakeyQwak (22 days ago)
*only at walmart*
Shaniya Owens (23 days ago)
“Out like a light.” I was dead😂💀
Lyric //Phoenix (23 days ago)
Man this to fake she popped up quit when the door opened 1:07 talking bout idk wat happened
AJ videos (23 days ago)
You see weird things at Walmart
Ellie Burrough (23 days ago)
As soon as the police come in she wakes up FAKE
T B (24 days ago)
Is it not concerning to them?!?? That maybe she’s having a medical emergency lol
Kennedy Ford (24 days ago)
Mom : Time to get up for school Me :
G -DRAGON (24 days ago)
Adan Figueroa k. (26 days ago)
Does it again the next morning.
Vertix Stormz (26 days ago)
How tf did she fall asleep
All Kpop Is Life (26 days ago)
Yesss. I want that dream right there. She must've had an awesome dream for no one to be able to wake her up.
Miguel 8293 (26 days ago)
@1:18 did I pass out 😐
Dancemoms FANtastic (26 days ago)
That’s so fake
NInjafrank 46 (28 days ago)
Natasha Powell (29 days ago)
This seems to fake
Aishling Wall (29 days ago)
Gosh if she was my daughter and it happened I'd probably collapse with worry
She's dead RIP
WaffleKing 69 (29 days ago)
Hers the mother frecken tea
evanpetersz (29 days ago)
why did she lock the door-
Golden Funmaker (29 days ago)
Same, this happened to me, I am a heavy sleeper so my dad had to open the door with screwdrivers according to dad
Mynnt초코 (1 month ago)
Omg that fat ass

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