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LADY SWIM by YOGII Los Angeles Swimweek 2016 Fashion Channel

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Text Comments (2557)
Yakoema (23 hours ago)
They are all awesome
Numinous123 (1 day ago)
The one at 2:48 has the nicest behind I've seen in a long time. The one at 4:26 has the nicest EVERYTHING I've seen in a long time. They're all beautiful, but those two are my personal favorites.
Donald Trump (1 day ago)
Too thick
Mostuse (1 day ago)
The fall of mankind.
Achraf Karabila (2 days ago)
This is why i date black women
D-MAC (2 days ago)
Again !!!!!! Again!!!!!!
Michael CROWLEY (2 days ago)
Number 2.....aaaaaaaaah
985Boe Jizzle (3 days ago)
Clawwwwd have mercy the lord is my shepherd he knows what I want
keiser sose (3 days ago)
Haha Friday.
Alonso V. (3 days ago)
2:54 OMG, jesus, buda, mahoma! :) :/ :) :/ :-!
M Davis (4 days ago)
Watching these beautiful black queens about to give me a stroke.
Shaun Tung (4 days ago)
I almost nut
ivanus Ewandus (4 days ago)
love 19 (5 days ago)
African girls used to not wear clothes back home in the jungle.....
Ebony Queen (5 days ago)
Yes black power,. Luv it!! 😎😎🤣🤣😄😄
Ebony Queen (5 days ago)
Many flavors!... Proud to be black
Henri Nevermind (5 days ago)
B♡♡TIFULL display of feminine PERFECTION!
Lisa lisa (6 days ago)
Why did the producer swish her hair. What is up with black women and their hair? Beautiful models. Did I see a black power salute? Ladies was that necessary? The swimsuit catwalk was supposed to be about swim suits and beauty. Politics are in another venue. Keep it professional.
Dwight Edwards (5 days ago)
Lol that's what I was saying I was admiring the ladies then all of a sudden I see a black power salute and now I'm thinking about racism and oppression. Confusion. 🤔
Ariha Ali (6 days ago)
At what are they looking?
Rebel 00 (6 days ago)
MUahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Clyde Andrews (6 days ago)
Very nice
Walid Alfares (6 days ago)
Atum 777 (6 days ago)
I'm back wow!! I love sista's
Jay Comber (7 days ago)
Most black chicks I see don't look like this they are usuallyout of shape
paksau1 (8 days ago)
The the thumbs down are guys that actually wanted to see the swimsuits...🙄
Joseph Payne (7 days ago)
They're gay
shizukagozen777 (8 days ago)
Great. But they should learn how to walk though.
Art Dfgg (8 days ago)
سلام عليكم انا رجل ابحت عن زوج من بنت حلال انا جاد في كلمي انا صحون بزاف 0657708794 وتكون متحريرا جنسين انا أتحدث بجد 💍
Goose Da Playmaker (8 days ago)
4:02 Okay, she can’t walk a runway to save her life, but that @$$ is in three-friggin-dimensions...😳
keyser Söze (8 days ago)
I don't care what anyone says... ...there is NOTHING sweeter then chocolate.
Atum 777 (6 days ago)
Smiles all day
beauty observer (8 days ago)
Black race is 90 percent ugly. Black race themselves want to change their complexion to medium tan and medium fair . They themselves don't like their very huge features big nose , very rubbery lips, very bad wooly hairs and too black complexion. Mickeal jackson don't like his appearance thats why he did plastic surgery . This is a reality but every race has a respect.
Adão Paulo dias Dias (9 days ago)
Chow modelos negras lindas parabéns
Kharkov Lawyer (9 days ago)
Ck Dragonborn (9 days ago)
SAMI ben (9 days ago)
Wow unbelievable how is beautiful body very very sexy
Robert Lizak (10 days ago)
Why raised fists?
GIOVANNI MINO (10 days ago)
omg perfection
Divine Sevn (10 days ago)
All of them were marvelous !! .. but that fourth model thooo was oooweee !! She walk like she was created from the Amazon forest 🌺😍💕
Eric Thurman (11 days ago)
thank you LORD
Eric Muhammad (11 days ago)
I don't mean no disrespect to the sisters but some of these sisters make a brother want to taste a lil something something.
Eric Muhammad (10 days ago)
I would consider myself lucky just to have just one of them.
Bodiene 32 (11 days ago)
OMG😍😍😍😍 Black is Beautiful!!
firefly jones (11 days ago)
Sistas,good job. Deuces.
Hutchy 4dogs (11 days ago)
Yes please!
Ronnie Cool (11 days ago)
Dats what I'm talking bout..BLACK POWER!
Gary Evans (11 days ago)
I just can not say enough about black women. these black women are just too beautiful and too gorgeous. they are so sexy and so fine and so 🔥. those beautiful black women are delicious chocolate cakes and delicious hot chocolate and sweet brown sugar and cinnamon and caramel. those beautiful black women are sweet nectar and delicious ambrosia.
Gary Evans (11 days ago)
I love you all sisters with all of my ♥. keep smiling and always be happy to be black because black is beautiful and gorgeous. I know that I am very happy to be a black man. Black Women Rules
Justin Morrow (12 days ago)
Wow, beautiful woman
ATLballer (12 days ago)
My teeth hurt looking at all that chocolate
True hebrew Lambswool (13 days ago)
Skin tones are on fire tonight.. chocolate sweet sweet chocolate..
django schultz (13 days ago)
I’m so happy to be heterosexual. Men love women ❤️❤️❤️
Gerard Tacaille (13 days ago)
Très,très belles femmes  ces "Black women",les plus belles au monde...
Oscar Galaviz (13 days ago)
La. 1. .y.. la. 4 . Super. .. hermosas. Damas . ....amores. mios
Mohammed Mills (13 days ago)
Black is beautiful
doc nine (13 days ago)
Nice and Thick 👏
Nwez Moho (13 days ago)
هاذا استعراض هههههههههههههه
Dale Alexander (13 days ago)
Liked all of them. But like natural hair of black women. Not that thing that look like baby doll hair some were wearing.
Cynthia Chanel (13 days ago)
Love you black babies from my Africa. God bless you all 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷
Charlene Vance (13 days ago)
These women look amazing. Yasss. Killing it
Gary Evans (13 days ago)
Black women is just like Coca Cola. They are delicious and refreshing and always the real thing
Gary Evans (13 days ago)
I want to place the golden crown on top of all their heads because they all are too beautiful. Black is always beautiful and gorgeous
Gary Evans (13 days ago)
I didn't mean to get all carried away, but, that's just the way I feel about my race of women. That is what black women mean to me
Gary Evans (13 days ago)
Inspite of all the stupid racial problems that we have endured, I want the black woman to be the most beautiful, the most gorgeous, the sexiest, the most attractive, and, the hottest woman in the whole wide world and in the universe. and, the black woman is the most beautiful woman in the world. The black woman is the 👑 of the universe. Black women forever!
Gary Evans (13 days ago)
I love you L.A L.A have very beautiful women especially, beautiful black women. Hurray for Hollywood
Gary Evans (13 days ago)
These beautiful black women are the very best. They are number 1
Gary Evans (13 days ago)
I love you all so much
Gary Evans (13 days ago)
They all are my wives
Gary Evans (13 days ago)
I want to marry all of those beautiful black women
Gary Evans (13 days ago)
Please! Please! bring it to me
Gary Evans (13 days ago)
I love black women. These black women are delicious chocolate cakes and delicious chocolate pudding. Please! Give me all of that chocolate cake and chocolate pudding
NovaDoll (13 days ago)
I can’t even watch because the music is so bad. 😓😖😫😩
Eugene Dawson (13 days ago)
Sheeeesh. My suggestions is popping today. Good cooga mooga.
Mark Porter (13 days ago)
My goooood These girls mashing up ma head
Mark Porter (13 days ago)
The black woman is the mother of all she can bring every race
Ragingbull340 (14 days ago)
Trannies in the mix!
pilirani kaiche (14 days ago)
When white women are insecure of black women they flick thier hair to them , these are fine black women !
hybridwoman (14 days ago)
Strut ur stuff my sister's. And it's all natural.
Only1 True (14 days ago)
Omg 😮 wow 😍🤤
apollo mack (14 days ago)
Now thats all natural real chocolate beauties period😍😘👍🏿👍🏿
Carlo Jean (14 days ago)
Very nice
Kastro Fidel (14 days ago)
Shaundell Middleton (14 days ago)
How can you not find black woman sexy. Lawd have mercy.
Sub Zero (11 days ago)
Who doesn't find black women sexy? The white slave masters were banging the hell out of em!!!
Mike Hayes (14 days ago)
OBrian Ramgeet (14 days ago)
Mack Billionz (15 days ago)
That's rite my sisters show my brothers how ur gonna walk that fine azz into that court room and take they weak azz for everything they got you fine mfs
Ikki Itsuki (15 days ago)
Damn thats hot
Kern Castro (15 days ago)
I love my ebony women💯😍🍫🍪🍯🍩☕️
Noel Gilet Jaune (9 days ago)
can u share
Gary Evans (13 days ago)
and so do I. I love those beautiful black women too much
Jackie Thompson (15 days ago)
Please give our Queens ASO, Blessings
Corey Woods (15 days ago)
Yes lord! I thank you for making me a Man.
Na Bi (15 days ago)
God greatest creation was a BLACK WOMEN
James Dubose (2 days ago)
+juantubey SMH, I can't appreciate my black woman without you bringing up white folks. I'm sure there's plenty of YouTube videos you can go give time too that..
juantubey (2 days ago)
+Na Bi But they do... we just tend to elevate our black beauties more(besides this is a bikini show). I see white women with all of that except the awesome skin colour.
Na Bi (2 days ago)
+juantubey most of them are not jus my opinion... and I said he greatest creation... white women dont have the style, sex appeal,grace,elegance, and jus natural beauty to pull off a runway show like tht
juantubey (2 days ago)
Don't make it like there aren't beautiful white women... am not white btw.
James Dubose (4 days ago)
I'm thinking this what heaven looks like.
Cindy Morre (15 days ago)
Emeka Adibe (15 days ago)
Black skin looks so damn good!
Mr Murdock2u (15 days ago)
why would I want a white girl
Steve S (15 days ago)
Black powet
Daniel Souza (15 days ago)
Top esse desfile
dunji saint (15 days ago)
God will not be angry if I marry all this lady's at once,if these is a sin I love it.
Ankal Dally (15 days ago)
People of today are people of the past got back to infidelity
Low Tech (15 days ago)
This was recommended by YouTube for me to view.....Thank you Youtube. Thanks to your recommendation my right palm needs a shave.
Ploh Soe (15 days ago)
I thought this is in Africa. After this hopefully they stop crying
Nyemah Marxx (15 days ago)
Incredible .. women thank you mom for birthing me .. extraordinary women
Gone with the Wind (15 days ago)
Lost my V to a black girl in high school should have married her.. she is a true Queen white girls have let me down
C 1994 (15 days ago)
Finally some big booty models not like the anorexic girls from paris
gravy boat (15 days ago)
3rd from last with the Cape over her right shoulder !!!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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