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Just For Laughs Gags Ultra Best Of Video

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burliansyah polantaza (21 hours ago)
im so happy i like the sharks
Suzy Bae (1 day ago)
super star (2 days ago)
Aquino Gromontil (2 days ago)
Hahaha very nice gags!:)
novela kristiani (4 days ago)
Zhang Bao (5 days ago)
5:20 i think that needs a lot of Practice before hand, like to sync body and talking omg praise that lady
Zhang Bao (5 days ago)
28:05 that lady behind is scared
Steven Walls (5 days ago)
Man this is some funny shit this needs to come on once a week on YouTube
Zer0P (7 days ago)
gone wrong
Nik Hil (7 days ago)
Love it
John Loudrick (7 days ago)
Wow! It's really funny ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Novi dwi santoso (7 days ago)
Hhhhhh enjoy from indonesia
Sabah Noor (7 days ago)
11:30 omg hahahahahha😂😂😂😂
Ellen Tani (8 days ago)
Murag spider ahahaha
Ellen Tani (8 days ago)
Old navy ahahaha
Alexander van Wyk (9 days ago)
Thanks. You are too much. Priceless
Alex Jojo (9 days ago)
from timor leste
jake (11 days ago)
50:39 why did they pranked their own member ? haha
gonzalo arevalo (12 days ago)
Anita Baby (12 days ago)
So funny
Tsvetina Tsvetanova (13 days ago)
<3 :-))
Mustafa Alduraib (13 days ago)
Opaw Wan (14 days ago)
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angela quin (14 days ago)
Adalberto Javier (14 days ago)
spitting on the glass of wine...made my day
Syamsul Jafar (15 days ago)
Di indonesia menit 14.50 pasti disebutnya PKI
Dario Juric (15 days ago)
When pranks were actually funny.
melinda camillo (16 days ago)
Laugh too much nice video
Paseka Mdleje (16 days ago)
nice jokes
Ethan Isberto (16 days ago)
Jose brasil_2018 (17 days ago)
12:16 hahahahahahaha
KOOL KING (17 days ago)
jammin jimmy (17 days ago)
The ginnie pig farting bit made me laugh til I had tears.... VERY GOOD STUFF!!!
Ayu Santika1403 (17 days ago)
Hahaha really funny... 😂😂😂
Derek Thompson (18 days ago)
*Not impressed with canned laughter*
Thai B (18 days ago)
asshole canadians
Noel Quilit (18 days ago)
stephanithefox3: eh what is that mean?
Yassine Gharbi (18 days ago)
the kids flirts one are very funny :D
KnoT Project (19 days ago)
15:32 there is PKI's Logo ... if that thing in Indonesia I think i will make a trouble...
Rochelle Whitney (19 days ago)
bornBefore BigBang (19 days ago)
when this show produced?
Flick.r (19 days ago)
2019? 41:11 yum😘😂
Filip Milunovic (17 days ago)
Flick.r i love je videos
Jeremiah Gakuru (19 days ago)
Good times
Drago Puljanovic (19 days ago)
29:14 is that kofi kingston?
Drago Puljanovic (15 days ago)
he looks like him
Drago Puljanovic (15 days ago)
im fan of WWF/WWE/WCW/ECW
PS4: THE PRO GAMERZ (15 days ago)
nsr abo ali (19 days ago)
v.very nice,thanks all,best of just for laughs
IAN JOHN MARKEY (20 days ago)
Just fantastic love it
Gonzalo Paclita (20 days ago)
Hahaha h
Joyce Bontile (21 days ago)
I almost died laughing!! 😂😂😂
ItsQT Salma (21 days ago)
How come everyone has flip phones like when was this recorded?
GLENN18GT GLENN (21 days ago)
Ahanahahhhahah sofanny fuc u
Gerardo Correa (21 days ago)
What country are the jokes?
Lucian Rasmerita (21 days ago)
Timothy Cabotaje (22 days ago)
Cebu City Sharks
Ahad Pomel (22 days ago)
I like most very good.
geolem (22 days ago)
#1Child of God (22 days ago)
The best and original prankster ever
Shakira Ariana (22 days ago)
Get Rekt. Xd. People Doing Stupid Things.
4ern ic8it (22 days ago)
well done Just For Gags crew and thank you Mr Gnomica for putting it all together i will definitely share a give a thumbs up
Vivi Tan (22 days ago)
Elephant painted pink... not funny...
sam kusnandar (22 days ago)
Viviana barragan ariza (22 days ago)
Burak Uzuner (22 days ago)
I love this program very funny😃😃
Fabiana Da Costa (22 days ago)
Essa do cacto na cara é kkkkkķkkk 😂😂😂😂😍
Fabiana Da Costa (22 days ago)
Ei!!!já vi este vídeo na bandeirante!!!cada qual é +apaixonado de q/outro 👍😘👍😘🍦❤❤
Fabiana Da Costa (22 days ago)
Fabiana Da Costa (22 days ago)
Rsrs 👍😘😂😂😂😂rsrs 👍👍❤
Fabiana Da Costa (22 days ago)
Kkkk 👍😍😂😂👍👽👽😂😂😍👍
Nanik Ratu Setrom (23 days ago)
Enak polinio
elizabeth caranto (23 days ago)
:33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333233333333333333 did u find da two pls like
TECH DOT (23 days ago)
so good i laugh so much plz keep it up
Bloom Free (23 days ago)
Thank you for making and uploading this video,:). It really made me laugh,:).
Armo Firmansyah (23 days ago)
so funny
Annie Chin (23 days ago)
Very funny
Dreatica Dta (23 days ago)
01:20:21 Dominique nique nique de sœur sourire .. chanson épique
Grace Gonzales (24 days ago)
if interested click the link
mR. bAp (24 days ago)
21:00 the cutest thing ever! 555
richard lazo (24 days ago)
buen video buen video jajajajajajaja
miguel vega (24 days ago)
Hola soy Anahi
Po Popo (25 days ago)
All of these comedy Gags you see on this YouTube video were created and performed by Canadians in Canada for its citizens. The United States Gag performers can NOT do the same Gag stunts in public anymore because 95% of all of the gas station mini-markets are owned by foreigners that won't let these Gag stunts be performed in their stores because they have no sense of humor and don't give a damn about what the United States citizens want to see which is just good humor situations. Also, ALL of the parks Rangers and supervisors DON'T want these gag stunts to be performed on their Park grounds because they're worried about liability risks and possibly upsetting some visitors that don't want to be part of these Gag stunts. It's a real shame what happened to the United States because we kept our damn borders wide open for every foreign different cultured people to come here and take over whatever they wanted to dominate like 95% of the gas station mini-markets and various hotel chains like Motel 6. When have you ever gone into a Motel 6 and not seen Muslims behind the service counter? Damn near never. Those Muslims also dominate the Taxi Cab industry around the country. And now we have Muslims entering our local and state governments which will force changes in the United States we have never seen before because those Muslims want to eventually start adding parts of their Sharia law into our United States system. And, to give an example regarding that, whenever there are a majority of Muslims in charge of a local school district, they start trying to implement rules and regulations such as junior high school girls can NOT wear flip-flops or short pants to their schools anymore because that is NOT permitted in the Muslim dominated countries around the world. Unfortunately, the Muslims WILL eventually dominate, influence and control every part of the Western Democracies around the world. Probably within the next 200 to 300 years. Have you ever seen how many children the Muslims have? Usually, between six and eight. And, they are very good at hiding that fact from the public because they don't want the citizens in the countries they will eventually have too much control over to notice what they're doing. Remember, EVERYONE of the Muslims around the world stay focused on the Koran which the number one rule is to dominate and change all societies towards the Muslims morals and standards which is extremely different from the normal Western Democracy people's principles and ethics of the world like Britain, Germany, Sweden, United States, Norway, Switzerland and a lot of others especially after Pres. Obama pulled our U.S. troops out of the mid eastern regions which caused those countries to collapse forcing hundreds of thousands of Muslim citizens to invade all of the above European countries mentioned. And, why are they going to do it? Because they want to and they will be permitted to very slowly by all of these well mannered and trusting citizens of these countries that won't stop them. And, it will happen so slowly that by the time the systems are changed toward their Muslim ways, it will be way too late to stop them because they will have already dominated and taking control. Other examples of this type of change and dominance can be seen in some small towns and cities around the United States. The Muslim people have moved into small communities and became the dominant citizen and changed the local morals and ethics back over to what the Koran teaches. Look it up!
annalyn gonzaga (25 days ago)
Mustawan 012 (25 days ago)
Is there anyone who watch this video until the end?
ASas AS (25 days ago)
kumha cara atuh hyng bisa komen
Targkm Kram (25 days ago)
6:14 It make him smile
miu gila (26 days ago)
54.07 an angel
Enrico Valdez (26 days ago)
Diesel3567 (26 days ago)
21:00 song name please.
Alan Garland (27 days ago)
This is fake news. Americans don't really have a sense of humour.
Deepak Raghav (28 days ago)
nice video
Brave hunter (28 days ago)
7.4k dislikers are zombies😁
Lhance Owen Borje (27 days ago)
MOHSIN RAZA (29 days ago)
great,fabolous,nice and excellent clip
hafed branci (29 days ago)
please what is name for music in time 42:22 ?
Alfred Everything (29 days ago)
11:59 next time don't touch it explorative white person lol 😂 😂
Bond Elixer (30 days ago)
subs to my channel. i will subs u guys back. plz help each other
Gladys Glad (30 days ago)
HA HA HA. ,,, VERY FUNNY .....
Ruz _ (1 month ago)
Line internet mcm babi haram..
Zhang Bao (1 month ago)
The pink ladies had me dying xD I love clones and twins pranks
Jackie See To (1 month ago)
Spent way too long watching this 😂
James Mbuguah (1 month ago)
ALL ABOUT CARS PH (1 month ago)
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Antshori Elektro (1 month ago)
MENIT 15.23

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