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New series Dragons Wild Skies!! Ep1??

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go to cartoon network web site and look for dragons wild skies all u need is unity :3 has some glitches though lolz and its free and u all better like this i did this with a migraine lol....
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ToothCutter did a vid on this game so i wanted to try it out :3
Golden Berry (3 years ago)
Golden Berry (3 years ago)
how did you make a acaunt? :?
Golden Berry (3 years ago)
OH! That game is sooo cool. But i cant play it :( I am glad you can. :D
Golden Berry (3 years ago)
No, Opera. it loads very slowly. Once i was playing 4 h ( I was trying to get Toothless) and i almost did it :D but i did not make it :/
can't load? why? are u using firefox?
Golden Berry (3 years ago)
No NO it cant load
+Bobicaa 55 http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/games/dragons/index.html
+Bobicaa 55 All u need is unity and don't use chrome and u have to go to cartoon network and sign up :3

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