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[NEW] FUNNY VIDEOS 2016| Top 10 Funny Elevator Pranks| VERY FUNNY must see NOW!!!!!

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For even funnier video watch Sunlight Buddies Dubsmash video here :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSVvrd-sOcU you wont regret it :D Elevator pranks, top 10 best elevator pranks on the internet for now. Some of the most funniest elevator pranks you will ever see. VERY FUNNY. BEST PRANKS. The Best of the Best. Please enjoy, like and Subscribe for more. more funny http://youtu.be/WXEzFtNQTaQ
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Text Comments (3775)
Hybrid Türk (2 hours ago)
13.45 amazingggggggg 🤣😄🤣🤣😄laughing, pissed Really 😄😅😄🤣😄😅😄
Xi Ning (4 hours ago)
I felt heart attack😷😷😷
Xi Ning (4 hours ago)
I think im not happy but im pissed off
Christian Ignacio (4 hours ago)
10:04 mobile legends
Leah Delfino (4 hours ago)
It's not funny
Sao paulo Pereira (14 hours ago)
Milaneta Paueli Telito (15 hours ago)
This is really bad....
Juu Jika (21 hours ago)
The best is missing : brasilian elevator speeding up and going through the top floor, and people shitting their pants. I forgot how the video is called but it is light years ahead of those.
joseph mcdonald (2 days ago)
see in that elevator prank and some cunt booted fk out of that wee lass out of pure fear would they be liable or arrested for murder? i don't think so , it would be on the head of the arshole prankster. the pranskster would be jailed , only a matter of time .
7:25 Japanese Ken Shimura (^ ^)
Endurance Sunday (3 days ago)
These jokes are too expensive! Its a no no for me.
Nhi Le (4 days ago)
Những trò đùa như z, gặp người yêu tim chết luôn ai chịu chách nhiệm,
Dicky Feb (4 days ago)
Rishika Sharma (6 days ago)
Where is shark
MARK PEREZ (7 days ago)
Dangerous prank, not funny at all.
Surin Mansukh (7 days ago)
1:03 that God fearing boy 😂🤣
sajjad sohail (8 days ago)
Imagine another girl holding a doll in the room which is not an actor.
Edwin Gallardo (8 days ago)
president veryfunny vidio there joker funny^
Gino Genaro (9 days ago)
Jair bolsonaro in the elevator ja ja ja 2019 now
brasileiroamerica (9 days ago)
Where r the funny videos?
Vinny Booboo (9 days ago)
Beautiful 🐅!!!
Method Man (10 days ago)
Was that dumbass pushing the lady in front? Joker
Jennifer 09 (10 days ago)
I love the quiz elevator.,and i like that woman, 😍
Dhiraj Singh (10 days ago)
That was amazing
Trixster Million (10 days ago)
If the elevator doors opened up and there was a tiger in front of me I would pull out my pistol and empty a few rounds into its skull.
Vinny Booboo (9 days ago)
Sure, buddy. 😂
Trixster Million (10 days ago)
@MsPitufo2012 It would have a hard time eating me with half a skull.
MsPitufo2012 (10 days ago)
Trixster Million I hope a tiger eats you one day.
Wizzkid Pk (11 days ago)
Who is on 7:50? Pls tell his name anyone
BLUDI BLUDI (11 days ago)
Dan Lee (11 days ago)
Dont get me wrong here but if some guys kick the shyt of out that lil girl, your be regretted
joseph mcdonald (2 days ago)
@Vinny Booboo matter of time before some cunt kills her in the elevator in a moment of pure fear , then the prankster would be jailed for life not the person who attacked her. only a matter of time .
FEAR THE WOLF809 (9 days ago)
Vinny Booboo how would you explain how a dead girl pop out of no where in an elevator. My ass would kick that’s ghost ass to my sure it’s dead
Vinny Booboo (9 days ago)
Why would anyone beat up a little 👧? 😂
FEAR THE WOLF809 (10 days ago)
Dan Lee I was just thinking of typing something like that. Cause my ass would be to swing first check for screaming after
Marouane Alawiismaili (11 days ago)
Is it a real
Rhianna Stephen (12 days ago)
Really amazing funny vedio,and scares,omg,
Kevin Brow (12 days ago)
E mais fácil o gatinho se assustar com os marmanjos!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Martin Davison (12 days ago)
Lucimara Ferreira (13 days ago)
Não gostei
José 816 (13 days ago)
Pinche kilbeik
li lih (13 days ago)
Alguém do Brasil ???
Erica Bradley (13 days ago)
This video is to dangerous for people because they will probably have a heart attack
Marlyn Frias (10 days ago)
4 is too scary. What if they have heart problems, they could have died
Shimon Paz (14 days ago)
אני מעונין הרבה יותר התוכניות על הייקום המכיל אותנו, ומחקרי המדע האסטרונומי בנידון.
Yura세훈 (14 days ago)
Какой кошмар
dsrekjw (14 days ago)
The last one, did the lady say 38? She looks 28.
Kingz Gaius (14 days ago)
Those couples were epic😂😂😂
John Mugo (14 days ago)
come in Kenya
Lulu Luscious (15 days ago)
The last woman in the intelli-vator was such a good sport! She's awesome!
❤️ ❤️
Andrzej Ukrainski (16 days ago)
Кто нибудь поставте мне лайк что б иноземцы задумывались что я что то умное написал. Вам не трудно а мне приятно)
Ну и прикольно ещё
Is a bell (16 days ago)
That intro is obnoxious
Mohanraj B (16 days ago)
28:44 If you are impatient, pls watch last clip . You won't regret.
Shanie Mckenzie (16 days ago)
The shark got me but it turns out to be funny
kawai a todo dar (16 days ago)
Sokorng Run (18 days ago)
The last one is the best one.
seif zrari (18 days ago)
Elisangela Silva (19 days ago)
13:00 e brasileiro do programa do Silvio Santos 😂😂😂
Joshua Wawix (19 days ago)
Where the shark
Mxolisi Ernest (19 days ago)
The last lady killed me
خیلی خخخخ 😂😂😂😂
Khoa Huong (20 days ago)
Not funny , just stupid dangerous
Grace Wah (20 days ago)
I only came here for the thumbnail.
Ferhat Kocaer (19 days ago)
Selam dear
Nadaréy Orvey (20 days ago)
#9 nine is none sense.. idiots!!!
mair Jones (20 days ago)
I did like the ghost little girl they were all pretty good but where's the shark disappointed not good
rachel dean (21 days ago)
Wish had subtitles for the tiger one
越田涼太 (21 days ago)
8:12 face
Alyssa Perez (21 days ago)
I've read the comments and they said that the shark is a clickbait sooooooo i will not waste my time anymore. Byebye
Ricardo Oliveira (21 days ago)
O americano rir de qualquer bobagem
Ssplinter Ssplinter (21 days ago)
Интересно сколько стариков на тот свет выслали?
Sandeep Sangwan (22 days ago)
Daka Datova (22 days ago)
Where is shark?
Javier Cruz (22 days ago)
😂😂😂 it made shit. But no one saw me 🙈🙈🙈
ES Center (22 days ago)
Dislike for shark absence
Ясмин Ка (22 days ago)
Ужас! Так же можно и до инфаркта довести. Нельзя запугивать людей
Arjay Opada (23 days ago)
LoL Gejmeri (23 days ago)
4th one was funny
Imran Khan (23 days ago)
angelo Marchan (23 days ago)
Where's the shark?
Bobby Vegas (23 days ago)
How about videos where the people pranked SPEAK FUCKING ENGLISH!!!
luong Tuan (23 days ago)
Lava Levi (23 days ago)
JFL - gags still got the best pranks of all.
Leandro Gomes (23 days ago)
Hanifah Keroppi (23 days ago)
Watching 2019
Bronze man (23 days ago)
I want my shark
tina A (24 days ago)
Well I haven’t laughed yet. Halfway through. These are stupid
Steven Chan (24 days ago)
Bruh the 8th
Mikael Owe (24 days ago)
The woman at 8:53 and 9:01 in the video is so dam beautifull and she has very nice legs and ass hehe 😉😘😍😠
Stugots666x (25 days ago)
You can legit kill someone with that little girl prank
matias Castro (26 days ago)
Janis Sui (26 days ago)
Dont prank old people..you didn't know there health condition..
Wall Cutter (26 days ago)
Hilarious. That is so funny how helpless people are
shabnam khan (26 days ago)
elevator prank😘
You Smile We smile (28 days ago)
2:40 what did he said on the phone :D Really want to know
muhammad farhan (28 days ago)
I like no 8. Hahahaha
Mirza Lover (28 days ago)
Hy may dar gaya
P k Choudhary 246810 (28 days ago)
Last is Best
Feteh Freundschaft (1 month ago)
What would you do if someone get him a heart attack
Potato•Chan (1 month ago)
eksan saputra (1 month ago)
The Cok Ace hardware detected that you have found for the next mentalist Deddy Corbuzier
Callow Convivial (1 month ago)
Damn voice elevator has my heart 😂🔥💯
Ran's World (1 month ago)
The last girl hahaha she's witty!
Z U R A X (1 month ago)
7:19 looking like Mr. Bean
Z U R A X (29 days ago)
Me also Tamil
preti mahen (1 month ago)
yeah dude! I felt the same!
robert bacharo (1 month ago)
No shark. 👎👎👎
robert bacharo (1 month ago)
No shark. 👎👎👎
spike 0606 (1 month ago)
So as pranks br Silvio santos
090 z (1 month ago)
10:45 who know the song
pras 92 (1 month ago)
I see Clickbait ➡️ I report ➡️ I block the channel.
Ogie Cruz (1 month ago)
Really... Shouting at each other in front of a Tiger ??

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