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Nanny is abused by child while mother is not watching

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A young girl is being verbally abusive to her nanny every time her mother steps away. Will anyone tell the mother that her daughter is misbehaving? WATCH FULL EPISODES OF WWYD: https://abc.go.com/shows/what-would-you-do
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sorted life (3 hours ago)
Lol😂 Its ok for now, But she needs to improve.....
Lilly Sanchez (9 hours ago)
I think a good idea for a episode would be child abused by Nanny. I'm just saying if not it's good
Raider twins Raider (9 hours ago)
But you’re just a nanny And your just a kid GET REKT/RECKT GIRL
Jane Doe (12 hours ago)
1:35 Best Response Ever!! That lady didn't yell or freaked out. She said what she had to say in words that are strict, And in a calm voice. Very Excellent that lady!!!
Margarita Herrera (13 hours ago)
Am I the only one, that would've slapped the little girl? No just me okay 😂
Loook i dont care whag you say
Marley Glaze (21 hours ago)
I was like 🙄🤬
Messy Banana (1 day ago)
When im at home i became the little monster when im outside im the little Angle
Damin Mance (1 day ago)
Sell her little rude ass!!!!!
Lecy Vola (1 day ago)
I love this and yes politeness goes a long way.....i would smack that kid if it was mine for mistreating anyone whether a nanny, cleaner or wateva
Mia Saremi (1 day ago)
Amanda - Your'e just a nanny Lady - And you Just a Kid ROAST OF 2018. WE NEED TO PAY DIS WOMAN.
Journey Easterly (1 day ago)
HEY You WHY Are YOU SO MEAN!!!!!!!!!😤😤😤👿👿👿😾😾😾
Hannah Ventura (1 day ago)
Deva or demond
BorussenPower92 (1 day ago)
I would slap that Birch
iEva. (1 day ago)
The nanny and the “bratty” girl are really good actors tho
SAVAGE ICE WOLF (2 days ago)
Nanny:what should we buy? Naughty girl:shut up fat sausage. Nanny:and u shut up you blown up potato 🤐
Maddy Unicorn (2 days ago)
“ tell my mom to buy me this or I’ll get you fired and you don’t want that to happen do you?” Ya she probably wants to be fired
i would smack her straight in the face.
Tanner Dickerson (3 days ago)
This girl needs to get it together. She thinks she’s the boss of the entire world.
Goldenender Girl (3 days ago)
I would got fired
Catte (3 days ago)
She’s Draco Malfoy’s long lost sister.
Melinda Feliciano (3 days ago)
Whoa she'd hear a mouthful with me
Andy Corton (3 days ago)
She is a bad girl I just want to go stop
Aria Smith (3 days ago)
I'm ashamed that's how i acted when i was a little girl
an ecstatic (4 days ago)
4:15 before anyone get fired. Ok I'm laughing so hard.
Ella Klotz (4 days ago)
DANG she Salty
Anjushree Gawalapu (4 days ago)
Wow they were really surprised when they figured out there afters
I would have said to her in her face “ respect your elders!”
Emma Nagy (4 days ago)
JUST WANT TO Smack her so hard!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Emma Nagy (4 days ago)
Kawaii Donut (4 days ago)
When that mum was talking to the girl u could see her daughter looking all sassy behind her 😂😂
Kenzie Plays Roblox (4 days ago)
If i would talk to my mom like that i would havegot taken away my phone and laptop and get grounded for 5 months and i serouisly would so i would never do that :/
danica Garg (4 days ago)
Diva no demon
Vids and Crafts (4 days ago)
fuck that spoiled pink dressed bitch
-IHATEONIONS- (5 days ago)
My child will learn *NOT* to disrespect me and he or she *will* learn at a young age. (I'm not talking about beating to the ppl saying "CHILD ABUSE!") Kids these days think they can do whatever they want! Where I'm from if u talk back or do something u not supposed to u get smacked and hit with that belt.💀
Diza Saxena (5 days ago)
the first woman’s eyes 😍💙
Wendy Vittorino (5 days ago)
Omg i relized the mum with the black hair and poffy jacket was wearing a lv bag YASSS QUEEN ROLEMODLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stacey Hawkins (5 days ago)
I HATE THAT GIRL IF I SEEN THAT SHE WOULD uhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m srry but she’s not my child I would say pls stop like she’s a nana
IkePRO Gaming (5 days ago)
1:50-1:57 OOHHHHHHHH!!!
Aaliyah Parker (5 days ago)
I'll stick up for a nanny in need
Nightcore Plays (5 days ago)
"She's just a nanny" "You're just a kid" "Your a kid too" "B**** JUST BECAUSE IM SHORT DOESNT MEAN IM A KID"
Kip Dyer (5 days ago)
I really love how she said you're just a nanny but then you just a kid I would smack he in the mouth if I could also you were mean to the nanny you spoiled brat lucky this is not real there just actors
Catherine Zwart (5 days ago)
This was the first episode I saw. Only me?Ok.
I would slap her
rosely covali (6 days ago)
TahliaDee (6 days ago)
The last woman was truly amazing ♥︎
Alexandra Banana (6 days ago)
"If my daughter would've said something like that, I would've smacked her in the mouth." ....
TheRealNerfNerd (6 days ago)
She a feisty Lil hoe
When people are saying you need to be respectful to your elders I think that’s wrong. You earn your respect by being nice to people and respecting them you don’t automatically earn respect by being older
Your Self (7 days ago)
Lea Calma (7 days ago)
wtf kid
իԿƥεƅεɑʂʈ (7 days ago)
Lol all these comments are just copying my comment
Melon Macarons (7 days ago)
Nanny: you can get whatever you want... Kid:YoU cAn GeT wHaTeVeR u waaaaNt...😒
Kathy Fan (7 days ago)
I can't believe only one person told the mum
Kendra LeBlanc (7 days ago)
"She’s Just a nanny" "And your Just a kid" Me- "and Im just a lonely french frie" -dead
Vixtoria (7 days ago)
kid- IM the boss! Nanny- ok boss baby! kid- ? Nanny- UR FIRED jk show less that's it
Tamara Kyselova (7 days ago)
"Shut up you're just a nanny" "And you're just a kid" 🔥ROASTED🔥
Kwales66 (7 days ago)
I know what this kid needs. I would have had it I had been so rude to anyone.
Toronto RBLX (7 days ago)
Girl: shes my nanny, u should mind ur business Shopper: and u need to learn to be nice and respect ur elders Girl: Bu- Shopper: Im a grown up, ur just a kid and ur nanny is a role model and u respect ur elders. 7:10
Floppy Bacon (7 days ago)
That girl is my sister she’s SOOO NICE when our parents are around and when they are gone YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW
Irving Kelly (7 days ago)
The nanny is hot af
Rhonda Goley (8 days ago)
Ric Igros (8 days ago)
So spoiled
Avery Cybart (8 days ago)
me 24/7 .. literally
Ev Evenying Gacha (8 days ago)
Beautiful actions :)
Maya Léon (8 days ago)
Ugh. I HATE spoiled little kids!!!!!
pls ban me pls (8 days ago)
This girl needs to be locked up behind Graphene bars in way higher than maximum security prison
Amanda Sophia Perez (8 days ago)
My name is Amanda Sophia
imsomthingelse (8 days ago)
AnD tHiS WoMaN EnTeReD :3
Blaire Pearlman (8 days ago)
The little girl is a pice of shit
Blaire Pearlman (8 days ago)
Hope the girl gets what she deserves karma will come back to her and hunt her for life
extra (8 days ago)
You realize this girl is an actor, right? You realize your shitting on a young girl who's just doing her job, right? Right?
Wolf Girl101 (8 days ago)
Such a b*****!
Nikhil Saravanan (9 days ago)
"But she's just a nanny." "And you're just a kid." Rip.
Kaden Daniel (9 days ago)
The girl acually made me mad even tho i know she is acting
that girl was a great actor compared to some of the others.
akanksha Kaith (9 days ago)
A* acting little girl! 😂🤣
Gacha studio Fan (9 days ago)
The first woman is so cute.
twistedsith (10 days ago)
"OH MY GOD I'VE BEEN STABBED, HELP!!" "We move in before the killer...moves out!"
Maria Rodriguez (10 days ago)
" And you're just a nanny " " And you're just a kid " Roasted.
Mr Sandman (10 days ago)
i though she was a good actress until her mom came back
Ariana Langley (10 days ago)
You should switch the rolls and have the nanny abuse the child, verbally of course. 🤣
Ariana Langley (8 days ago)
Thank you
extra (8 days ago)
Bad Girl Bitch (10 days ago)
The Daughter is to grown and annoying.
Carmim Sabbagh (10 days ago)
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Shailene Marks (10 days ago)
The way the lady in the blue jacket walked away. She looked like she had to leave before she whooped that little girl herself 😂😂
Thomas Diocampo (11 days ago)
So.....She was just faking it.....to know what people would do in the situation....COOL!
Savage Awesome (11 days ago)
I feel this is not acting anymore
Toko Bichiashvili (11 days ago)
That girl is so rude,she does not even knows how to talk to adults, who does she thinks she is.
extra (8 days ago)
Well, she's an actor. And she's doing pretty good at her job if you can't tell the difference.
Evangeline limbo (11 days ago)
FBI We’re watching (11 days ago)
If I ever talk to me mom like that let’s just say my body and SOUL would be destroyed I mean like b slap 👋 hard asf
Fb C (11 days ago)
I wished they were all my my bosses, specially the first and the last they seemed to be sooo very kind. ♥️♥️♥️
Magnificent Molly (11 days ago)
OMG I think that that was my friend Amanda!
Emily Diveley (11 days ago)
What is going on here?
Rufina Hernandez (11 days ago)
Diva: your just a nanny woman:your just a kid me:oooooooooooh
Child Friendly Channel (11 days ago)
I thought she wasn't acting but know I she's acting. Phew.
Child Friendly Channel (11 days ago)
That's so rude.
Fortnite&Gacha Videos (11 days ago)
Nanny:Yea it’s like... Girl:If She Was My Daughter I Would Smack Her Mouth Girl:Be Patience Take a Deep Breath Daughter:Pick That Up —————————————
Fortnite&Gacha Videos (11 days ago)
Kid:”But She’s Just A Nanny Girl:And Your Just a Kid ——————————————————— Roasted/DESTROYEDDDDDD
CorgiLover 162 (11 days ago)
"BUT YOU'RE JUST A NANNY" "And you're just a kid" wIg SnAtChEd

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