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Nanny is abused by child while mother is not watching

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A young girl is being verbally abusive to her nanny every time her mother steps away. Will anyone tell the mother that her daughter is misbehaving? WATCH FULL EPISODES OF WWYD: https://abc.go.com/shows/what-would-you-do
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Alice B (8 hours ago)
The top three most dangerous species on Earth: 1. Racists 2. Spoiled toddlers 3. Trump voters
Natsumi xoxo_ (11 hours ago)
If I acted like that, my mom will eventually know and slap the hell out of me
Brynn Leggatt (16 hours ago)
If I was the nanny I’d whoop that kids mouth shut
Kawaii_pandaexpress 253 (18 hours ago)
Diva? U MEAN DEMON!?!?!?!?!
Lps Candlespree (21 hours ago)
Her name is not Amanda... It's demanda.
aya tahery (22 hours ago)
In my country and religion isn't like that at all ... respecting your elders and other people is part of our values...
Tarnveer Bassi (23 hours ago)
shut up your just a nanny and your just a kid oohhh she needs some milk what a roast
Samantha Shiplett (1 day ago)
Alice B (1 day ago)
The Nanny looks like Alecia Cara.
I know this is my first time watching this video but remember to respect your elders
The cool Man 24 (1 day ago)
Fuck this kid.
Lexus Core (1 day ago)
Sarah Lawson (1 day ago)
I find child actors cute and very good but cringe honest opinion sorry if efended anyone
Trisha PayYus (1 day ago)
*pint size pre madonna* that got me good
Daniel Favors (1 day ago)
Ok I would of yelled so loud that she won't be able to hear for a whole month
sarah banana (1 day ago)
If I was hearing a kid talking to a another person like that, I would totally flip out.
ARUSHI VADALI (1 day ago)
*“PiNt-SiZeD PrE mAdOnNa”*
Kayla Perez (2 days ago)
I feel bad for the nanny i wish she was my nanny
Shayne Garcia (2 days ago)
If I was the nanny I would have slapped her and I'm not stopping until her face get red.
The last lady lol: oH mY gOoDnEsS
Mine Love (2 days ago)
The girl is so mean
Cryptonic Official (2 days ago)
I know it’s acting but I feel like it’s real I’m pissed
alfred aquino (2 days ago)
I would punch that girl if i was there
eRiN (2 days ago)
That lady that told the mom like ehhhh. I would feel like I got to involved and caused something.
TWISTEDCOKE_ YT (2 days ago)
Get fucked Amanda
TWISTEDCOKE_ YT (2 days ago)
I've been there before
I'd SMACK the little girl so hard in the mouth and then give her soap if she was my child because then she would of cried so then I wouldn't feel sorry for her...After I lectured her than I'd Stick up for the Nanny...Why would the little girl talk to the Nanny that way I mean if I talk to my mom that way then I'd mad at myself for my actions? hit like if you agree
Captain Doge (3 days ago)
The Nanny Is So Pretty I Really Felt Bad One Like Is One Person Standing Up For Her 👇
Britney Lewis (3 days ago)
That little girl can act
Didi Hernandez (3 days ago)
That girl was rude 😠
Gacha Fruit (3 days ago)
Spoiled Brat: Shut up you’re just a Nanny Woman: And you’re just a kid 😎 Me: WOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
Gacha Fruit (3 days ago)
Nanny is abused by a child I thought it was a little girl bullying a little girl but instead it’s a freaking little girl bullying a teen 😱😱😱 WOW SUPRISED This is crazy
Skinny Legend (3 days ago)
Hashtag nofitication squad
Kobe Rosenberg (3 days ago)
If I were them, I’d send that little bitch away to Mcnamey Manor, that would’ve solved everything. NOTE: Yes I’m aware this is just a simulation. It’s just a solution of mine if I personally in a situation like this.
Hayla Box (3 days ago)
arrbiyl (3 days ago)
1:18 When you're trying to enjoy your day and then you run into a group of kids doing fortnite dances
jin is weak and old (3 days ago)
+jin is weak and old lmaoo🤣
jin is weak and old (1 day ago)
*-what shampoo does rosé use-* yaaaahhh :DD
+jin is weak and old we are everywhere lmaoo
jin is weak and old (2 days ago)
*-my jams are so stray-* armyyy :))))
unknown subscriber (4 days ago)
I'd slap tf outta the lil kid
Cierra Gibson (4 days ago)
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That girl if she was my daughter *Slaps her* BITCH SHUT THE HELL UP
sergio jiji ?jiji? (4 days ago)
I feel like killing that kid SOMEONE GIVE ME A BAT
K. Armstrong (5 days ago)
The nanny is so gorgeous ❤
a (5 days ago)
last lady reminds me of cardi b
GIRL: WHATever you want wantever you want dont be so stupid Me:Isnt that you WOW _ 1 like =Roast her +Dab
I'm gonna rape her to death
Kittygirlawesome (5 days ago)
Your not the boss your a child and she's an adult she is actually in charge of you
George Thorne (5 days ago)
Kid:shes just a nanny Lady:and your just a kid 💯 roasted
Casey (5 days ago)
This may not be real, but the girl did a great demonstration of a bad girl.
Crazy Carneys (5 days ago)
Ooooo if that was my baby 😡😡😡😡
MoreHyper Tyler (6 days ago)
Fuck You little girl
crystal heart (6 days ago)
Xavier Mays (6 days ago)
Shut up your just a nanny and AND YOUR JUST A KID BE QUIET
Xavier Mays (6 days ago)
She is a little turd I wanna hit her
Sandra Ortiz (6 days ago)
I cant stand the main guy hi im john i feel like punching his ass hi im a fist ready to meet ur face
Giovanni Arellano (6 days ago)
shes just a nanny. your just a kid. wheres your mom at you little
THANOS (7 days ago)
Shan-Shan257 (7 days ago)
Wow! That little girl is an amazing actress. It takes strength to be able to act being mean to others when it’s not in your nature.
TJ Thompson (7 days ago)
Wow! Changing from angel to devil within a split second. Almost scary how good she's acting, this would be the perfect girl for a role as an rich&spoiled evil high school girl who manipulates everyone around her when she gets a little older hehe :D
NANCY HERNANDEZ (7 days ago)
Demanding Dema more like Demanding Demon
7:17 Slap!!!💥
Can you even be abused by a kid?
Jessy Cendejas (7 days ago)
Lmao why is everyone going to the manager instead of the mom
Randy Webb (8 days ago)
The second lady will be a Anti Trump supporter... Look at the was she urge the little girl to be nicer to the Nanny . LOL
MJ Memphis,Jordan (8 days ago)
The nanny is a great actress she looks just like my teacher Mrs. Robinson she’s very pretty, they both are! 😉
It's just Tay tay (8 days ago)
The nanny is pretty😍
SovietSpy2291 (8 days ago)
My favorite part is when John Quinions comes and pauses everyone
Rhonda Goley (8 days ago)
Miss Mia Mwah-8 (8 days ago)
2019 anyone??
Hamda Hussein (8 days ago)
Teardropangel30 (8 days ago)
i must be blind i thought the title read Nanny is abused by child WHITE mother is not watching LOL
sq1339 (8 days ago)
The lesson for respecting elders is true and false and instead of that, it is if you want to respect your elders then they have to respect you first like the elders have to respect the young ones first if he/she wants them to respect him/her. There are many adults like parents teachers and sometimes babysitters and nannies too can be abusive to the kids so why respect someone if they abuse you?
Zahra Da NINJA (8 days ago)
Guys that girl taught me a new lesson RAGE I would smack her and beat her up
Samuel Zirkelbach (8 days ago)
Mother fuck amanda
RileySmiley (9 days ago)
Me in this situation: Me: hey! Little kid! U Being a totally A-hole, and manipulative piece of sh*t! Kid: *bla bla bla * Me: shut up don't talk like that to hot women! K bye now.
Mr.freedom-nance30 (9 days ago)
Great looking nanny can you come watch my kid
charles bailey (9 days ago)
I got bullyed since I was in 1st grade now I'm in 4th grade I get talked trash about me behind my back but I do be nice to my elders but if I had saw that someone is talking rudely to someone else or me I would talk to that person that is being mean then I would attack that person that is being mean because I never in my life had been like very very mean to someone I pertect my self and family or people that is getting treated rudely like that! I'm a Christian that is 10 years old in 4th grade and I know better I don't do that! 😯
Becky Hanesack (9 days ago)
She is so mean to her nanny
Micheal Myers (9 days ago)
Example of parents that don't discipline their kids. Bad parents.
Steph Nationn (9 days ago)
This girl💀💀💀💀
The almighty One (9 days ago)
I know there acting but I would kill the girl
Majinite (9 days ago)
Good people are angels
donut queen (9 days ago)
If I were that nanny I would say don't give me that face brat and smack her
Kitten RBLX (9 days ago)
The little girl is such a good actress!
Alanna Weldon (10 days ago)
Shut up Amanda I hate you
Tiger S (10 days ago)
Mom and kids: bye I can’t take this anymore John comes in with cameras: Mom:OH MY GOD!!
Lee 111 (10 days ago)
Ill torture her alive. Joke their actors
Timea Janova (10 days ago)
Thay fakeness
lila purplelious (10 days ago)
That. Acting or not
BellaZ (10 days ago)
who came bec of sniperwolf
Ev in (10 days ago)
Do that with a customer and a cashier. The customer being rude and yelling at the cashier... it's what I go through every day
Brenda Gomez (10 days ago)
“She’s just a nanny” “And your just a kid” And I’m a pig 🐷:)😂
im not famous (10 days ago)
2:33 she is so nice 😢❤
im not famous (10 days ago)
This girl needs an oscar
Ting Liu (11 days ago)
I hate Amanda she is a brat! And.. I have a question.... *SHE WOULD MAD AT ME* *BUT I LIVE IN BELGIUM* I hate her!
Brian Griffin (11 days ago)
Woah, this reminds me of what Stewie did when I babysitted him...
Chris Camilleri (6 days ago)
Brian Griffin 😂 yeah
Jeremia Mendoza (11 days ago)
I would have given the Nanny a belt
Innaya khan (11 days ago)
I cannot stop myself to watch every single video of this channel and hit a like and comment and share and subscribe....❤️
Payton Ward (11 days ago)
The little girl what's a not in the right place but these people need to stop being ageist AF
FORTNITE GOD (11 days ago)
I wanna knock her to next Tuesday my gosh she pissed me off

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