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Teacher Humiliates 8 yr Old Girl In Front Of class Then She Takes Ultimate Revenge

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Text Comments (5546)
Ana Vestal (30 minutes ago)
Here's the video thank me later... https://youtu.be/Dw1nUlHZHpY
Elsa Guerra (5 hours ago)
Where's the video
Grace Chen (15 hours ago)
rick quint (2 days ago)
All his videos are the same...made up crap stories with no substance,.why does he have a following of dumb sheepples???
Nicholas Bales (2 days ago)
When he sees this video he will feel humieated.
srija and herself (2 days ago)
N number of times facts verse said about d video....but where is the video....is there even a video? The video is all about only advice and facts....and thats gd...but atleast d video cld hv been attached😒😒
R Hayndr (2 days ago)
Bullseye!!! Some bad teachers here deserve it for hitting children
Jane Cerrone (2 days ago)
I was hit by a teacher named Mrs. Holland. In front of all the students she hit me in the back so hard I she knocked the wind out of me and I lost my breathe and almost passed out. The students were horrified. I never told anyone. She should have been fired.
Yet again 30 second clip spun over hours reported
Craig Kempton (3 days ago)
why is there islamic subtitles
Manuel Linares (3 days ago)
Able to look up the question of, how many US states still have corporal punishment legally in their schools. Twenty (20) and in most of the south keeping such abhorrent practices-that in many cases is considered backwards or barbaric in this day and age.
Mu Li (3 days ago)
that teacher is a real life BALDI!(horror game)
Albert Landry (3 days ago)
will never watch you again motormouth such a long yap when the video alone would have explain everything without your painful mouthathon
Ananya Patnaik (3 days ago)
Bella Coetzer (4 days ago)
Gooooooood for him
gacha hooman (6 days ago)
Lol savage level:10000
drian mortiz (7 days ago)
When you are a class teacher, you are an educator. And not some kind of dictator. You will try to encourage your students to become more interested in education and to become a living nightmare of their lives. That person dont deserved to become teacher, and he dont deserved to be in the class room or even in that school itself.
Ember Griffin (7 days ago)
lol i laughed so hard
Pinchie's Mother (7 days ago)
Did anyone else wish he showed the actual video
Ananya Patnaik (3 days ago)
planetc (7 days ago)
On my first day in college, one faculty member spent at least three, maybe five minutes, lecturing us on our ignorance for not knowing the answer to a simple factual question. I later calculated that it would have taken 3 seconds to have told us the answer, and swept on to more interesting topics. When I later became a teacher myself, this incident became one of my guiding principles: never test anyone on something you haven't taught them.
Jason Troy (8 days ago)
Good girl .
Statesrights O (8 days ago)
Done with vids... you talk too much...
lesa carpenter (8 days ago)
Fuck that girl
rolling turtle (8 days ago)
We didn't even see the video
Esther Rivera (8 days ago)
Jajaja the little girl have to the teacher 😲 a good lesson !
Angie Brooke (8 days ago)
long story short, a teacher in russia was tryieng to teach an 8 year old girl and got mad and shouted and hit her,then she kicked him in the place where it hurts most and ran out of the room
Mike Apicella (8 days ago)
And they should be fired
Ging Velez (8 days ago)
Uhhhh! This channel does not go the video it has so many sideaways, so frustrating!!!!!!
le'Rock (8 days ago)
The movie "Kickass" is based on her ......
james evarts (9 days ago)
Shawn D (9 days ago)
Would not hurt my feelings a bit to knock out a teacher for shit like that.
Kate Hobbs (9 days ago)
Shut up and show the video!
Rhys Miguel -the 3rd- (9 days ago)
just show the damn video
dark queen (9 days ago)
I want to kick teacher's junk. Hard. Slap his face.
*cOuGh, cOuGh* SaVaGe KiD *cOuGh, CoUgH*
harsha jayasinghe (9 days ago)
It won't matter to hit a big child since they can understand but a kid of this age is too little and whatever you put in to their heads they go in and becomes scars.this is how there are students who fail and learned are made.
av brad (9 days ago)
aaaaaah nuts!
Kagami_Chan 543 (9 days ago)
One time i was about to do something and my friends that on my side is bothering me and suddenly the teacher call both of us to go on the front and he say something like this"wow!! What kind of drama did you guys do?? Can you guys do it again??" We just silence...."why don't we have camera to film you guys??" He continues....i was about to cry and when i think about it,its just that...and after that a lot of the people in the class laugh🙄 i was so mad and then when i start to cry....he was like"yeah you better cry,that why you should not play when in teaching" and i look at other place and smile and you wanna know why?? It because he is BLIND i want to say to him like this"ohh you wanna know why i cried?? Its because i laugh so hard because you are so dumb and BLIND" and after the class,we have resest, and I don't even have my appetite because i thinking about how dumb the teacher.......that teacher always say something bad about me infront of the class....somehow,the teacher at the school obviously hate me........ Well,you know at malaysia,we have prefect(pengawas)....i become one of them but when i was 12 y/o (which is this year) I didn't become one of them and all of us wonder why?? And when i found out that the teacher that choose the prefect,and guess what?? That is the teacher that hate me but not the same teacher at the top,this one is a woman and the first one is a man.....and when we are 6th grade,people will choose a prefect that will take care of everything(ketua pengawas dengan penolong ketua pengawas) and the teacher choose the kid who is her"fav student" I don't wanna talk about why is that girl become her "fav student" its so long.... When my friend ask"do you know why you doesn't be prefect anymore??" And i answer they with"maybe because i always come late to school" My friend say"hmm that make sense" And in my mind"pfft..that not the only thing,it because THE TEACHER HATE ME!!" Sorry for wasting your time reading this....i know..i know....my english is bad and sorry for this looking like essay
Wendy Butler (9 days ago)
We don’t even get to see a fraction of the video ok
MagnaYu (10 days ago)
Those 'teachers' who teach english abroad are NOT teachers, but bunch of semi-educated trolls, who don't have a clue of other things except for being english speakers. Unfortunately many of them when they return to the country of origin become real 'teachers', who don't know how to teach and even worse, they don't know the material they teach, so the kids are oversmarting them and embarrass them all the time in clases.
Raymond Hardwick (10 days ago)
Omg this one is very popular in fact this one is so popular it is on YouTube channels
FighterMan9836 (10 days ago)
Russia you say? SOYUZ!!!!!
Safiyah Sharaf (10 days ago)
You go girl! Show him no to mess with you! 👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tom Ford (10 days ago)
click this button. it will turn blue 👇
Miss Ireland (10 days ago)
4:16 and in England!
Glynn Baxter (10 days ago)
Kick him in the bollocks
Conyap Cosme (10 days ago)
That is so normal in my country but were fine and well
Lenna Mostafa (11 days ago)
What a bad ass girl she kick him in the nuts Good for her
Revelis Vitali RV (11 days ago)
In this case, violence WAS the answer. Period.
Gerry Hagen (11 days ago)
too much blah blah
EzRobot7 (11 days ago)
Here are some things that my teacher did to me 1. One time when we were packing up, I was standing so I could grab my things and put them in my backpack. But then my teacher yelled at me and told me to sit down. But everybody else was standing. 2. One time I made a few drawings, and a kid threw them out. I reported him to the teacher and she said she could care less. Aren’t teachers supposed to talk to the bully? 3. One time after we came back from the tech lab, a girl asked to go to the bathroom. And then I asked if I could go. And she said NO. The same thing happened last year. My teacher this year gives more respect to the girls than the boys. That’s not fair
John Drohan (12 days ago)
So , this ''Would never happen in the United States'' , huh ? Well , maybe not NOW , but anyone who attended parochial school here in the late 50s thru 60s will tell you DIFFERENT ! Many parochial schools (including ALL of mine) actually sent home fliers to be signed ''Yes or No'' by the parents on whether or not you wanted to allow ''CORPORAL PUNISHMENT'' used on your child . And (believe me) , WOE BE to the child whose parents signed ''yes'' . Of course , this is no longer legal here , and even sending out such a flier would bring criminal charges against the sender . (and rightfully so) . But those were different times . If you accused a priest of molesting you then , the COPS wouldn't believe you , and you'd regret reporting it . GUARANTEED !
Anna Dudziak (12 days ago)
Brand Klooster (12 days ago)
this video is not about the little girl but about the storyteller, a guy who is so interesting and likes to hear himself talking, what an asshole.
Ed Bennett (12 days ago)
So, where's the fucking video, click bait monger...?
lalka o o (12 days ago)
"You" это ты 😁
My Dao (12 days ago)
talk too much.
Elyse Rose (13 days ago)
Worst teacher ever!😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤
Gail Davis (13 days ago)
He 😴should have left his frustration 😥at home with his husband!! Good GIRL! . I'll give her an A+
UberGamingHD (13 days ago)
I hope he lost his job and ended up begging at the streets
UberGamingHD (13 days ago)
I hope he lost his job and ended up begging at the streets
Tiger Lilly 0503 (13 days ago)
👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 you go girl👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Kawaii _parislover (14 days ago)
Why can’t u just show us the vid NOT TELL WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THERES A VID
Where is the video?
Ramon Colon (14 days ago)
I'll be happy if my little princess kick the teacher in the balls hard and then I'll punch the teacher on the face and scream at him at the same time, that will keep his hands of kids I know every father will do the same, he got what he deserve.
Tracy Lea (15 days ago)
He didn’t even show the video for proof. He just explained it
Hannah Luhn (15 days ago)
He is very very very very very very mean and mad
some1funny (16 days ago)
where's the video you lied to me 😥
AnnMarie Tucker (16 days ago)
Wish i was dareing enough to do that
Jeff Floyd (17 days ago)
Lmao Ahh Thats Perfect
Tam Lewis (17 days ago)
He should be shamed of himself,plain abuse..
Tam Lewis (17 days ago)
But good for her for her revenge
Benjamin olofsson (17 days ago)
Am sweden
Justice Abu (18 days ago)
Cruelty, very bad teacher but he got what he deserved some teachers should respect themselves they should remember that kids have feelings too
Terrance Mims (18 days ago)
Hey, stop talking so long and get to the point
Beverly Guerino (19 days ago)
It's about time these kids start sticking up for themselves. Back in the day we had to take that shit.
Riley Hernandez (20 days ago)
what video is this
Kathleen Erdner (20 days ago)
He asked for it!!!!!
Emma Chamberlain (20 days ago)
GO GIRL!!!!!!!!
Susan Rose Art (20 days ago)
It took you 3mins 54 seconds to get to what the girl did. I will never get those precious minutes back :(
Sophie Arielle (20 days ago)
Video starts at 1:25 Thank me later
Jimmy Naylon (21 days ago)
karma is the best don't you think people?
That teacher should D I E slowly
Madi Walters (22 days ago)
She is a substitute and mostly appears in Foster Elementary
Madi Walters (22 days ago)
Mrs. Muffet is a mean teacher
Nikki Charles (22 days ago)
I agree with u my Lil girl
For us, we would always be hit by a cane on the hand for discipline, or on the ass by the principal. If we do something wrong, for example, skip classes, we either do 500 squats or run around the whole school. If we skip more classes, of course, the last discipline we had is to either be expelled or just get hit on the ass continuously.
Kai Kwok (24 days ago)
Beth Thomson (24 days ago)
Too much talking...get to the story....didn't even show the video. Very annoying!
Janet Mccoy (24 days ago)
Stop talking
Samuel Caulfield (24 days ago)
Loopy Luvpump (24 days ago)
James Poston (24 days ago)
I went through grade school in the 1960's and the teachers many times had absolutely no patience, just because I wasn't learning as fast as the other students impatience spread like wild fire, yes I was a slow learner but I learned well, all teachers have to be patient with their students! Special education? yes but I was always the sharpest one in special ed, patience is a virtue, you should NEVER ask a student "What's so hard about it?" or saying something like "But its so simple" so in essence swallow your pride and don't be mean!
Adrian King (24 days ago)
Well that’s 5 minutes and 56 seconds of my life I won’t get back. They kept going on about a video when All we got was still images and a load of classroom related still pictures of children getting told off and adults with their faces screwed up in supposed anger. This video could have been no longer than 60 seconds if they were to cut out the Bull**it ! Click bait at its best and i fall for it every time ! Lol 😂
Holly Bischoff (24 days ago)
What that no good teacher did is inexcusable. He has NO business being any kind of teacher. As a parent I've told teachers before that if you should try to inflict mental or physical abuse upon any of my children, that I would hunt them down through and to the ends of the earth and when I find them, well use your imagination. When I was in school a teacher called me outside the classroom and told me to bend over so they could spank me with a wooden paddle. I laughed and told them to call my dad who told them that if they ever touched anyone of His children that he would hunt them down and kill them slowly. Dad was in WW2 as a fighter pilot. He was the greatest dad & husband to my mom. If you think that your kids don't have rights think again. The schools would have you believe that they have the right to do as they please with your child/children but they don,t , not legally. Protect Your Kids!!! My second child started to cry one day, she was in third grade. She didn't want to go. Just recently her beloved teacher took a leave for cancer she found out she had and was trying to fight it and so a sub took over the class for her. I wanted to get to the bottom of what was causing my child all this emotional stress. So I came to the school at recess time and found this sub had my child standing with a chalk circle drawn very tightly around her feet and was told that she could Not move out of that circle and if she lost her balance that she would be punished more. This was a straight A student not a trouble maker. this was personal except this abusive piece of dung had No idea who she was messing with. If this sick person got away with this then she would subject other little children to her SICK ways. By the time I got done showing the school authorities and school board what sick things she was subjecting my child to and I let them question my daughter. She told what happened to her and a straight A child doesn't lie, they don't need to. That was the wicked subs last day.
Aimee Bisbee (24 days ago)
There are three types of teachers and the third is tough love
SAV Royal (24 days ago)
My sons teacher yells at all students. She is also racist AND we are in USA
Addison Rutledge (25 days ago)
"There's an actual video" Me: "watched till the end for video" *no video*
DEZARAI GRANT (25 days ago)
LOL That was hilarious what she did
Bvanessa0627 (25 days ago)
The teacher should’ve not even do dat
Marie Green (25 days ago)
In Russia pokemon hunt trainer

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